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  1. It's fine "I was testing my eyesight" gets you out of these kind of situations
  2. People who supposedly are in the know said "This is such an annoyance. A price picked from thin air, becomes fact It’s nowhere £5m."
  3. Connor Southwell seems to think there's some truth to it
  4. Unsurprisingly. At least people will stop putting him in their squads for next season
  5. made me smile - obviously shopping in the bargain bin section https://ipswich.vitalfootball.co.uk/three-down-two-to-go/ Back to our latest recruits, and all three players have joined as free agents. Stephen Ward has been handed the number 3 shirt, David Cornell the number 28, and Oli Hawkins will have 32 on his back. As for Oli, I do admire his honesty. Speaking of his time with Portsmouth he said bluntly, “I suppose supporters want skilful players who score bags of goals and do great celebrations. They don’t want a 6ft 6in striker that may miss a couple of chances and get taken off at half-time – or come on for five minutes here or there. I would say 40 per cent respected me and knew what I was capable of. The other 60 per cent saw me as nothing exciting or not good enough.” At least here, he will get a fair hearing. Blues fans are some of the most tolerant around and if a player tries his damnedest then supporters will back him. He has been given a two-year deal with a 12-month option.
  6. Well spotted, he was wearing the number 20 shirt that Drmic had last season.
  7. I'm not denying it was always going to be a difficult problem to solve. But this seems like the worst of all outcomes. They fudged a grading system, then reversed it when some universities have already filled and closed off their courses. The government should have dumped the problem on the universities earlier, told them to find a fair method of picking the students, and potentially given deferred places for next year.
  8. Sadly I think this one might have some life left in it. BBC reporting that the U-turn is too late and that some university courses are already full. Caps removed on university places - Williamson Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has confirmed that he will remove caps on university places across England, so that universities could “flex and expand” the number of students able to attend and would not be fined for breaching the original cap. He said that students who would now see their grades go up, would be able to ask their first-choice university if their place could be reinstated. But he said “it is ultimately the universities that control their own admissions policies.” Mr Williamson also declined to award himself a grade for his management of the process. “I always say, best not to grade yourself, it’s for other people to mark your homework.”
  9. Sounds like Mike Atherton, though whilst it was reported that FEC meant that according to his autobiography it was actually F**** Educated C***
  10. Webber said that the package deal could be worth up to £3m, but said that the guaranteed payment to Coventry was a lot lower. Basically said to get the full amount McCallum would have to win an England cap. Quote in full
  11. He played one game against Crawley in the cup I believe
  12. Probably a nod from the club. Sam McCallum is 19 (just about to turn 20) and has only played 30+ league one games in his career so far, guessing the club feel it's best for him to get a full season at Championship level with a different club.
  13. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/xavi-quintilla-set-to-join-norwich-city-reports-1-6795106 Linked with left back Xavi Quintilla
  14. Sterling misses open goal from 4 yards out
  15. Was tempted to have a bet on Lyon today as I didn't think much of Man City. Lyon 1-0 up so far.
  16. The Times are reporting Chilwell to Chelsea, which has been picked up by the local Leicester papers, so it does sound like Lewis to Leicester could be a real goer.
  17. Butland's been absolutely shocking for them though, he was a big part of their poor league position
  18. Problem is that when they interview someone, say Stuart Webber, I'm only interested in what their guest has to say. Jack's a decent interviewer, but Chris "as the voice of the fan" either injects or has to be worked into the conversion to not look like a third wheel.
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