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  1. Lets face it the club has always had a hold back mentality long before the current board were involved and has mainly tried to do things on the cheap but its foolish to suggest they are actively preparing for relegation!
  2. Smaller support, smaller infrastructure.
  3. Good post but I only speak from my gut reaction of what of seen from Roeder since the end of January and it doesn''t bode well but I hope I''m wrong.   - But I wasn''t wrong about the last 2 managers being past it or just simply in Grants case inept.
  4. Not jealous but Hull playing Bristol in the play offs, two smaller clubs than us who had good seasons but were nothing out of the ordinary just well organised with good management makes you feel and know that we are capable of so much more.   The points are valid, but the Premiership is the only place to be if you want to see the club expand and get as big as it could be, things that won''t happen while we are in the Championship!
  5. Oh yes and the fact that our season tickets are on average up to £100 cheaper than the binners down in Suffolk, so does that indicate a hard up club?
  6. We offered £1.25M for Taylor on the last day of January. We bid £2M for Billy Sharp and Luke Varney last summer. We bid up to £2M for Dave Cotteril before that!   I think we could have more money than the board let on but yes theres also the danger that we are struggling for money as the recent sackings would suggest but who knows?
  7. [quote user="norwichsnewfinest"] Seriously bored now. [/quote]   Don''t look at this thread then!!   Its simple really!   I''m getting bored of continued underachievement and shite decisions at Carrow Road!
  8. Roeder OUT! - Getting players I ope!   Not very optimistic but we have to give him some time!
  9. I hope your wrong but I get this niggly feeling........
  10. I''ve said this many times before but how many of you lot going on about Norwich making a silly decision releasing the great Joe Lewis actually saw him play?  I bet quite a lot of you never even saw him play!   Well I saw him in the youth and reserve teams and while I thought he had potential he never once while at Norwich looked good enough to be in the 1st team or someone who was going to be that special in the future so therefore we got a good deal selling him for £400K to Peterborough.   I''m therefore quite shocked hes made the England squad which I''d say is probably cause others aren''t available. Good luck to him and I hope the club have a sell on clause on him if hes going to be as great as some think he is but a player whos never played any higher than League 2 which is our 4th Division being in the England squad doesn''t say much for the state of our National game in terms of youngsters coming through. 
  11. The great Smudger agrees with me!   Well I must be right!   Getting rid of one of our best players in our current predicament doesn''t make sense, however repetitive it may seem to some fans!!    
  12. Agree totally and like I said I hope Roeder is successful at Norwich, gets the time hes needs cause we need stability but I just feel it won''t happen looking at his actions since January. I just feel that its suicidal letting your best platyers go when theres no guarantee that we''ll be able to get enough quality replacements in. Afterall we just scraped away from going down courtesy of beating QPR who lets be honest handed the game to us on a plate. Leicester going down this season and looking at other well supported clubs in the past show we cannot be complacent and think that whatever just cause we get 24000+ every home that we''ll never get relegated from the Championship.. Thats why Roeder needs to know that fans aren''t happy at his actions!   I didn''t start this thread but agree with it and was just replying to all those who slagged the poster who started this thread of just cause he told the truth. People listen too much to the local media who are all afraid to say it as it is. How many people you know are comfortable with the decisions Roeders made since January?  - The answer from me would be no one and I suspect that many others would say the same, but yes lets wait and see!
  13. I get awfully frustrated at some of the decisions made at our club though I don''t cry over them as theres more important things in the world! The fact remains that letting Hucks go is very likely to prove a p*ss poor decision and those who are saying get over it and move on are very very blinkered indeed. Yes I''ll move on cause I have done when supporting this club for many years but it won''t make it right. I agree totally that Hucks didn''t have a good season by his huge standards but he was still our most potent attacking force ahead of the crap loanees who played in his position, Pattison, Bertrand and the look good but mostly no end product performances of our other natural winger Croft!   Hucks suffered with an injury which kept him out of pre season and the early games. When he came back he was playing in a side that had lost faith in its manager and was playing like it. When Roeder came in he played Hucks sparingly, dropping him for out their depth loanees - the Leicester away game where Hucks was shopping in Norwich while the woeful Henry played on the left was particularly painfull and playing him out of position on the right. When Roeders tinkering had taken such a toll that we had a number of must win games at the end of the seaon in order to stay up then Roeder surprise surprise started playing Hucks more regularly and this run of games allowed Hucks to build up momemtum and he was one of best performers when we managed to scrape up the points needed.     The same as the Hucks situation like those who suggest we get rid of Doc, Fotheringham and Cureton, get real and look at the facts - We''ve got a painfully thin squad, the board is unlikely to give Roeder that much money and Roeders record since January isn''t  good. Getting rid of our better players is not an option and Leicesters current predicament could be ours unless somehow we can build up the squad with players good enough. A whole possee of crap young loan players will see us struggle big time.   I sincerely hope Roeder produces cause I want the club to do well and I''ll back the team like I''ve done for longer than many who post on here I''d suggest, but I said Worthy was past it a year before the board finally got rid and saw the signs in Grant early on so I''ll trust my judgement which surprise surprise Sutton and Iwan Roberts who know more than any of us both agreed with in the EDP in the last couple of weeks. 
