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  1. 3 hours ago, Crabbycanary3 said:

    Absolutely, but who does these days? I think Wes and Russ Martin were our last ones but they went through the Leagues with us and were at a different stage of their careers, as opposed to Max, Ben, Jamal and Todd for example. It hadn't evened crossed my mind that Todd or Max would still be here when they're 30, but I can dream for a minute before getting my wife to smack my face with a wet fish

    Which top flight Club has had a testimonial player recently? Mark Noble perhaps? Anyone one else people can think of?

    Not quite the question you asked, but surely Tettey deserves a testimonial if this is his last season with us? Mind you, not much point without a crowd. ☹️

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  2. 6 minutes ago, sonyc said:

    I'm thinking Brentford might get snagged up with fixtures Alex. In a semi final already and a match postponed today. Good team but they will be tested. 

    Reading are coming back into the picture now João is back from injury.

    Reading? Schmeading.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Bovril said:

    @Nuff Said Here is the article noting the obligation to buy due to appearances made. Article from Sky Sports also states it, but presume they took the info from one another.



    "His situation is complicated further by an obligation to buy - reportedly for a fee of £2.7m - if he has made a significant amount of appearances in a promotion season and by both Sam Byram and Bali Mumba hoping to return to fitness this month.

    Spanish left-back Xavi Quintilla made his Norwich City debut at Huddersfield Picture: Paul Chester

    Left-back Xavi Quintilla has returned to City's matchday squads recently - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

    Sam McCallum could return from Coventry if needed but it's understood sporting director Stuart Webber and Farke would prefer the 20-year-old to keep developing as he is playing regularly, so a Premier League loan could be considered if things don't work out with Quintilla, Byram and Mumba."

    TBF, that’s hardly proof of any contractual trigger is it? The article you quote from says “obligation to buy”, but it links to an article from when he signed that only uses the word option, not obligation. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Indy said:

    Wow one pass and we’re all supposed to appreciate a lazy arsed player who is so over rated it’s laughable.....it wasn’t a great pass Buendia made it look good.












    😂😂 Not really today he certainly was our best player behind a possessed Buendia who was just brilliant.

    You know the Pink Un rules. If there’s no winky emoji, we must take you seriously.


    24 minutes ago, smooth said:

    I will happily see McLean show his worth at the moment, he has stepped up and after some showings where he is out of position or poor in possession, he is looking better.

    Rupp was looking good with Skipp and so a nice one for farke to watch, I would have no problem if rupp is looking better in training to be reintroduce as no position is safe. You have to perform in training and on game day.

    I quite like rupp showing us a bit of what he can do and hope he can up his game to make McLean up his game.

    But for those who think McLean is a starter in the premier league if we go up. I highly doubt that, we would need an improvement.

    I did have a quick look a while ago, but I couldn’t find player stats from last season, and I certainly can’t be arsed to look now, but Kenny was our second most effective player last season after Emi on many key stats. There’s a reason that Farke kept picking him and he’s back in the side now.

  5. Agreed, it's an entertaining conspiracy theory, but it feels wrong. On top of the good reasons why that others have given above, it would also imply Farke doesn't think our coaching team couldn't improve him. He's only 24, we can still get more out of him.


    @Bovril can you link to the Pink Un article that describes the arrangement? It seems odd to me to call it an option, when actually it's an obligation.

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