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  1. I have to say I wasn’t wildly impressed with Martin when he came on. Didn’t look like he knew what he ought to be doing, control and passing were poor. I know he’s young and needs game time, but it looks from what I saw that there are others ahead of him in the queue right now.
  2. Farke will have to pick Cantwell so people can have a go at his hair/gloves/face/breathing...
  3. If I was being generous, I would say Martin is a bit rusty.
  4. We can live in hope. He’s announced a press conference, let’s hope he doesn’t do anything stupid. Quite a lot to hope for though. And Krul keeps us in it again.
  5. Well, looking a bit better now, Mumba making a difference.
  6. Keith Webb thinks we should bring on a deer?
  7. Emi is as wasteful as Stieperman at the moment.
  8. Reading losing 3-0. Honeymoon’s over.
  9. He would be top of my list if Farke was gong to change it.
  10. Harsh, he’s also done some great stuff.
  11. Rubbish, all correct decisions from what I could see
  12. Swansea back three all have a yellow now, can we exploit it?
  13. Dangerous break there from Swansea and he just kept plodding on with whatever it was he was saying
  14. I think the clue is in the name “illegal stream” Alex.
  15. Agreed, I don’t claim it’s impossible, but given what we’ve seen of Farke’s (and presumably Webber’s) attitude to players once they’re out of favour, combined with who is actively available in the same position, it was never going to happen. As sgncfc says, it would just be £20-30K *per player* going to waste.
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