  14. Most of that post except for the RIP bit is true however pessimistic it seems!
  15. Roeder tinkered with the team in order accomdate Hucks? - Really?   Roeder played a formation with one widfe player during our 13 match unbeaten of which Hucks played in quite a few of them games!   No Roeder tinkered from the end of January when he decided play loanees Henry, Gibbs, Pearce and Bertrand of whom only the last 2 were any good and even then they replaced players who didn''t deserve to be dropped. This tinkering with a working formation and line up had the effect of turning a team looking capable of a top 10 finish into one that only stayed up after beating a disinterested QPR team in the last home game of the season. I think Roeder done this to earn brownie points of the respective clubs so in the future we can call on them again for loan players but it was very frustrating to watch at the time!   Otherwise I agree with the rest of your post and whil I respect Roeder for turning us around after looking like cannonfodder in October I still feel the signs don''t look good for Roeder being any good!
  16. To early to fully judge yet cause we need stability but I''ve not been impressed since the end of January - Tinkering with a team and formation that was working well, poor loan players releasing the still good enough Hucks makes me sense that Roeder will not do it!   Hope he proves me wrong!
  17. The greatest ever farce was a flop whether hes admits that or not!   Very poorly thought out idea! At least the club were not not the promotors so didn''t lose money!
  18. Gunny will always be found a job at the club and fairplay hes a great club servant!
  19. [quote user="me"]IMO, I don''t think she would turn ''anybody'' down just because they haven''t Norfolk on their birth certificate.  I think she uses this argument to illustrate to fans she wouldn''t sell up to any clown who turns up with a check book.  If they have the best interests of the club at heart it shouldn''t matter if they are a ''Johnny foreighner''.  [/quote]   Yes I think that is a big part of her reasoning as well!
  20. Agree!   I find it hilarious all this "Hucks is past it anyway" or the other old chestnut "if he''d of stayed Hucks would of been a bench warmer only" drivell!   Hucks has still got it and was still out main attacking threat!   Do people think we are going to sign so many great players that Hucks would of only been a sub next season? - Bo**ocks, the same as all those saying get over it and move on!   Yeah sure I''ll move on like I''ve had to many times before in the umteen years I''ve been going to Carrow Road (not one of the many bandwagon jumpers of the last 8 years) cause I support the club which is bigger than any one individual but that won''t make a ridiculous decision right! Chris Sutton and Iwan Roberts 2 persons with more in depth knowledge of football and how our club works than I say probably everyone posting on here (and probably Roeder as well!) say it was a bad decision!
  21. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] .............who was born in Surrey and lives in Suffolk - and has a man from Bristol in charge - impose such Norwich and Norfolk bound conditions on new investors? Seems illogical to me. But then ................. OTBC   Well said and very relevent!   As much as I respect Delia Smith for investing in our club, she only became a Norwich fan after meeting with future husband Michael Wynn Jones. Remember 1978 when she dressed up in Ipswich gear when they won the FA cup? - Now a real NCFC fan wouldn''t of done that!   This is not an anti Delia post cause I think that she has been good for our club but all this stuff about making sure any future investors were locals and genuine fans is cods wallop from the girl who dressed up in blue!         [/quote]
  22. Well said Barclayman, unfortunately very very true although a bit late!   Everyone knows it was a sh**e decision to release a player who is still very very capable and still had that extra dimension. I don''t go on about not having a chance to say farewell cause that doesn''t mean F*** all. What matters is the present and the future and Hucks still had much to offer in this department!   I can''t wait for our new 18 year old out of his depth Premiership loanees left sided midfielder next season!   I hope I''m proved wrong but I think Roeders going to achieve bugger all at NCFC!
  23. Nothing as long as they are good enough and add something to the team!   I remember when loan signings used to be exactly that. Nowadays loanees are often just young players living of the back of being attached to a premiership club but is not in reality, good enough!
  24. I''d like to think so but my gut reaction after his decisions from January onwards tell me NO!
  25. Hope this is true but I''ll believe it when it actually happens!   Whos the t**T who suggests that signing Taylor wouldn''t be right!!!!?   Should of been signed in January and we need more than Doc and Shacks to call upon in central defence!
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