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  1. 11 minutes ago, The Great Mass Debater said:

    Please elaborate

    "Josh was not professional in his preparation for the Middlesbrough game." is a polite but accurate description of what he got up to when he met up with his brother.

    "“We spoke about it on Wednesday. He seems to be really reflective and he apologised in front of the group. He has learnt this message and understands it."


  2. 37 minutes ago, king canary said:

    Not a huge fan of Fake digging out players publicly all the time. The entire team scored a sum total of four league goals goal in the last 13 games, problems run far deeper than Cantwell.

    It's not all the time though. I heard the background to the Josh Murphy rebuke and Farke was totally justified.

  3. Listening to Boris at his 8pm address, I wish he could cut out the waffle and get to the point, a few PowerPoint bullet-points would have been quicker and clearer.

    A staggering level of fluff.

  4. 1 minute ago, keelansgrandad said:

    If we are good enough then in a lower division, why are we still playing two holding midfield players?

    Why are we sacrificing attack to assume we are bolstering the back four which is still not good enough?

    When will we stop playing it out from the back all the the time? It is not a crime to put your foot through it now and again.

    Clearly we are better attacking than defending so get that extra man either up front or as the No 10.


    Even when we were bossing the Championship 18 months ago, we played two holding midfielders to cover the defence to allow the full backs to bomb forward and provide the width

  5. 3 minutes ago, Tetteys Jig said:

    I'm resigned to him going, its going on the cheap (aka less than £30m) I'd be pissed off with. It would completely undermine our whole strategy if we sell him for less than that.

    Liverpool are paying £41-45m for Jota from Wolves, so unless Wolves come in for him I struggle to see the club getting £20-25m for him.

  6. 28 minutes ago, PurpleCanary said:

    I get the impression (I may be wrong, of course) you are not factoring in the need to make at least one money-spinning sale to make up for the large amount of budgeted income missing from last season and potentially from this.

    Michael Bailey was given some numbers as part of his end of season piece in the Athletic , and had said that the projected shortfall was £20m, £15m from last season and a provision of £5m with the expectation that crowds wouldn't be allowed into Carrow Road before January. He'd also said a projected £8m rebate to broadcasters would be deducted out of our year 2 parachute payment.

    When we last were relegated our average wage was around £28k a week, this time one player was above £20k a week, and most players are on £10k - £15k. This was prior to the summer signings, but Jordan Hugill had been reported a taking a large wage cut from his West Ham money, leaving only Ben Gibson on large wages. The wage bill can easily be handled by the parachute payments, meaning that there is surplus money there.

    Dave Freezer had said at the end of the January window that Norwich had a £10m-£15m transfer surplus after a final deal feel through.

    I think the club is deliberately being coy about the numbers given that we claimed £2.5m from the furlough scheme.

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