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  1. Ironically, I clicked on this thread and got Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
  2. Let's just leave it in the spirit of the season shall we?
  3. It's not a generational thing that we will concede fewer goals with Hanley and Gibson at the back than with Godfrey and whoever.
  4. Fair enough, just watched it again and it was Hanley whom had the opposition on top of him. It's been a long week. It's Monday?
  5. I thoght this was going to be an NCFC version of Sophie's Choice. " £30 million bids come in for two players, both crucial to the team. Which one does Christophe sell, which one does he keep?" More seriously, Paddy says in his piece "respecting others opinions is a quality that has escaped from the political discourse in this country". Amen brother.
  6. Also includes a pass back to Michael "he can't play out" McGovern who, under pressure, doesn't hoof it but passes to Hanley.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Is there an application form online?
  8. I find it hard to believe that anyone disagrees with this. Ben has many admirable aspects to his play that combined with his nationality and age make his potential far greater than Gibson or Hanley. But in terms of stopping the opposition scoring once they are past the midfield, both our current centre backs are more effective.
  9. 21 minutes!? If you add up all the time taken for restarting after play has stopped - goal kicks, throw ins, free kicks etc. - you see how little time the ball is actually in play.
  10. I love Emi, especially that he genuinely seems happy to be here and isn't affected by all the transfer rumours, but pretty much every time he takes a corner or free kick I end up thinking - don't we have anyone else who could do it instead? I think that's the biggest thing we're missing while Quintilla is out.
  11. I hope you'd done your Christmas shopping before deciding on that approach Nutty? Otherwise you could be in for a panic on the 25th.
  12. It makes no sense to me, if you take the position that goals are what makes the game exciting. How many people rave about a 0-0 draw? But looking at the reaction to Leeds being tonked tonight, they are still getting appreciation because they play to attack and score goals. VAR looking for any reason to rule goals out is anti exciting football, slows it down and turns what should be a fast and skilful spectacle into a drawn out technical argument. It wouldn’t be difficult to fix IMHO. Just make the presumption in favour of the attacker unless there’s a clear reason to rule a goal out. If there isn’t a clear and obvious mistake, then the referee’s original decision stands. I can’t see anyone objecting to this surely?
  13. Very impressive! (If you can understand it )
  14. Both on iPlayer SC. Hidden is bilingual with subtitles for the language so ideal. Hinterland was originally in Welsh and remade in English, so not as helpful if you’re trying to learn it. There’s Keeping Faith as well which was remade in English and isn’t bad but not so atmospherically “Welsh”. What’s amusing is that there’s obviously a fairly small pool of Welsh speaking actors so they all pop up in different roles in each series.
  15. Oh, and just finished The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, very enjoyable.
  16. We’ve been going through a Welsh noir thing. Hidden is good and Hinterland is superb. Don’t think there’s any more in the same vein so going to move onto the Scandi versions which we missed the first time round. We’ll start with The Bridge since you recommend it Herman.
  17. I was thinking something very similar RTB. The “top 26” ambition is on reflection very shrewd as it acknowledges that no one other than Leicester is an established PL club outside the big 6. Many have tried and over time they all fail. To know this, plan for it, and give yourselves the best chance to 1) not have to sell off your best players and high earners to balance the books and hence 2) bounce back, is the pragmatic path, for any club, not just a self-funding one. Next season will be fascinating if we go up though, all about the recruitment.
  18. Exactly. I know I sound like Jerrykerry, but this thread is just pantwetting click bait.
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