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  1. One thing occurs to me - I''m not too disheartened by the "expected" results against the teams we''ve played so far - or by the prospect of Birmingham next Saturday. Last year the Championship was wide open - look who was bottom in October! - and I don''t think it will be that different this year. It''s foolish to expect to walk over the less well regarded teams or to be scared of the "big" ones. Points are points wherever we get them and no game is impossible - ask Barnsley.

  2. [quote user="Neil Cluckcaster"]


    Dion was an inspired signing and saved Roeder''s bacon for him last season. I don''t like Roeder and feel he will hang himself given enough rope. Dull...dour and bitter with a personal agenda to address and his job is more about proving his doubters wrong than seeing this club successful.

    If you enjoy this current bilge then good for you...but some of us have seen far better to bother going right now.

    [/quote]"Dull...dour and bitter" eh? I''d have thought you''d get on with him like a house on fire.

  3. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] We have failed to compete in this league for three seasons despite having many financial advantages over our rivals because the performance of the football team has not been a priority.[/quote]


    Possibly because the priority has been the survival of the club. Putting more money into the team would be a gamble, and I for one don''t want anyone gambling with the future of the club.

  4. Cam is justifiably a well respected poster on this board. Neutral, experienced and with contacts in the industry and proven to be right in the past. Rucker, even with your frequent barely literate use of big words like knob on this thread you have 24 posts and univeral condemnation. Cam wins.

  5. [quote user="Canary Wundaboy"][quote user="YankeeCanary"]

    However, one of the things that most disappoints me about my fellow Norwich fans posting on this forum is when their words suggest that their "toys" should be subsidized by someone else''s money almost as an entitlement. I mostly abhor the negativity thrown at Delia and Michael because they are running the club under its own steam power financially. I see some of the frustrated comments that Ipswich can afford to buy Ameobi where Norwich cannot. I wonder how the small business merchants who lost their money in the last Ipswich financial meltdown feel about the matter. The fury, on the part of some, in believing that Peter Cullum''s money should be courted so it can be spent on high quality "toys". Not all posters are cut from the same cloth, but there are more than enough that just want their football club to move to a higher level, irrespective of whose money is used to fund it. I understand when I see the young posting such comments. I am most disappointed when it''s the older fans calling for someone else''s money to pay for their toys. Yes, I know, for those of you that buy your season ticket you feel you''ve already done your bit, but you''ve done it at Championship cost. There will be up seasons and down seasons and, for the past three, you''ve been paying for a down cycle. But you had the choice. You still do. That''s your right. What is not your right is to expect that someone else will pay for what you want. It is your right to hope that a hard-nosed business person takes the reins at Carrow Road, and pushes the club to greater heights. However, it would be foolhardy to believe that this will be accomplished without those more expensive toys putting a big dent in your own pocket. 


    What utter rubbish.

    The many thousands of season ticket holders DESERVE to have their money better spent by the board. These fans have endured years of shower on the pitch and STILL support club through thick and then, and continually see their money wasted on kitchen refurbishments and useless loan players.

    Quite simply, the fans have had ENOUGH.

    Delia''s running of this club in her manner has gone on for far too long.

    [/quote]Funny, I thought for all these years that it was the manager who selected the players to buy. Silly me, it was Delia all along.

  6. And in the world of business it is the market and supply and demand which rules. So until clubs start to go bust because of players wages, they will continue at their current rates. They''re probably about as high as they can go as we have seen a few bankruptcies already. Unless someone like FIFA intervene, but they would probably be stopped in the courts under restraint of trade laws.Not saying it''s right, but it''s how a free market works.

  7. It''s not what people want to hear, but a Chief Exec''s role is to ensure the "success" and stability of the organisation he or she heads up. In business terms - and ND is a business man - NCFC is a relatively successful business among clubs in the Championship and even the Prem. Ergo, he is doing his job well.<duck>

  8. A rare moment of sanity (I mean for the message board, not you YC [:)]). It''s also worth pointing out that Cullum stated explicitly that he wouldn''t bankroll the club without limits. He clearly had an amount in mind to invest and didn''t want to exceed that. Of course, once he''s committed there could always be another 10-20% if he felt it was warranted, but he''s not going to be another Ambramovich.

  9. [quote user="Big Ginge"][quote user="Matt Juler"]

     The Turner''s are also quoted to have a lot of cash, but again most of this is tied up in businesses and not readily available at this time. [/quote]

    Of course the Turners don''t have a Post Office acount with £750 million in it. Well I doubt it anyway.

    However they do have massive security and could raise cash very easily. Even Peter Cullum said he wouldn''t look to clear all the debts just renegotiate

    [/quote]Why don''t you remortgage your house and put the cash in the transfer fund if you want the Turners to borrow against their business?

  10. [quote user="yoda"]i posted the very same thing a few weeks back after carrying out work at delia''s house , they both asked me what i thought of all the press speculation and went on to ay that cullum was given a peroid of time to come up with an offer and he didnt . added to this was their willingness to welcome anybody with serious offers for the sake of the club . for what its worth they appeared 100% honest .[/quote]


    I''ve now got a mental image of Yoda bimbling Delia and Michael''s house muttering to himself "Decorating I am". Big Smile [:D] [:D]

  11. [quote user="Stevie Wonder"][quote user="NorwichsNewFinest"][quote user="Big s"]

    Hi all,only posted once before,just thought id let you all know what i have heard regarding Alan Gow,spoke to a good freind who works with alan gows brother in the Whitecrook area of glasgow.

    According to him he came for talks,was very impressed with the set up,went away and he and his agent heard nothing since,also had talks with Burnley and thought training facilities were very poor.

    He now takes it as a dont call us we will call you moment.

     Also the general feeling up there is he is a good player who has never been given a fair chance.

    Excellent forum by the way.


    Er, afraid this isn''t news. Even Neil Doncaster told us this a few weeks back. Sorry to pi$$ on your parade.


    Unnecessary. The poster was trying to be helpful. Jeez what is up with some people.

    Thanks for the info Big s[Y]

    [/quote]Equally, we have had a large number of idiots with info from a "mate"

    on here recently, so I would be very wary of passing on rumours

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