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  1. Smudger I''ve been spectating at Carrow Road since the early 80''s. Just cause people chose to go to home games doesn''t mean they are happy with Norwichs current predicament. Indeed if I took your atitude and stopped going dutring lean times then I''d of stopped going during the following periods -   83/84 - to inconsistent stopped going just after halfway.    84/85 I''d of been annoyed at the sides inconsistencey and stopped going.   85/86 After the narrow relegation I''d of missed half this season only going from the haly way point jumping on the bandwagon cause we looked good to go up.   87/88 During the early struggles I''d of said bugger it and not gone again.   88/89 I''d of missed the opening period, again starting going again when it looked like norwich would do well.   89/90 After about half way I''d of got frustrated at Norwichs inconsistency and stopped for rest of the campaign.   90/91 - Players sold at the start of the season, poor start so I wouldn''t of bothered going all season..   91/92 - Uninspiring start though I''d of started going again cause of the good cup run though I''d of missed the latter league games cause we looked like going down.    92/93 - Reserve manager in charge, Fleck sold, relegation certainties according to the pundits - Would of missed most of the early campaign though with norwich doing surprisingly well I''d of jumped back onto the bandwagon again.   93/94 - Great days in 1st half of season, UEFA cup run good league form. Walkers exit and drop in form 2nd half meant I''d give 2nd half of season a miss.   94/95 - Sutton sold so I''m not going at all. Bad 2nd half of season leading to relegation so I don''t go at all this season.   95/96 - Relegation, 2nd tier football, Chase protests, give this one a miss.   96/97 - Walker back so go to early games. Drop in form 2nd half of season means I give it a miss.   97/98 - Preseason uninspring, proving correct in season so don''t go this year.   98/99 - New management, fresh hopes so go for 3/4s of season till form runs out.   99/00 - New management of previous season not living up to expectations so start drifting away again.   00/01 Hamilton on his own is uninspiring, leading to Worthy coming in 2nd half to steer us away from relegation. Give up going after early games.   01/02 Give early part a miss but start again when Norwich get going on a play off run.   02/03 - renewed enthusiasm means I go for 3/4''s of season until promotion hopes wither.   03/04 - Don''t start going until hucks and Crouch signed then stay for promotion campaign in which we''re undoubtedly the best team in ther league but have a lot of good luck on the way such as few injuries and everything else dropping for us.   04/05 Go most of season casue of premiership footy but miss a few in middle of campaign as Norwich look relegation certs.   05/06 - Promotion favs, go early part then lose interest after half way.   06/07 -  Don''t bother cause of a lack of signings. Go for a little while when Grant is appointed but big injuries mean we struggle so I don''t bother.   Christ you must of missed hundreds of games over the years Smudger, beings the club has regularly not lived up to your expectations!   Obviously on the field to many performances like the Wolves game and Sheffield Wednesday over the next month and I feel Grant will have to go, no other option.    I believe the players we have at the club are capable of beating anything in this League on their day but am totally unconvinced that Grant is the man to lead them.   Believe me Iam more loyal than most when it comes following NCFC but this season is testing my patience to the full.   I believe the board do want the best for club but we have no god given right to win games and sometimes all the best made plans don''t work!   I agree Smudger that maybe the board have to look at things and ask if they need to move aside to allow the club to progress, but then again no ones got a crystal ball and can see whats going to happen in the future. Though is there anyone out there who could do a better job?   Quite simply I think our club is the best shape its ever been in, in every department apart from the one big important one the team!     But whatever I''ll always go to home games cause Iam a fan who follows my club through thich and thin and I''m wise enough to know that in football the dividing line between success and failure is minute and things soon change. And when success does come to your club going during the lean periods makes the success even sweeter! 
  2. The ideal replacement for Peter Grant is already at the club and he is already managing the team in an unofficial role if you watch him closely on the pitch -   Dion Dublin.
  3. Murray, Docherty and Marshall can come out of Saturdays game with their head held high. We were overrun in midfield - Jarvis like his brother nice touch, can play the ball about but is never going to be quick enough or strong enough to make it, Lappin again a fine player with the ball at his feet but not quick enough. Spillane done a good job, skillfull and was getting stuck into the opposition. If his substitution wasn''t down to injury or to prevent him picking up a yellow card then that was ridiculous. Why oh why was Russell dropped? - He would of cut out much of the space that Wednesday had. Up front was a shambles, none of the players seemed to know what they were supposed to be doing. Hucks looks not on the pace and is living on his name. Brown plenty of effort but he went everywhere in the 1st half bar centreforward and doesn''t even look like scoring. Cureton relys on flick ons and loose balls in the box but is getting neither. Then he was having to compete for high ball and run out of position to get the ball. When he did get the ball he was isolated from his team mates.   Tactically we were a mess. If we play like that on Tues we''ll lose simple as. Many more performances like that and there will be no option but to get rid of Grant.   I''m sure the board din''t appoint Grant with the intention of him being as failure, but they have made errors. If some investors who could take the club forward bought in then great otherwise the current board would have to do.   Grant now has in my opinion 2 games to turn things around. Scunthorpe though doing well are eminnows at this level and QPR are just outright poor. Two crap performances and defeats against these 2 and Grant would have to walk.    
  4. Can''t argue with that! A terrible spineless, clueless performance! If we play like that Tuesday night we''ll lose again and probably by more as Scunthorpe are better than Sheffield Wednesday. Grant cannot stay if theirs many more performances like that!
