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  1. If there good enough they will play!   Unfortunately last seasons FA cup campaign was sacrificed so that Roeder could see how inept Ryan Jarvis and Chris Martin were, something most of us knew already!   Though in Martins case he has proved he can do it over a sustained period and needs another season to see if we cn get that undoubted talent back out again!
  2. [quote user="jedi"]All we can attract to our unambitious club is a bunch of lower league losers!!!!!!! and over paid has beens.[/quote]   We have made public one signing so far - Sammy Clingan from Forest who made 40 appearances for them last season when they came 2nd in League 1 thus gaining promotion to the Championship!   I can''t see where this new player fits into any of your negative player categories!
  3. Elements of your negativity may have an air of realism about them 1st Wizard but come on - I think Andy Cole would most definately do much more than what Hartson did last season!   Cole will score goals if he get the chances and his career record proves that!
  4. Patterson would be a massive gamble at £1.3M, hes not that great!   Laffertys not worth nowhere near £4M!
  5. [quote user="jetstream"]Agree with Mello there. It''s a weird logic in this argument: there hasn''t been any trouble at these matches for years so they should be put back to a Saturday 3pm kick-off. Er, perhaps one of the reasons why there''s been so little trouble is the fact the games are a Sunday 12 noon KO, thereby reducing the potential for pre-match alcohol consumption. The police have these things well-rehearsed and it seems to work. I don''t see the problem.[/quote]   Don''t see where kicking off at midday on a Sunday would have any effect on people if they wanted to drink either at home or in bars that open for longer with the new legislation?   Anyone could go clubbing and don''t get out until 3-4 am whenever they shut and be absolutely plastered and turn up for the midday kick off. A lot of the bars are open before the midday Derby games anyway, so it makes sod all difference!   Like banning terracing theres no real good reason to move the Derbies games to Sundays!   If the same scanario of a Sunday Derby game was used if the game was changed back to its proper time of Saturday at 3pm with the same police presense and the vast majority of the away contingent frogmarched into the station onto trains and out ASAP then does anyone think that Saturday matches would see more trouble - Cause not!   Anyhow 99% of Norwich and Ips*ut fans mindsets are not like they were 25-40 years ago. Most of us think violence at fotball games is naff and avoid it and don''t go looking for it like many fans in the 60''s, 70''s and early 80''s!
  6. [quote user="Mark Rivers..."]How do you know it''s a bad decision?  Has next season started yet?  Thought not![/quote]   A team who can''t/or more likely don''t want to spend money, with a pencil thin weak squad lets one of its best ever players go who would of stayed for less money and still had much to offer for one to three seasons.   Sounds like a bad decision to me and yes I''ve realised next season hasn''t started!   If we sign Andy Cole which sounds quite likely then that will make the Huckerby release even more baffling!   Nigel Worthington September 2006 - Chris Sutton not good enough for a struggling Championship team but is still good enough to play for a team that came 7th in the Premiership the very same year!
  7. Just cause hes from Arsenal doesn''t mean hes any good - pretty much sums up Gibbs'' time at Norwich last season!   Gibbs was mostly very ineffective.   He didn''t show for the ball, look nowhere near strong enough, understandably had no experience, didn''t make his mark on any game he played in and had 2 chances to head at goal in front of the Barclay and decided to try and kung fu kick the ball!   His best 2 games were his last 2 home games where he passed the ball around well sideways, and backwards but never got behind the oppostion or caused them any problems!    Sorry but those who said he was good only did so cause he was from Arsenal. If we''d of got him from a lower League club he would of been roundly critiscised. I only want loan players who are better than what we''ve got and can improve the team, Gibbs was far from either. I also don''t want us becoming a nursury for big clubs to try out players they think are probably not good enough!   I think he has technical ability but without adding some muscle to his game he won''t get far. I''d say theres more chance of him never making the grade at Arsenal than making it!   If he gets stronger and more confident then he might be worth another try next season but if not then NO!
  8. Belive things when they actually happen not a moment sooner!   This site like many others thrives upon loads of rumours most of which are utter bo**ocks but sometimes they are true, but please don''t shoot the messenger even if its tiring at times!   If you don''t like rumours then don''t come on this site!
  9. Not for a while I suspect!   S*it decision Glen and yes I''ve moved on but moving on doesn''t change facts!
  10. At any event you''ll always get a very small minority of t*ats who want to spoil it for everyone else and football these days falls into this category!   I bet theres more trouble in either Ipswich or Norwich on a typical Friday or Saturday night around the clubs, bars and stations than what they are at the Derby games of the last 10+ years!   Like most Norwich fans I know plenty of Scummer supporters and have have good lighted banter about it but nothing more. In fact I''ve got more time for people who support there local teams rather than so called fans who jump on the fairweather fan bandwagon and support one of the big successfull clubs. People who want to fight about football are ''saaaaad'' to say the least, like the t**ts a couple of seasons ago coming back from a spineless 3-0 mauling at little Colchester arranging a fight with Ips**T fans at Ipswich station - After such a crap lacking fight performance the last thing I wanted to do that day was fight about NCFC!   Its the few idiots like these who attach themselves to the clubs name that means we need a larger than usual police presense at games so that the vast majority of sane fans can avoid getting into un neccessary bother.   Yes we all enjoy beating the Scummers and putting one over our Suffolk neighbours but this Derby thing is blown way out of proportion. The media do this by saying stupid things like - fans don''t care if Norwich lose every game as long as they beat Ipswich - I would cause we''d be relegated with a record low points total of 6 points!    I think if any sane fan had the choice of losing both Derby games but getting promoted of winning both Derby games and not going up they would opt for the 1st choice!
