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  1. I think you misread that -   It said that we''re getting £11M to spend in the next 10 years!!!!!
  2. One can only assume that all the recent culling players and staff is due to needing to save up some money to buy some decent players. Hope so cause we definately need them!
  3. I still laugh when people say about Hucks staying next season as an IMPACT player from the bench!   Towards the end of last season he was one of our best when he got fit and thats even when Roeder was playing him out of position on the right hand side!   Do you really think we are going to sign that many great players that had Hucks stayed he would of been relegated to the bench!!!   A fit Hucks would of been a first choice next season which is why Roeders decision to release him is so wide of the mark!
  4. Off field the clubs in great shape but on field which at the end of the day is the part of the FOOTBALL club us fans want to see in great shape sadly isn''t!   The board has to back Roeder with some good money or otherwise I can see us struggling. I think the board have become complaecent and have begun to assume that whatever happens on the pitch 24,000 are always going to turn up for home games which I think next season if we''re struggling with no investment on the pitch then some may start drifting away.Although I think we have more money than we let on so fingers crossed in that department!   My gut instinct on Roeder isn''t a good one. Yes he took us from a seemingly no hope situation in October but was that the novelty of a new bloke in charge getting the players going in a honeymoon just like it was the season before that when results took an upturn when Grant took over? Roeders decisions like changing a good line up and formation to play out of their depth loanees, formations that didn''t work, players out of position and letting Hucks go when he was still one of our major attacking threats and far from past it make me feel he won''t do any good!    
  5. Another Doc bashing I see!   Doc was one of our best players particularly when he came in after Taylor went back to Brum. Yes he is limited but is a capable defender in the championshipo. The club should have signed Taylor in January as he was more classy than Doc or Shacks thus making defending not quite so nailbiting and he can score goals someting neither doc or Shacks can do.   Fozzy was a different player to the unfit version we saw last year. Again he isn''t a wonder player (if he was he wouldn''t be at a lowly Championship club!) but his workrate and desire make him a must to keep but obviously not at all costs. I''d like to see the club get another midfielder seriously good enough to challenge Fozzy and Russell not out their depth loanees one of whom some think is the dog bo**ocks just cause he comes Arsenal. To call Fozzy s**t is so wide of the mark!   With our painfully thin squad letting Doc and Fozzy go wouldn''t be a good move even if they aren''t great players.    But I agree with one thing the club do seem to be slipping as a result of the prudent nature of the board and I think going by what we''ve seen so far the chances of Roeder being the manager capable of getting us promoted to the Premiership look slim.
  6. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"] I personally don''t care what Adam''s opinion of GR is, I, as a free thinking human being will make and form my own judgement about a person on merit and results.  I still back GR 100% and will do so for as long as I think he has earned it. So he''s had a clear out of dead wood, and one of those happens to be Adam''s, another is Huckerby and a few other players, what''s the big deal, and in the grand scheme of things do we really give a jot.  6 months from now it will all be forgotten, fans will move on eventually and support the players that will be playing in yella n green, it''s always happened and will continue to happen.  It''s called life, and it moves on, and so must we.   [/quote]   You think Huckerby is deadwood!!!!!!!!!   I like to see players that wern''t deadwood then!!   I very much doubt we''ll sign a left sided player as good as him!   Roeder has made some strange decisions, Hucks being the worst one!    