  5. No, way to early for anything like that! 46 game League season and we aren''t into October just yet! A bit of a fashion craze after the infamous ''Worty out'' campaign which I was a part of going to the St Andrews Hall meeting and taking part in demos outside the City stand including after the Burnley game where Worthy finally got the push! Difference with Worthy was that he stayed a year to long which is why the protests were completely justified. Grant has made mistakes (which anyone would of done) but hes also done some good things like getting rid of most of the deadwood and bringing in players who want to play for the shirt ( selling Etuhu for a highly overinflated price and replacing him with Russell who over the course of a season I believe will be better than Etuhu is a good example). When he came in last season in very difficult circumstances I don''t believe any other manager would of done any different. Unless things completely collapse this season and we are in struggling at the wrong end of table come January/February then Grant needs the whole of this season to see if he can realise our massive potential. Believe me noone is more pi**ed of than me about Norwich Citys continued underachieving. I''m glad I missed out on Wolves last week but I was pissed of at Charlton with the team formation cause although I believe Charlton are one of the best teams in the Division, they wern''t that great and we could of  got a result there if we''d of went there in an attacking mode and played our best team. Huckerbys comments last weekend were completely true but whether it was wise to go public with them is debatable. But hes been one of the weak players this season, playing nowhere near his brilliant best. Spillane has to play on Saturday if Grant has any sense
  6. I respect Chris Brown for his effort but unfortunately he doesn''t look good enough.   He doesn''t win enough and his anticipation is dire always in the wrong place at the wrong time.   Its unfair to compare him with Cureton casue Curetons an instintive, in the right place  prolific goalscorer who cause of his height isn''t going to win very much. You have to ask why Sunderland sold him to us for peanuts in the first place!
  7. Yes he did totally ridiculous!   If a player celebrates by inciting the opposing supporters then fine book him but celebrating with your own fans - NO!   The reason why we all go to football, companies sponsor football clubs and TV companies invest a lot of money into football is cause of the passion. Take that away and footballl would struggle. Obviously scoring your first goal for your new club after a difficult start as Strihavka did yesterday is going to mean a sudden burst of positive emotion/passion.   The absolute bollocks of this ruling was sumed up perfectly when Freedman kicked (I thought he knew what he was doing) Marshall in the head in front of the Barclay when the ball wasn''t there to be won as Marshall had the ball held with both hands and din''t get booked and the ref ended up lecturing Marshall for reacting to the challenge!
  8. Have to agree unfortunately. Although Chadwick looks skillfull theirs no end product. Needs to start producing at some point this seasno or he will soon strat drifting down the pro game!
  9. I''d say our backline is crap particularly one notable centre back at the moment but to generalise the whole team as crap is way over the top! Your prediction of another unfulfilled season is one possible scanario, but such is the nature of this league and the quality our squad has I feel we will finish somewhere between 4th and 18th. The unbelieveable amount of injuries may mess us up like last year but please at this moment in time such huge amounts of negativity is silly! Too many fans look back at our title winning campaign 3 and bit years ago with rose tints specs. Yes we were the best team that year but we also had every bit of luck going with lots of  lucky 1 goal victories, decisions going our way and only one major injury poor old Zema Abbey which actually improved the side as he wasn''t good enough! If we have that same amount luck and lack of injuries this time around then we are capable of seriously challenging for a play off place!
  10. After 20 minutes or so in the reserve game Hucks resumed normal service. On Tuesday at Rochdale he was a constant menace to the home sides defence. The goal came from a free kick after Hucks was brought down! He comfortably played the whole game, extra time and took a good penalty in the shoot out! Great to have him back and he will provide another attacking route, an extra dimension that we haven''t had when hes been missing!
  11. Joe Lewis isn''t yet good enough to be playing for Norwich, so sending him out on loan to a league club is far better than him getting the odd outing for the reserves in their micky mouse league! Whether he will get good enough is debatable. I''ve watched him in the reserves and youth and while he looks capable, he isn''t as wonderful as what hes been made out to be. Thats how it is simple and short! Please stop all the negativity it gets a little bit tedious!
  12. I think every NCFC fan wishes the hotel corner would of been filled in with seats. In a perfect world it would of done with a hotel bolted onto the back and I''m sure it would of done had we of lasted longer than one season in the Premiership. But the harsh reality is that financial common sense kicked in and the money we made from the sale of the land actually helped to finance the Jarold/River end infill and didn''t drain money out of the club which putting around 1700 extra seats in this corner of which I suspect nearly half would of been out of bounds due to segregation issues would of done! Anyway as it is the ground capscity could be (after a few years consolidation in the premiership) increased to 35,000+ with upper tiers added to the Jarold stand and City stand. Also with the growing calls for a return to standing areas its possible the ground capacity could increase further this way if the Barclay lower tier and River End lower tiers were converted back to terraces.
  13. It was going to happen eventually. Suppose it will make the area look a lot nicer. Hopefully Laurence Scott can keep going elsewhere in the area. I only hope that the club have got the foresight and ambition to allow for the Jarold stand to be extended if it ever becomes neccessary to do so. The City stand will be double deckered and then the corners filled in if we have a sustained period in the Premiership. This would take capacity up to about 31/32,000 which I think we could fill regularly in the Premiership. But obviously if we kept on selling out 31/32,000 regularly in the premiership then the need would arise for extra capacity. I''ve been told that the  Jarold stand can be extended with another tier, but would only happen  if the before mentioned occurred.  I think Norwich are capable of sustaining a stadium holding 35/36,000 particularly in the Premiership, so hopefully the Jarold stand can still be extended even after all the flats have been built behind it?
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