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  1. I have to say I live in the South-East and I don''t agree with that, we are quite a well respected club by others are fan base is beginning to be recognised and most half intelligent people know Norwich is in East Anglia its on the national weather map!. You have to also realise that the East of England is now the fastest growing part of the country and becoming one of the wealthiest that has only occurred over the last 15 years or so it, causing our potential to grow. It takes a while for perception to catch up with reality. Of course we are a small club compared with the top four and several others with national fan bases or based in big cities(Villa, Spurs, Newcastle, Leeds) but aside from those we are certainly one of the larger clubs around. If we got established in the Premiership we could move on another level there is Cambridgeshire without a league club and given the correct marketing and a successful side we could win over a share of that area (much like Charlton have attempted to do in Kent).
  2. Norwich is a fair bit bigger than 121553 most of the northern suburbs Sprowston etc. are actually in Broadland but are definitely part of the city so the population of Norwich as in the city not the council is just over 200,000 so similar to Wolverhampton.
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