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  1. Yes I agree that some people will never be satisfied but after 4 years of downward spiral and near constant struggle its understandable that some people are questioning this years team which if we''re being honest doesn''t look convincing although I admit its still early days!   From what I''ve seen of the team so far and I''ve only missed two games - Norwich are not far of having a side capable of seriously challenging the top of the table but at the moment we are powderpuff attack wise and unless this gets sorted we will struggle and Roeder will come under pressure.   We get to edge of the 18 yeard box and just stop. We haven''t got consistent wingers, Hoolahans not a wide player which means not much is being produced down the left and Croft rarely produces instead trying to run to the corner flag instead of simply crossing the ball in to the box. We''ve now got our strong targetman in Sibierski who Lupoli and Cureton can feed on in the box if planks like Croft can start putting more crosses in. We do not put enough pressure on the oppositions 6 yard box which is where most goals are scored. The release of Hucks who was still by far our best attacking player despite a below par season by his standards was ridiculous and no doubt flamed by Roeders personal feelings rather than a football move. Hucks would of made a big improvement to our attack this year.
  2. Lets hope all these rumours about Cullum are true cause its quite obvious that Delia and her husband have taken us as far as they can although I''m grateful for what they''ve done I think they need to get out sooner rather than later!   In this day and age Delia and Michael are poor millionaires in terms of the finance needed to run football clubs!   Theres something going on, what with all the speculation, Doncaster admitting that talks are in place, the deafly silence from Delia and Michael and the Turners departure for reasons that we have not been told about!   As for Roeder well we''ve been through too much upheavel in the past few years so I think we need to give him time but he won''t get time unless the team improves I''m afraid to say.   - As much as what we''ve improved the defence and the midfield the team are still very poor in the final 3rd of the pitch and seem obsessed with trying to overpass and run the ball into the net. If this doesn''t improve we''ll be nearer the bottom than the top!   The lack of attacking impetus gets fans immediately thinking of one of our best ever attacking players who Roeder thought good to let go - Releasing Darren Huckerby was a terrible misjudgement on Roeders part. We could of done without Eagle whos never going to play and the very raw Koroma whos not good enough and kept Hucks.   I fear this massive error from Roeder will comeback to haunt him!
  3. One area per ground!   Home fans only!   Area at the front of the stand where people can get into and exit the ground!   No perimeter fences or pens!   As as existing aisles, tweo aisle at the ends of the terraces area!   Each supporter gets there only personal designated barrier to stand against!
  4. Yes we should!   16 and a half years since standing areas were made all seater at Carrow Road and fans in the Barclay would rather stand and that includes fans who were too young to remember terraces at Carrow Road!   The Taylor report was neccessary cause ground safety and quality have improved but this could still been achieved with standing areas. The Hillsborough disaster was caused by a number of factors of which terraces wern''t one of them!   With the huge amounts of money be flung at the game now particularly the top flight, clubs should be looking to give some things back to the fans!   I don''t think that in standard areas noone should be paying more than £20 a game to watch and standing areas should be brought back for home fans only!   Terracing works in the German Bundesliga which is a better supported league than our Premiership!
  5. Croft can produce some great play but very rarely does that.   Last night he put in 2 or 3 good crosses then otherwise he played his usual game of either passing back or trying to run to the corner flag!   He has to be told to be more direct and put in crosses when theres yellow shirts waiting in the box.   All in all we are a very poor attacking side. Yes we are better in defence and spray the ball around good a lot of the time but until we get more direct in the final 3rd we won''t do anything. Sibierski made a differencde but we were still not getting the to him in the box.   Glen made a massive decision in letting Hucks go who would of still been our best wide player by some distance. Hucks would of improved our display last night. Roeder got this big decision massively wrong!
  6. Koromas just a headless chicken!   Eagle will never make the grade at Norwich as long as hes got a hole in his backside!   Therefore no point in signing either!   Keeping Huckerby and not having Koroma and Eagle would of proved much more successfull even though it may of cost more!
  7. Yeah team not quite right which the crowd can sense which produces the poor atmosphere we had at the Blackpool game, the poorest atmosphere at the opening home game at Carrow road I''ve heard for a long time. Blackpool were a very poor team and nearly came away with 3 pts which says it all really!   The crowds reaction at the Blackpool game to me is the biggest indicator of what the fans are thinking about the team. There were some who were trying to be positive but we all know somethings not right!
  8. End of the day who is there out there who we can sign and the sort of player who most fans would like to see come in probably isn''t going to come looking at our recent transfer activity and the fact we won''t spend any money!   The legend that is Iwan Roberts was an excellent header of the ball, could hold it up, could pass the ball and scored goals. - Thats exactly what we need now a player of Iwan ilk but I''d say a player of the similar ability level now would be out of our reach financially unless we can unearth a gem somewhere!
  9. Scowcroft or Alan Lee although binners would improve our forward line end of as they can hold the ball up and compete for high balls with big tall defenders, something we are lacking at present!   But like some have said this is just a journalist speculating, nowt more!
  10. I think QPR would go for a bigger name and younger one at that than Roeder!   I think this is probably the last or one of Roeders last managerial jobs. This is why I think hes knows about our financial situation and hes prepared to tolerate it cause afterall hes not going to go to a bigger and better club at his age having been around for a long time already!   Yes we are weak going forward, not just a centre forward but consistent winger and we have a good attacking midfielder in Russell who Roeder doesn''t want to play instead preferring to play 2 defensive midfielders in Fotheringham and Clingan who don''t push forward enough!   Brown was not a success while with us but hes the sort of player who''d improve us at the moment as he can compete in the air, hold the ball up and is strong!   I think we are stronger at the back, have more options in midfield if Roeder used them, but are weaker in attack which makes the release of Hucks look more ridiculous every game we play!    
  11. Here, Here my thoughts exactly!                              Board are past their sell by date and Roeders decisions like crap loanees, getting rid of one of our best attackers ever when we still need him and not playing Russell who should be an automatic choice make things at Carrow Rd very very tiring at present!
  12. I doubt it would happen anyway but we could do worse!
  13. Part of our problem this season has been that Clingan and Fotheringham are both holding midfielders and both haven''t got the running in them to be attacking midfielders!   This is why I find it crazy that the one such midfielder we have who can do this hasn''t been starting in midfield, Russell!   Fotheringham would be OK alongside Russell in midfield but not with Clingan as tyhey are too similar!
  14. Lineker was very correct, afterall he was one hell of a striker and not the tallest!   I''ve said all along although a big player with good aeriel ability would be advantagious, we are lacking wingers who come up with the goods consistently and our general attitiude to attacking is not direct enough. Croft on Saturday actually produced the goods for a change and put in some decent crosses which led to Lupolis great 2nd goal but he doesn''t do that enough. Also we are playing nice football in front of the opposition but aren''t putting them under pressure by getting behind them. We need more consistancy from croft and hope that Bells as good as what some are saying but we still miss that winger who can regularly run at defenses and put in good crosses, assists and score goals!   Ah but I remember we released one such player at the end of last season whos now plying his trade for the Earthquakes in the USA!
  15. Lupoli has to start after his heroices at Cardiff and Russell has to stay in up front cause he adds a physical presense and never stops trying and make things happen!
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