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  1. Hopefully those changes for Blackburn will help us. They weren’t doing much wrong before.
  2. Ref has a blind spot where Teemu is concerned. Pushed over, pulled back and elbowed in the face, and fouls are given against him!
  3. True, but we still had a problem with the more prosaic sides in the PL, in a different way. We could beat Man City, but lost to the Palaces, Burnleys etc.
  4. Let’s hope so. Bournemouth’s goal difference is twice our now. (16 to 8 )
  5. That had been the story of Farke’s time here. Play well against the teams who play football, struggle against the more workman-like approach. Until this season at least, when we seem to be able to find a way no matter who we play. (So far at least)
  6. Blackburn with more possession than us. Doesn’t happen often.
  7. It’s probably me, but it feels like we keep it far too close our own goal sometimes. The frequent passing to and from the keeper never sits well with me.
  8. I rarely if ever agreed with you last season CW, but you’ve written my post for me here (except you’ve missed out Teemu).
  9. Not saying stats are everything, but who is on top above? Nuff said.
  10. 3 point gap to second now. Would be nice to improve the goal difference a bit more but points first.
  11. We all see what we want to see. I thought he had some real quality on the ball.
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