  11. Would do a short term job, but I wouldn''t be bothered if we didn''t get him!   Dublin was one of our best players in his 2 seasons with us. Worthy in his wisdom wouldn''t sign Sutton cause of his age then went onto sign the older Dublin and Sutton went to Aston Villa who came 7th in the Premiership that season!   I don''t have a problem with older players on the way down as long as they can still do a job which is why I''m still fuming about the way to premature exit of one of the best Norwich players of the last 30 years Mr Huckerby!   I''ll be annoyed if after letting the still good enough Hucks go presumably cause of his expensive contract and age we sign Andy Cole, Matt Jackson which has been mentioned and spend loads on the gamble that would be Mr 5 goals in 2 seasons Ameobi!   If your good enough then bo**ocks to how old you are!
  12. It disgusts me that in this day and age of little or next to no football related trouble at either Norwich or the Essex reject boys the the East Anglian derby games are switched!   All you get at either game is a group of teenage lads who probably didn''t even go to the game shouting your Sh*t at fans as there safely on the other side of the station or behind the huge police presence - And to be honest the last couple of Norwich performances at Portakabin Road have been exactly that so I agreed with them totally. I''m certainly not going to get violent about it when the team has show little fight on the pitch!   The police tend to go over the top and make situations worse than would be otherwise such as not letting Norwich fans onto Lowestoft trains when they know that theres lots of Canary fans in that area and they travelled to the game on the very same line and holding Norwich fans at Ipsh*T station for so long they end up with huge conjestion at the ageing Portakabin Road away turnstiles and people struggling to get in for the kick off.   Other than that and the fact that despite the huge police presense outside, once in the ground away fans use the same refreshment facilities as home fans and can buy tickets in home areas then once in the ground can switch to the away end I agree wholeheartedly with the strong police presense. - Although one underhand reason for coppers changing to Sunday is so that they can get double time - a point that made to me by an attractive female copper at the recent Portakabin Road game!   But with the changes in pub, bar, club opening times, shopping centres being open on a Sunday and with the heavy police presense there is no good reason why Derby games can''t be played on a Saturday, No one likes Sunday football cause the atmosphere is dead compared to the proper Saturday afternoon and the fact that Norwich rarely perform on a Sunday. If games have to be changed then why not move them to Friday nights where you''d get a great atmosphere like we had at Carrow Road in the late 90''s when we beat them 3-1!   Another thing that makes the local police moving the Derby games to Sunday seem very over the top is the fact that Arsenal/Spurs, Rangers/Celtic and other Derby games around Britain are played on a Saturday!   - Now your not not telling me that Norwich/Ipswich is more high risk than those 2 Derby clashes!   Like the banning of proper terraces where people can stand (and theres thousands including youngsters who do!) moving the Derby games to Sundays stinks cause theres no good reason to do it!
  13. This season Martin will be drinking in the last chance saloon (thats if he hasn''t been banned from it!!) pardon the pun!.   If he can replicate his form of 2 seasons ago then he will be worth persevering with for longer if not then the club will have to get shot cause its been painfull watching messrs Henderson and Ryan Jarvis each get 2 seasons longer than they deserved while others more talented like Crow and most notably Paul Hayes were given little time!   If Martin isn''t playing then he will need to go out on loan, which will help him more than the friendlies the reserve team will be playing!
  14. [quote user="Tookie140"] I''ve heard that Glenn Roeder is gonna annonced 4 or 5 signings at once. Also i heard we have signed Martin Taylor. [/quote]   I hope your right but I won''t be holding my breath!
  15. I hate the MK Dons more than any other club cause I detest the franchise nature of how they began, totally wrong!   Much as I don''t like the S**m, I''ve more respect for anyone that follows their local team rather than the gloryhunter fans who follow one of the top 4 and who probably have only been to a handful of games in their life and have no affinity with the area of the big club they claim to support! - Yes if I''d of been born and breed in the South Suffolk or North Essex area I''d of probably been a sc**mer!
  16. I know a Canary fan who was with his father when he was taken ill, rushed to hospital, then decided to travel to the other side of the Country to watch Norwich play all in the same day!   Another person I know attened a game a Carrow Road under 48 after undergoing a hernia op!
