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  1. Nigel You are pandering to the OP. My view is who cares a bit. If I’m marginalised in that view I shall bail this thread and hope you all enjoy discussing hipswich. Of no interest to me Have fun ))
  2. What’s the point of different user names? Keep them the same so we know which users to support when they’re going through difficulty times. Lucky for you your post count clearly identify you. Been a bit hard on you lately what can we do to help you ?
  3. What’s your point? This is a Norwich site no one gives a flying ... what Is going with the “farmhands” You are a little too obsessed and as I suggested go back to the hospital take your pills and you may come out of it OK. I’m doubting that but worth a try. Best of luck city1st
  4. Who cares enough to look at that blog? You are our own version of ipswichcrazy. I used to think you were so bitter because your wife must have run off with an hipswhich fan. Does seem unlikely as you cant have any friends let alone ever been married. Go back to the hospital city1st.
  5. A lot of people say we are more suited to premiership type teams and with Wolves up next who knows. I think we would all have taken 4 points from these 2 fixtures. I know, it’s the hope that kills you.....
  6. My mate explained it to me to me “for sure” nearly split my sides how very funny Rhubarb. Go back to hospital or prison or wherever it is when go you aren’t on here you are just an idiot forshaw.
  7. Studied it too. Still don’t get it then realised the OP is city1st under yet another new username. YAWN
  8. Farke wanted to get rid of him but has now realised what an integral part of our defence he plays. Why did he he get a yellow today? Is that just refs saying is Tettey he needs a card every match.
  9. He won’t leave in this window. He was playing in Scotland last season is still proving his value. In the summer maybe but would be going to a top 6 team for top money. Pritchard sold himself short signing for Huddersfield I get why he did it but he’s not as good as Maddison.
  10. You mean that Rhbarb idiot...happy he stays away. Glad Morty is doing well this board is missing that 🛎 end
  11. Pointless thread not sure why I even clicked on it. City 1st if you stuck to your original user name would make it easier to avoid your nonsense.
  12. He''s looking pretty class. Let''s hope we can hang onto the lad.
  13. Haha. Was thinking the same. Am hoping we can continue to change the perception of your threat title NN
  14. City1st Has anyone ever told you what an absoulute patronising conceited self satisfying piece of low life humanity you are. They surely must have done. Bitter old boy who doesn''t go to games or get out much. This site was much better before you came back with your multiple daft usernames and your not funny jokes.
  15. Isn''t Hooper scoring for fun in the same league at the moment? Should we not just keep him for £0 million.
  16. Thanks Herman WTF was he thinking. What happened before that to wind him up because he clearly was slightly pissed off when made the run to make that challenge. You can''t defend what he did and it lost us the game but there is more to that than it seems surely?
  17. I wasn''t at the game tonight so can''t comment on the sending off but O''Neil usually makes measured decisions so would be surprised if his tackle which I haven''t seen was anything more than a mistake. Not even bad judgement, I could be wrong.
  18. You''re kidding me. Please tell me it was not more and he will be living next door to Harry.
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