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  1. 1 hour ago, Christoph Stiepermann said:

    Erm, we're going to spend 9 Million on Gibson and 7 on Giannoulis if we go up. So yeah 8 Million is a lot for us but it's not like we'll never spend that again. For what its worth i don't think Olise would join us anyway, I think he'll go to a more established mid table PL team. It'll prob be a case of a few of them meeting the release clause then the bidding will be determined by his wages and there's no chance we'd match other clubs there

    While I’m not one for Mr Smith’s general point that the club under its current ownership won’t spend £8 million on one player, as Mr Stieperman has pointed out, making a bid to match his buyout clause now in the January transfer window would be a typical crafty Webber type move.

    January traditionally is not a window for strategic buys as values are inflated, but that doesn’t apply in this case with a buyout clause. There probably won’t be too many other bidders unless someone really wants him. So *if we want him* now would seem to be a good time to try and get him. The fact that (as far as we know) we haven’t would suggest either that we don’t rate him that highly, or maybe his agent is playing the long game and hoping a bidding war in the summer will result in a better deal.

  2. 13 hours ago, paddycanary said:

    I'd expect Lungi to start the game at LB and maybe move into the middle when one of Quintilla or Giannoulis comes on for the last 20mins to replace Rupp. The only other real question then is Vrancic or Dowell and going by recent performances, Mario will probably get the nod. Dowell for the last 15mins. We do have a nice bench at the moment. Pukki also unlikely to play the 90, could well finish the game with no striker, possibly Placheta & Onel to replace Cantwell & Pukki.

    PM me if you want to know the full time score in advance. 

    This seems the likely option to me. We know Farke is conservative about changing a winning team, so I’d expect just to see Rupp in Kenny’s place when we kick-off as an enforced swap.

    What’s more interesting is who he brings on if the game is going our way. As Paddy says, I think he’ll probably introduce Giannoulis later and on move Sorensen to the middle to replace Rupp, as 90 minutes for him might be too much to expect, and we need Jacob to get comfortable playing in his correct position. Two birds, one stone, hopefully without too much risk. Of course, if we’re not winning with 25 minutes to go, it looks very different.

    I’d love to see Onel get some more time too, he was been a real weapon in the past two seasons, but like a lot of the squad, he does need time in order to get match fit. Mario would be the obvious player for him to replace with Emi more central, partly because Emi always looks like he’s going to hit someone when he gets subbed!


  3. 32 minutes ago, GenerationA47 said:

    Luckily, here’s a true expert to tell us

    “No distinctive ... smell. Hm, quite nice. Very creamy”*

     *nobody tell him it’s because it’s canned

    Greene King are not popular with real ale aficionados, seen as a corporate money making business amongst the many smaller breweries doing it for the love of the product.  

    Having said that, I do enjoy the occasional pint of Abbott, partly from nostalgia. Their IPA is weak, literally and taste-wise though.

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