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  1. 11 minutes ago, hogesar said:

    If Farke done these things you said he should do on top of what he already does and it produced what you claim it would have produced then Farke wouldn't be managing us, he'd be managing Barcelona, or better.

    Exactly, these things appear obvious in hindsight - while still being completely unproven.


    Posters always clamour for subs on here after about 60 minutes. It doesn’t mean they would actually make a difference.

  2. Just now, TheGunnShow said:

    The really funny thing is, Przemyslaw isn't that hard to pronounce. Polish is a phonetic language, just we Brits aren't used to the sounds.

    I like how Buendia's committed to staying with us by throwing in misguided red cards here and there just to make it look he's an undisciplined oaf and just to turn off bigger teams. 😉

    It wasn’t funny the last match they did it, even less so to hear it repeated a couple of weeks later.

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