  7. [quote user="ricky knight"] [quote user="BIC"][quote user="ricky knight"]I kept hearing people say that about Grant, what happened. Roeders record is very misleading about 20 points since end of jauary, with HIS window, dont look too good in my book.[/quote] The guy obtained us an average of 1.6 points a game, after we''d been getting an average of around 0.5 points a game - if that isn''t a turnaround of enormous proportions I don''t know what is. Perhaps you think we should''ve routed the league once he''d arrived. Even if the best manager in the world had come I doubt he''d have been able to achieve much more [/quote] End of January we still had a chance of the playoffs but his window was a bunch of kiddy loanees he was under the cosh to play and changed and tinkered when not needed imo. 20 points for the remaider of the season reflects that. imo anyone who took over from Grant would do better, have a honeymoon period but as i say as always time will tell, i have not lost faith in Roeder yet, i have my worries and i certainly dont see him as god like some of the Percy''s on here. [/quote] Exactly!   I respect Roeder for turning things around but possibly any new manager coming in would have had the same honeymoon period effect?   I genuinely believe if we had signed Taylor plus at least one other decent player in January then we could of made a serious bid for the play offs and been safe from relegation much, much sooner than we were. I feel Roeder took his foot of the pedal thinking we were already safe and started to alter a successfull team and formation which we suffered for although he''ll never admit it. Pearce showed much potential but should not of been in side ahead of Doc or Shacks. Henry was just simply so inept it was painfull and don''t listen to all this crap now being said about Gibbs. He was poor and even though he got better in his last 2 games he still was no threat and made no mark on the games.   I firmly believe Roeder has to be given time and we need stability.    BUT his baffling decisions to change a winning team and formation in order to accomodate out of their depth loanees and add to that last weeks decision to release the still highly influential and more than good enough Hucks from what is already a painfully thin squad makes me feel that Roeder is going turn out a dud!   AND your gut instincts are normally the correct ones!
  8. [quote user="Beatle"] Just heard from a reliable source that...... Hucks may be offered a game by game contract for next season!!!!!!   [/quote]   Really wish this was true but somehow -
  9. [quote user="Jim Duffy"]Get real, we''re in no position to be getting rid of any first team player. Let alone a relatively decent central defender.[/quote]   At last some common sense spoken!   I''d agree thats Docs not a wonder player like some Norwich fans think he should be, (lets face it if he was he wouldn''t be playing for us!) but hes a very capable Championship defender on his day and always unfairly made the scapegoat when in reality for a long spell after Taylor left he was very impressive apart from scoring goals!   The same goes for all the people who suggest that Cureton should be leaving. Comon we''ve only got him and the ''Beccles Brawler'' Chris ''I''ve made it'' Martin up front at the moment so it''d be stupid letting Cureton go!   The size of the squad makes the decision to let Hucks go look even more ridiculous!
  10. In fact I''m going to be doing my little protest by actually not being at this farcical rip off event!   Blatant commercialism!   Not in front of most real fans who have an affinity with club and former players. A parade of former legends should have been done at a 1st team home game, not in front of kids who won''t know most of the players!
  11. The club has more money than it lets on and thats the right way to go about the transfer market. No point in telling the world how much you have to spend cause Johnny Average player suddenly gets an inflated value by his club!
  12. [quote user="JaundicedJockGeorgy"]He''s doing a drastic hatchet job at the moment. It would appear that it''s not a good idea to cross our Glenn - he''s very sensitive and has a spiteful vindictive streak running through him. I wonder if Delia and co are beginning to wonder whether they made the right choice of manager?[/quote]   They have to back him and give him time cause we need continuity but noones got a crystal ball and theres no guarantees it''ll work out!
  13. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Because they look daft!. I''m 60 in September, and I wouldn''t be seen dead in City replica shirt in public. I''m nearly bald with a beer and bad diet induced tummy, and I look bloody tragic in one. Okay, I admit I buy a new City shirt when a new kit is launched, but I wear them these days to potter around the house and garden. In public, I wear one of my many smart City designer T shirts available from the club shop, they carry the same badge as the replic shirts anyway, they fit me better and hide the lumps! and to me, thats the important thing. Next time you''re in Carrow Road, look around at the old farts, gamely trying to squeeze into their replica''s, don''t laugh at them, all us old boys have been there..........and so will the current youngsters too one day!. Replica shirts is a young mans game in my opinion, ie under 35.  Agreed?.[*-)] [/quote]   No I don''t!   Its up to the individual and anyway a stadium full of yellow and green looks great!   I always wear my replica shirt with pride and don''t care if not as young as I was!   Its annoys me the stereotypes that say you have to stop doing things cause your getting old - bol**cks!   I also know certain fans who think there above wearing replica shirts - agin - b**locks!
