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  1. well we certainly missed him, i have aiways liked him.so im pleased people who may have judged players on there dislike of grant. rarther on what they do on the pitch. plus reoder is playing him in his best position center mid! you could be right the stats look good!!!!!!!!!
  2. hi im in gorleston,and thinking of going to stoke has anyone got room for two to travel up on saturday. or i may take my own car if i can fill it (WOULD NEED 4 PEOPLE)  mail me at cartwheels-1968@fsmail.net
  3. yes thats right, god only knows how town were 2-0 up,at half time. city were playing up to the great support thats why we played so well and came back.  now how do you think they will play if a FEW IDIOTS PROTEST before the came? SOD YOUR PERSONAL BATTLES , NOW IS THE TIME TO CLOSE RANKS AND SUPPORT THE TEAM!!!!
  4. well by reading other sites it looks like there is no support for a protest yet.  and im not supprised. im not happy with the board but with the position we are in protesting will get us relegated! we need to back roeder and his team,in a bid to get us out of this mess! protesting will have a negetive affect. im not against protests, but if you feel the need then do it after games not before. you will get more respct from fans and players alike.  BUT PROTEST BEFORE GAMES AND PEOPLE LIKE ME WILL BE THERE FIGHTING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. yep PLEASE ,PLEASE PLEASE, SELL TO SULIVAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. totaly agree the last 2 games have been a vast improvement on the games before.and against lesser teams then watford we would have won. the signs look good,and your right the games that count are the games against teams in the lower part of the table.  the good times are coming back!!!!!!!!
  7. wake up both brellier and rusty have been fantastic the last 2 games, it was our defence lappin/shackle who are the weak links!  we did not lose last night because of the midfield it was defence that cost us the game. but i have been pleased with what i have seen the last 2 games,and against 2 good teams! play with the same desire against plymouth and we will win!!!!!!! GLEN ROEDERS GREEN YELLOW ARMY!!!!!!!!!!
  8. just got back from the game and for the first time in ages,i feel HAPPY! i have just watched norwich give it everything. and even at half-time 2-0 down a few of us were talking, and could not believe we were losing. as we were playing so well. and thatsthe thing,as long as us fans can see the players want it! and are giving there all. WE ARE HAPPY! so a big thank you glen and your team,for entertaining us. you were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
  9. same here, at first i thought what! but then like you i listened to his interviews,read press comments about all his contacts and friends in football. and thought yer, this could be the real deal!  he wants what we want a prem footie club, and look how quick he has brought in a new coach and defender (at last). and things in football only move that quick if you have friends. so it may take  a while but im now right behind roeder! GLEN ROEDERS GREEN YELLOW ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i was thinking that also lobster!  although brellier was not fit at the start of the season. we still looked more solid with him,as results from the games he played show! in fact head grant not taken him off against cardiff,we would have won that game to!
  11. YES WELCOME GLENN, get us out of this mess and you will be loved forever!  GOOD LUCK!
  12. whilst roeder would not have been my choice as manager. the fact is he now is!  and if pearson comes in as no 2 then thats a good appointment, after my initail disapointment, im now finding positives. he is well liked,freinds with wenger to name but a few. and this could bring great rewards in terms of players coming in. anyway he is our manager and now that he is lets get behind the team and glenn and BEAT THE TOWN ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i have said this for many years. and the club try to pass the buck,by saying its because the police wont allow these games. that is compleatly wrong,its up to the club to decide when a game can be played. yes of course the police want 12 pm kick offs on a sunday! but what about us fans. i cant go next week like many others because my kids play football, so all of us will miss the game.  and your right there is no atmosphere at these games played at stupid times. but once again our club lets us down,by not insisting that the game is a normal 3pm saturday game, or a friday night game on the telly!!!!!!!!!
  14. i have no problem with allen, but if it is allen WHY DID THEY WAIT 3 WEEKS! he wanted the job the day after grant left! but our piss-poor board tried to muddle on with duffy,THROWING AWAY P POINTS IN THE PROCESS!
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