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  1. I think your comment on the Reading match thread also applies here Jim.
  2. I know, reading that list of the players in their squad with a one line positive comment on each made me laugh. Like every supporter couldn't do that for their team - or indeed the opposite. I expected to find they were a mix of Percy positives, negatives Nancies and a few more level headed posters like on most message boards, but the overwhelming mood in that thread was arrogance. How many PL teams have been relegated over previous years and were confident they still had the quality to go straight back up? Let's see where we all are at the end of the season, but right now we are 3 points to the good.
  3. You beat me to it Corkie. Good poster, not sure how long they have been around but definitely improves the board. from me.
  4. I think I can see contact, Max fairly clearly gets his foot clipped. But, should there be some magical way of proving it, I could also believe it if it turned out that I was wrong and there was no contact. What I do have trouble believing is the number of people who are adamant that it wasn't a pen when none of us really know. None of the camera angles show enough to prove it one way or another. Having said that, Max holding his shin rather than his foot doesn't help the case.
  5. For those saying you'd be happy with the play-offs, does that include if we subsequently lost and didn't get promoted? I'm surprised if so. From where we are now, that would be a massive disappointment.
  6. Every time Kenny has come on as a sub, we have improved our performance. That doesn't mean he should necessarily start, and could in part be down to fresh legs, but just because he's not flashy it doesn't mean he has nothing to add to our performance.
  7. The problem at the moment is that on-rushing midfielder has to hit the ball through 11 opposition players crowding their penalty box!
  8. There seems to be a popular view that we’ve “had” our injury crisis. AFAIK, there’s no law that says we can’t have two or three.
  9. “Heavily” - source? All I’ve seen is highly speculative nonsense, largely based on an Arsenal fan asking him to sign for them.
  10. Surely the best bit is how, when it was becoming pretty clear we were going down, he eased off so that no-one came in to buy him. Which enabled him to cement his goaty status with us with season. No?
  11. Yes! I’d forgotten that one. Even more irritated now, cheers! OT a little, but if anyone hasn’t watched the episode of Inside No 9 called “The Referee’s a ****er” really should do ASAP. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000f1t9/inside-no-9-series-5-1-the-referees-a
  12. I’ve fallen for the swear filter too. I’d better not change my username to **** said.
  13. I’m not sure I want to cooperate with anyone who likes Fairytale of New York (I have a problem with the Pogues and I just don’t get the fuss about Kirsty MacColl either), but this is *the* best Christmas song ever: It’s such a cool delivery, and captures that semi-comatose, slightly drunk relaxed vibe for me perfectly.
  14. I’m not a U2 fan, but I have always liked this cover, it lets the song work without (for me) Bono’s histrionic delivery:
  15. Anyway before TGS distracted me, I came on here to post this. The whole album is great but I absolutely love this in particular:
  16. Sh*ttyflute! I love Sh*tyyflute! I literally sent this to a friend yesterday:
  17. I’m not sure I would miss much if I blocked JK. Much of what he says isn’t wrong, but the tone and delivery is unnecessarily aggressive.
  18. I realise the US election result will have made you sad, on top of Brexit being a sh*tshow, but lighten up.
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