  14. [quote user="Myra Hawtree"] As Branston has already said on thois board, fans have been desperate to find a way to say "Farewell" to Hucks, suggesting a testimonial, etc, etc.  Now there is a chance to give Hucks the send off he deserves at the Greatest Ever event on Sunday, people are too cynical or too tight to take this opportunity!!  Having the music and football combination always seemed a bit odd but the programme of events on the day look OK to me.  I can''t understand why so-called fans seem to want this event to fail?  Paying for a ticket is probably no more than it would be for a testimonial and kids can go free with an adult I believe. So come on everyone, put aside your scepticism and cynicism and DO IT FOR HUCKS this one last time.     [/quote]   Ya having a laugh!   I''m absolutely disgusted that Darren Huckerby has been released cause he was obviously more than good enough to of done a good job for us next season, a sh**e decision from Glen!   The fact Hucks didn''t get the farewell that a lot of fans would of wanted doesn''t bother me either as I''m not into big farewells, just p***ed of that Roeder is t**t enough to get rid of one of our better pleyrs!   That ''greatest ever'' event is exactly that - The greatest ever farcical, comercialised, irrelevent rubbish the club has come up with!   WHY? - Its a joke having to pay £25 to watch some bulls**t reality TV nobodys while waiting 4-5 hours for someone even a half decent act in Jamellia!    Its irrelevent cause most real fans who would apreciate the great players from our past being paraded around will have my same atitude and will not even be there. Only youngsters and families some of whoom won''t have any afinity of the club and won''t even know who most of the players present will be there!   Parading great players from our past should be done when its most relevent which would be at a 1st team home game.   The very fact that Hucks is indeed one of the ''greatest ever'' yet the current manager feels the club is better of without him even though hes still capable of producing the goods fully emphasises what a poor decision it was. Therefore I don''t want to make things more painfull by being at this badly thought out event!
  15. [quote user="The Great Revival. "]Move on and get on with it.[/quote]   I care cause the Hucks is still good enough to have served us for at least another season and I fear that we''re not going to get near the top of the championship when we get rid of players capable of taking us there!   And yes I''ved moved on like I have had to many times before in my 3 decades+ of following Norwich City FC but it doesn''t mean I''ll ever accept Glen Roeders hideous decision!
  16. Hes a bit of a wally but a harmless one, though I''m sure he wouldn''t of made the same twatish decision that Glen did this week!   I give him credit for having the balls to do what he does every home game!
  17. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"][quote user="Fat Prophet"][quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"] Didn''t I read recently that Toronto had signed Laurent Robert? and also knowing that MLS clubs are only allowed so many foreign players and have a wage limit for each squad how sure are we that there is any truth to these rumours?. I''m afraid I''m still bracing myself for Huckerby joining another championship club (despite what he says) or a premiership club. When this happens I will be as furious with Roeder as I was with Worthington the day Chris Sutton joined Villa, despite being told for weeks that he was too unfit/unsuitable for us. [/quote] Fair enough, but as things turned out we got Dion instead and Sutton did have to pack up playing some time ago.   [/quote] Yes, I accept that we did sign Dublin, Sutton was unfortunate that he had to retire through concussion after fracturing his skull in an accidental collision, something that could have happened playing for anyone at anytime in his career. My point is that at the time thousands of fans knew that sigining him was the right thing to do, but we gave Worthington the benefit of the doubt assuming that he knew better than us. That was until a premiership club not only sign him but then put him straight into the starting eleven the following week. The simarlarities between that and the Huckerby situation are striking. What is happening here is so blatantly wrong,while thousands of Norwich fans know this, many are prepared to give Roeder the benefit of the doubt....that is until he joins another championship club/premierhsip club thus proving Roeder''s judgement to be wrong.   [/quote]   Couldn''t agree more!   And yes Iam clutching at straws by starting this thread but like some others have said funny things happen in football!   I keep thinking of the Ian Crook situation in 1996 when he joined the S**m for a week then Walker returned then so did Crooky!   S**te decision Glen!