  17. Its still a little early but I too share your concerns!   After Dublins retirement, the ludicrous release of the still good enough Hucks, the rightful release of a lot of deadwood and the loanees returning we have a very threadbare squad with maybe even more leaving!   We need 7-8 good players signed. If the board tries to scrimp on transfers we''ll be one of the favourites to go down as currently we''re weaker than last season when we only avoided relegation in the penultimate game.   I know every period is important but it seems we are now at a crossroads stage where the signings this summer whether good or bad will make or break us. We''re a big club but big clubs if they aren''t good enough go down as we''ve seen with Shef Wed, Man City, Forest, Leeds and recently Leicester. The board also needs to know that the huge fan base they enjoy needs to be rewarded for their unbelievable loyalty and that much more failiure and the crowds will not keep on getting oveer the 24,000 mark!
  18. [quote user="gary "] this game/club needs to be boycotted - as a protest against franchising !!! If you do go , buy nothing in or around the ground It has ahppened once it will happen again   [/quote]   Here, Here!   I hate everything the MK Dons stand for!
  19. We are threadbare so letting Doc go whos one of our best players (apart from scoring goals hes a solid stopper!) DESPITE a lot of fans denying this fact, would not be good news!
  20. [quote user="1st Wazzock"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Jim Duffy"][quote user="Jameswallis"]   However i feel the board need to realise people won''t keep on renewing if this ''hope'' that they have under Roeder turns to nothing [/quote] You could not be more wrong. Delia will squeeze at least another 5 years of unquestioning loyalty from the long-decayed spectre of Nigel Worthington''s reign, Darren Huckerby''s festive unveiling and little Norwich''s last-gasp Premier League collapse. [/quote] I wonder if the board realise why people who keep renewing do so [:^)] I renew because I enjoy going to watch my team play. I would enjoy it more if we were more succesful and would enjoy it less if we were less succesful. The only two things that would stop me renewing would be ill health or not being able to afford it. At present I would always find £30  a month for something I really enjoy doing. What makes you posters on this thread continually renew [:^)]   [/quote] I renew for EXACTLY the same reasons you have said. I enjoy going to watch the team I support. What other reason is there.....? [/quote]   Me too, I love the Carrow Road home matchday experience and go cause its in my blood and if I stopped I''d only be listening to radio Norfolk wishing I was at the game. but it doesn''t mean that I happy with the current state of the club which as we all know could be far better!   Its amazing that we have so much support when we''ve been so poor and the board seem reluctant to to have a real good go at going up!   I feel this amzing level of loyalty has been taken for granted for the board who assume that we''ll always get 24,000+ at every home game. But I think a similar struggle next season will see some of the bandwagon jumpers of the last 8 years say enough is enough. I''ll always got to home games good or bad cause thats what I''ve always done but many others are not as tolerant!   Look at the current squad remaining at Carrow Road and you don''t have to be an expert to see that unless we get at least 7 decent players, not others throwouts or young out of their depth premiership loaness we are likely to struggle big time!
  21. Ameobis scored 5 goals in 2 seasons, so is not worth the sort of money Newcastle are looking for and his wages would be very excessive. Given that either affordability or personality clashes were the reasons for Hucks departure getting a Premiership big time Charlie whos on huge wages by our standards and isn''t that good would indeed be double standards.   One things for sure we are threadbare and need a lot of reinforcements!
  22. Your right, Eagles is very very unlikely to ever make the grade while Lappin although physically lacking is very cultured and has produced the goods for Norwich a few times so therefore would be the better bet. But Eagles probably on very low wages for a pro footballer while Lappin would be on a lot more?
  23. I''m sure Mat Jackson would do OK for a season AS BACK UP ONLY but hes not the sort of signing I want to see at this club who''ve just sold 20,000 season tickets.   Comon messrs Doncaster and co - To much fannying about and you''ll lose support and the clubs Championship status!
  24. [quote user="GJP"] As I''ve said more times than I can remember I really don''t think the Doc as anywhere near as bad as people think or even as bad as they would like him to be. He''s a pretty good defender at this level. [/quote]   Precisely!   We can''t afford to let any of our better players go cause our squad is so weak and down on numbers. The Doc must stay!
  25. [quote user="jjjohnny"]simon lappin is in the worst 10 players norwich have ever had FACT[/quote]   Whilst I''d agree Lappin wouldn''t get near to getting into Norwichs greatest ever he certainly also doesn''t get near to the worst 10 players ever either!   Hes skillfull and has a cultured left foot but his lack of pace is what holds him back, though he''d still make a better squad player than most of what we saw last season and what we''ve got now!   Some of the worst performing Norwich players I''ve seen -       Rossi Jarvis, Ian Henderson, James Henry, John Hartson, Keiron Gibbs, Dean Coney, Fernando Derveld, Cedric Anselin, Johnny Wright, Simon Tracey, Muzinic, De Blaisis, Raymond Develd, Patrick Boyle, Shaun Carey, Chris Lewellyn, the Northern based coloured player we had in 2005-06 whos been everywhere since then and many more that I''ve forgotton! - you might get a struggling Ridgeons League team out of that lot!
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