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  1. I herd that too Lessingham. Is all a bit worrying.
  2. Yeh Levi and Gucci also sell on line is incredible. Maybe Norwich ain''t half bad. Are the postman any good?
  3. Do these boys all really want an Aston? Surely Bentley continentals are more the job. I bought one online from Scotland at new year.... I paid now but am still waiting to hear back from the dealer all being well shall have it for the Bornmouth game if anyone wants a lift. -)
  4. Promising table with 12 out of 15 but 9 of those have come at home so will be more interesting as we see some of the reverse fixtures.
  5. I really like the man but if he isn''t good enough to make our team then he should be given a chance elsewhere. Top bloke and am sure he will be missed in the dressing room
  6. I''m with MR J. Was a hell of a warmup but can he do that every week.
  7. The Villa defence looked like they were really scared of Mbokani and I don''t think we''ve had that since GH. Anyone think we should go with MBK and CJ up front ? Could disrupt any back 4 IMO
  8. Was headlined as a 6 pointer and Norwich showed that with a nervous performance. Jonny Howsen earned his place back in the team with his volley. The sublime pass from Wes onto MBK''s head finished a very happy afternoon at CR for me. 20 points at halfway should see us stay up but is looking like we might need more this season and suspect we will probably get more than 20 in the next half as Alex learns his trade. xym
  9. Don''t reply then. Look at the table. As I said earlier let it go.
  10. I would like both Bor and LDC to be mates as they both seem reasoned chaps. Seems I can''t address that so am out. Good like guys, you can do it!
  11. Bor You''re one of my favourite posters but you have become quit tiresome with you''re recent bullying of LDC
  12. Agreed WHF. We''ve played better and lost, I saw a draw coming in the 2nd half but that pass from Wes and the finish from Mbokani made today a happy day.
  13. Thrilled about the win... Can we now play nicely!
  14. Ruddy was awful today, I don''t think I saw him make 1 save
  15. I have all the playoff games on Sky+ and am pretty sure AN''s team have been compared to playing like Barcelona and Bayern during those matches. We don''t have Ribery or Messi but we have a great manager
  16. I like to get to a couple of away matches a season but generally watch them unfold on here or twitter. I tried streaming when we were in the PL last time but just got bored of it as they just weren''t worth the effort. Didn''t bother last year as expected Championship streams to be even worse. Decided to give them another go on Saturday and it seemes they haven''t got any better, perhaps being over 25 I am missing something but am pretty OK with technology normally. Have seen mentioned on here android boxes, does anyone have a view on them? Are they better than the streams? Match choice on Sky is great now we are back in the prem but doesn''t beat watching the match live and of course nothing beats being there and respect to the faithful that get to all the away games.
  17. My point is. Is how good is our team and how good is CJ.
  18. Amidst all the we are signing, we are not signing and how bad is this transfer window stuff. I thought I''d watch the play off final again. The players were immense. Is Jerome a premier league striker? based on that performance hell yes, he''s found his home. Do we have a good enough squad to stay up next year I think so with a couple more additions but another play off final in 2017 would also be fun, who needs to win or come 2nd in the championship much better to come 3rd. Bournemouth and Watford weren''t better than us all part of the master plan! Bring on the PL I hope it''s as much fun as last season. Don''t think we will come 3rd but we can enjoy trying to.
  19. That''s a bit harsh on Hooper Herman.
  20. Let''s just ensure we win the next match guys. Then we can take the piss.
  21. I won the Championship with points to spare. I did however have to replay a "couple" of games. Lost 0-3 to Cardiff, I ask you.... Decided with AN doing a better job than I was should stick to my day job so am hoping he can deal with our promotion, I am out and planning to play in the mud and eat spangles. But well done you, would be good if you could get us the Champions League.
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