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  1. And mine. No hot water or central heating since New Year’s eve.
  2. How many goals have we conceded since he’s being playing in these games where our opponents have deliberately attacked him? If that’s not superb, it’s at least bloody impressive.
  3. I think your list of things that question the integrity of the game is missing a few entries.
  4. Is there an equivalent to Godwin’s Law for the phrase “hanging’s too good for them”? I feel we may get there soon.
  5. TBF, that’s hardly proof of any contractual trigger is it? The article you quote from says “obligation to buy”, but it links to an article from when he signed that only uses the word option, not obligation.
  6. The point being that you can score with heads, feet or off the goalie’s ****, they all count.
  7. You know the Pink Un rules. If there’s no winky emoji, we must take you seriously. I did have a quick look a while ago, but I couldn’t find player stats from last season, and I certainly can’t be arsed to look now, but Kenny was our second most effective player last season after Emi on many key stats. There’s a reason that Farke kept picking him and he’s back in the side now.
  8. Agreed, it's an entertaining conspiracy theory, but it feels wrong. On top of the good reasons why that others have given above, it would also imply Farke doesn't think our coaching team couldn't improve him. He's only 24, we can still get more out of him. @Bovril can you link to the Pink Un article that describes the arrangement? It seems odd to me to call it an option, when actually it's an obligation.
  9. You do know it's not compulsory to score with a header from a corner?
  10. I have (only) just realised where your username has come from.
  11. Given that Hugill’s main role seems to be to waste a minute or so by coming on as a sub, possibly we could have spent a little less and got someone cheaper. Me for instance. And as I type this, he gets it in the net. But offside.
  12. Todd’s getting better at shooting. If we get 2 hours injury time, he might score.
  13. Emi coming off. If we had supporters in, the whole ground would be on their feet. Superb today.
  14. Emi will have worn out his boots by the end of this game.
  15. Could Todd have made a bet that he won’t score in this game?
  16. Surely, surely Hanley will eventually score from a header this season?
  17. I was going to say great save by the Barnsley keeper but that was straight at him.
  18. I think we can work out where Todd was hit seeing what he’s now holding
  19. 70% possession now. Barnsley’s initial threat fading? (Watch them score now)
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