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  1. 26 minutes ago, CANARYKING said:

    Is it me or is every post on three times ?


    26 minutes ago, CANARYKING said:

    Is it me or is every post on three times ?


    26 minutes ago, CANARYKING said:

    Is it me or is every post on three times ?

    <You’ll have to imagine a gif here of Mrs Doyle from Father Ted holding up cards in a Bob Dylan style saying “Go on, go on, go on” as I get a -200 error trying to insert it.>


    In fact I keep getting blank pages, is the site playing up for other people?

  2. To everyone saying "take Emi off as soon as he gets a yellow" - what do you think will be one of the first instructions opposition managers give their teams if Farke is seen to be doing that?


    Far better to:

    1. Keep working with Emi to learn to keep a cool head
    2. Be very clear with the match officials before games that Emi is being targeted by teams and that we will not hesitate to complain about any unfair treatment of him, as we saw with Middlesbrough.  I think Farke has already publicly criticised a ref this season, can't remember why though.


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  3. At a minimum, I’d love to see a testimonial, but definitely worth waiting until we can fill Carrow Road for him. I thought his wife was keen to get back to Norway, which would rule out coaching with us? I’m sure he said he needed to work hard to persuade her to stay for this season.

  4. 11 minutes ago, It's Character Forming said:

    In the US it looks to me their mainstream pro sports franchises are basically a licence to print money due to salary caps, no relegation and no foreign competition for players.  They can pay really high wages for the top stars, but this only takes a fraction on the money they make so they still have huge profits for the owners.


    So with US owners coming to the Prem, I always think they have those assumptions in the back of their minds and just see the astronomical amounts coming into the club, and don't understand that it's almost impossible to have a team in the Prem long term while the owner makes a sustained profit because most of the money flows straight through to players/agents.  Normally the only way to make money from a Prem club is sell it on to some other sucker...

    This is exactly what I was thinking, reinforced by the recent nonsense that was proposed about restructuring the PL and EFL in conjunction with “solidarity” payments. That looked liked an attempt at getting the PL to more closely resemble the US model. 

    Hopefully English football can fight off the attempts at an American takeover and the Yanks will lose interest and move on elsewhere, just like the Russians and Chinese owners have when they realise owning any club other than the big six is a great way of losing money.

  5. Great article on The Athletic about him, lots of quotes from players and Alex Neil, who all say what a great character he is. I hadn’t realised Neil got close to getting him at Preston. Plus video of all the “Thunderbastards”.

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