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  1. It seems the natural progression if you cant keep Morrison and co. quiet to think you'd have a better chance against Salah, Hazard and Aguero! :) In all seriousness, good luck to him if he manages to win Farke round then I am on board...
  2. Good video... Made me relive my memories of that day (wish I had a video diary too!). I just managed to film the last moments of the game to see the final whistle and the players rush the pitch... Great day, great video, fantastic memories! OTBC for next year, under AN we really can hold our own... Roll on next season, bring on the big league! Lets Be Avin You!
  3. Lol, I see the typo, but I see no edit button! Oh well, I think its easy enough to understand where the ticket is :) I am perfectly calm Lessingham, I just don''t have much time for someone like the other guy who''s only aim is to belittle the initial post. I actually found how petty he was mildly amusing. Just to recap, if anyone is interested and thinks that the £25 is too high then make me a reasonable offer as its going to waste as things stand...
  4. [quote user="Mr Jenkins"]canary86 wrote the following post at 01/05/2015 3:00 PM: I don''t think so fella. Unless the ticket office is now printing tickets with different prices to what they charge people... Stay calm my man, if your other tickets'' also for the Avava I would consider staying at home.[/quote] I am struggling to realise why you may be posting here? Either you are interested in the ticket, in which case by all means comment, pm me or whatever. Or you aren''t interested, in which case I politely ask that you keep quiet and don''t refer to being ripped off... I hope you have the intellect to realise why suggesting that I had been ripped off, and that I may be passing that perceived ''bad deal'' onto others may result in a heated reply... Especially when you are factually way wide of the mark; 1) The price I paid for the ticket is printed on it so nobody is ''ripping me off''. 2) The price printed on the ticket is irrelevant, as I wasn''t asking for that price at all. 3) It is rare that you will get an adult ticket to Carrow Road in any stand for less that the £25 I asked for, so I REALLY don''t understand what your point is?
  5. I don''t think so fella. Unless the ticket office is now printing tickets with different prices to what they charge people... Either way, I wasn''t asking for the price printed on the ticket and charged to me as I have another ticket and will be going to the game anyway. I would just prefer if the ticket went to a fan who missed out on getting one... Thanks for your insightful input though.
  6. I have one ticket available for the Aviva Community Stand, Lower Tier for Fulham tomorrow if anyone is interested? Cost me £33, I''ll take £25 for it... PM me if interested
  7. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]Its weird how we could play a complete back line of loan players.[/quote]   Stefanovic is ours isnt he?  
  8. Nice offer Jas, but I will have to decline... I hate the thing to be honest, but I know its worth a lot more than that. Funny offer though... lol
  9. Lol, thi sis fast becoming an off topic thread but what the hell... I have something I have tried to sell on ebay before but nobody matched my reserve. Is anyone interested in wrestling, and in particular a framed autograph of Stone Cold Steve Austin? Tis genuine with proof of authenticity... Anyone interested let me know and I will stick it up in the web again... Thought I would get in on the advertising here  :)  
  10. [quote user="Carrow Roeder"]And no striker... hmm... Maybe Glenn''s left his watch to the Swedish time zone and forgot to change it on the way back home![/quote]   Are Swedish hours longer than English ones? lol... sorry couldnt resist...  
  11. Think of the best couple of sides in the Championship next season... you know the ones that you think will give any team ( us included ) a really good game if not beat them. Now think... do they have a £16.5m striker? ... NO                     do they have an attacking player who in his last competitive match scored a hat-trick for Barca? ... NO                     do they have a team with England fringe players / England U21''s in?.... NO                     are they the current holders of the carling cup..... NO         All you have to put it down to is that Spurs are premiership class... and with the signings they have made are going to do VERY well this season. Dont panic about the season, I dont think we have a brilliant side this season but I think we are a far better side than last season.  
  12. I must say I believe him aswel. Delia cant expect anything other than discontent from the fans, after all she said that if she turned down an offer from a billionaire who wanted to put 20m into the club on the playing side the fans wouldnt forgive her. She said this on that radoio interview that was posted on here a few weeks ago. Oh well, hopeffuly it wil happen some time. Delia interview  If anyone missed it the first time it was posted.
  13. I think that it should be - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHPOzQzk9Qo   
  14. Its my mouse mat  :)   Yeah its old and predictable but its still funny.
  15. lol yeah, "ticket"... I make some daft typos at times. Infact in typing this I almost said tickey.... lol
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