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  1. Emi is as wasteful as Stieperman at the moment.
  2. Reading losing 3-0. Honeymoon’s over.
  3. He would be top of my list if Farke was gong to change it.
  4. Harsh, he’s also done some great stuff.
  5. Rubbish, all correct decisions from what I could see
  6. Swansea back three all have a yellow now, can we exploit it?
  7. Dangerous break there from Swansea and he just kept plodding on with whatever it was he was saying
  8. I think the clue is in the name “illegal stream” Alex.
  9. Agreed, I don’t claim it’s impossible, but given what we’ve seen of Farke’s (and presumably Webber’s) attitude to players once they’re out of favour, combined with who is actively available in the same position, it was never going to happen. As sgncfc says, it would just be £20-30K *per player* going to waste.
  10. Have you ever been to Reading? Maybe I have missed the good bits but it seems to me to be some of the worst of what’s wrong with the UK economy/environment today. A mixture of a sprawling mess of over-priced commuter huts, tacky retail and faux American business parks. Derby at least has some character and history.
  11. If I had to pay £10 for every game, I would be feeling it’s expensive, but given that lots are on Sky and there’s the odd one that I can’t make, I’m relatively happy with iFollow. Not sure what you expect camera wise? It’s never going to be broadcast quality. As soon as they attempted more than a single camera view it would significantly increase the number of people needed. As well as at least two more camera operators, plus the equipment, you’d need someone to direct, someone to switch between different cameras, rewind and select footage and so on. They might get enough revenue from Norwich to justify it, but I can’t see the numbers working for the smaller clubs. EDIT: I should say I’ve had zero problems with connectivity, buffering, audio and so on, but I am fortunate to live a few hundred metres from my exchange. That would suggest to me that for those who do have problems, it lies with network infrastructure, not iFollow, but I am only a sample of one.
  12. Whatever, do you have any actual evidence? There’s so much sh*t thrown at Todd, people seem to be thinking there’s no smoke without fire. The only fire I’m aware of is an ambiguous statement by Farke. The smoke is all the rubbish about social media, gloves and an Alice band, which proves absolutely nothing.
  13. You talk about “impressions” and “sensing” but have you actually any evidence that “his main priority is himself and how well he is doing”? Which to be fair is ultimately true about most of us. tl;dr - source?
  14. Do you not think that was at least partly the idea?
  15. Isn’t that a bit like listening to Radio 3 and complaining that they never play any grime? He has a target audience for what he does. If someone outside that intended group wants to read what he posts, they shouldn’t be surprised when it’s not aimed at them.
  16. Ok, you think we might need them by the end of the season, I don’t. Webber and Farke seem to agree with me. Nuff said.
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