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  1. Anyone use this. I have a dedicated non UK vpn address but only get the option to listen.
  2. This league is a point away 3 at home. We’ve dropped points at home so 2 weeks off is welcome. Can’t see us getting relegated or challenging for a play off place. I always have a half full glass so here’s to a super September / October and cold days at CR
  3. We like all the young lads coming through Nutty. Transition? We should be beating that Ipswich team onwards and upwards. :)
  4. What a player he could be. Hope he’s not out for too long.
  5. Get behind them chaps. They are trying to get an atmosphere at CR too many old people. Sorry TIL
  6. Ian. Who would you have played and where ?
  7. Fair play Indy. My expectations are a bit higher but with nothing to actually support that. To keep Ipswich bottom of the table next week would make me very happy but I do kinda want more.
  8. Sorry Indy missed your earlier 4 posts. So we’re fcuked are we?
  9. Indy I’m not in the DF in or out Brigade. But all Leeds have done is change the manager and spend a few quid on Bamford who is still shite. How are they now able to beat us 3 nil at home.
  10. Read through this thread but skipped by username so only stopped at Herman. I don’t know if Farke is or isn’t the problem but after a spanking from Leeds I’m all for looking at our own spanking at poorman. This time next week we should review. Xym
  11. 22753 At The Hawthorns... They got their monies worth.
  12. Top 6 does look unlikely. But I’m happy to take on your bet Mike. Send your £250 to Nutty and I will do the same. If we don’t make top 6 you get your money back plus £125 of mine if we do I get £125 of yours. Good fun and for charity mate up for it?
  13. Love Deilia’s advert a real take the piss out of yourself style. Clearly taking one for the team. Hopefully a few extra quid in bag for the squad. What’s not to like Real fan.
  14. Did I imagine it or did I read that Vydra wants 40k a week. Where does that come from in the championship is rediculous. Wasn’t at Brum today but sounded like JR had a good game despite not scoring and apparently he took a pay cut to come here. Know who I would want but if 40k a week guaranteed promotion guess that isn’t bad value.
  15. Sorry. That came across as a bit uncaring.
  16. Has anyone ever met him in real life? He maybe OK but on the PinkUn he is an odd ball. My suspicion is he is worse in real life and spends most of his time in prison or hospital wards when he isn’t being an arse on here.
  17. Swindon. Suspect most people on here don’t dislike you. City1st on the other hand ....
  18. Good point but the offer is still open but I won’t drive to Brighton, Huddersfield, Leicester or parts of Liverpool. So he may need the Range Rover.
  19. I will drive him to Manchester or London if we get 25 million.
  20. Haha Nigel You are right I will try to stop but he’s such an hidiot. Thanks for the tip respect a long term poster, think the hidiot sadly has more posts than you.
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