  18. The indications are that Hucks will be playing in the MLS in North America!   The season there finishes during our winter!   Hucks could be free to come back on loan if we need him which is more than likely!   And yes before any of the smart Alecs start on yes I have moved on like I have many times before supporting Norwich over more than 3 decades, one man doesn''t make a team or is bigger than the club blah, blah, blah but I will never change my mind that Roeder releasing Hucks when although winding down, is still a major threat at Championship level and is still good enough was the totally wrong decision!
  19. Evans - Yes!   Quality full stop!   Earnie - Yes! - If the price was right cause he is a proven goalscorer at this level. Ignore all the pricks who slate him for leaving - If you was offered much more money to do the same job we''d all jump!   Eastwood - Yes - Again if the price was right! Looked brilliant at Southend but it all went wrong at Wolves which makes me wonder if he is going to turn out to be a lower league player only? Worth a gamble if the price isn''t extortionate!
  20. Huckerby making an appearance in front of the crowd before a game early on in the season come August I''d find painfull especially if we start of poorly and the guy playing on the left wing was pants!   Crap decision Glen!
  21. Rossi Jarvis had his chances this season when he proved that although he can play football he was far too lightweight to ever make the grade at this level and I''d suspect will struggle to make it in league 2 - he was with Torquay last season and they are now non league. If he was that good why didn''t they want him back this season?   He does though, make some valid points about certain other loanees who I''d suspect are messrs Henry and Gibbs 2 of the worst loan players we''ve ever had at this club.  All this rubbish now being ''sprouted'' about Gibbs I find hard to believe. He done OK in the final 2 home games of the season where his passing was good but he was still way too lightweight and in reality offered no threat and made no mark on the games. In the games before he was painfull to watch. He may make it if he gets stronger cause he can play football but that is a big IF and in the future I only want loan players who are good enough to make a difference NOT Premiership clubs using Norwich as a nursery for players not ready for the tough physical nature of the Championship! - As for Henry! 
  22. Huckerby, a legend who still poccess that extra dimension to torment opposing defences, not as good as he was but still highly effective loves the club, plays his heart out for the cause, expensive in wages although part of his money was supplied by a sponsor, would of accepted a reduction in wages and by far the best we had in his left sided position - OUT   Eagle, Inexperienced squad player who if I''m not mistaken didn''t play at all for the 1st team last year, technically OK but slow for a wide left sided player and doesn''t look like like hes going to make the grade - IN   I don''t understand this crap decision Glen!   And before anyone suggests otherwise, yes I do often go to reserve games!
  23. We celebrated avoiding relegation cause thats what you do when you''ve had a ''near scrape'' and after looking dead certs for the drop in October last year!   But we should be aiming much higher than just survving in the Championship. We have the potential to be a consistent top 10 Premiership outfit!   I do think the board have got complacent and assume that 24,000 will turn up to watch any old sh**e forever!   I''ll always go to home games as I have done for many years previously but I think the board would only sit up and notice any discontent when our crowd levels dropped substantialy!
  24. I''ll move on like I have done endless times while following the Canaries for many years but I''ll never change my opinion about this crazy decision to release one of our best players!
  25. [quote user="YellowIce"] [quote user="scott"]No one denys that Hucks wasn''t perfect as every player is but his qualities far outweigh the bad points and at this moment in time when the club are not flush with money, basically just a lower end struggling championship club, releasing a player as good as Hucks appears totally senseless![/quote] Your right we are not flush with money - so a player who was on £15k a week whos contribution over the whole season did not amount to very much surely is not worth another year - wouldnt you agree? [/quote] Hip problems, playing in a p*ss poor team, getting unfairly dropped from the team in order to play crap loanees or dropped cause Roeder only wanted one wide player all contributed to a leaner season for Hucks. But when he got as run in the team in the final 3rd of the seaosn coincidentally when we needed points in order to stay up Hucks was visibly getting back to his best and played a big role in our scamble away from the dreaded relegation positions.   Its likely he would of signed a new deal for less money so finance shouldn''t of been that much of an issue, indeed Roeder never disscussed money!
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