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  1. More power to your wand Wiz!Shall we all search round for some virgins for Barnsley? [;)]
  2. Was going to say Lupoli keeps getting caught offside so put Cureton on, but can''t see that helping! He''s the king of offsides.
  3. Got it working by playing it through Media Player just as they scored. [:(]
  4. Is any else on here having problems with Canaries World tonight? Everything seems to be as it should be, just no sound.
  5. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"][quote user="Badger"] To be fair to Delia, it has changed quite recently. On 5 live they were talking about how Jack Walker bought the title (in 95?) with 30 million - today it will get you a player! The old style of Chairs were richish local businessmen (e.g. Sir Arthur South) increasingly now it is the domain of the mega rich. [/quote] What annoys me when people say Blackburn brought the title, Chelsea brought the title ete etc, it tends to come from man utd quarters especially Fergie who has actually been buying or trying to buy the title since he was there. Look up how many times he broke the clubs transfer record or even the british one. From the Wallaces to the Berbatovs its been going on years, man utd have always spent the most in my years and nobody batters an eyelid but as soon as someone else does it fergie throws his toys out of the pram. You should have seen the redness in his face when he was asked what he thought of man Citys new spending power. [/quote]"Nobody batters an eyelid" ??!!?? Remind me never to accept fish and chips from you [+o(]
  6. They seem to have missed Grounds coming on for Hoolahan. Anyone here see him and have an opinion?
  7. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="Nuff Said"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Check this for an insight into the mind of Peter Cullum. You''ll find it interesting. From The Times February 25, 2008 Big shot: Peter Cullum Christine Seib div#related-article-links p a, div#related-article-links p a:visited { color:#06c; } Peter Cullum may owe his former wife another vote of thanks. For more than a year, there has been speculation that the 57-year-old plans to sell a chunk of Towergate, his insurance empire, to a private equity firm in a deal valuing the business in the region of £3billion. In this weekend''s version of the story, Mr Cullum is in talks to sell a 25percent stake in the company to Candover, the buyout firm. If the deal does (at long last) happen, it could net a cool £850million for Mr Cullum, who owns 70 percent of Towergate, an insurance broking and intermediary business that he founded ten years ago, and his management team. Thus another vote of thanks for his former wife, whose existence, he likes to joke, necessitated setting up the business in the first place. Crowned the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005 and the Deal Maker of the Year at the M&A Awards last year, Mr Cullum is the deal junky''s deal junky. He built Towergate out of more than 120 acquisitions of regional brokers and underwriting agencies and now employs more than 3,500 staff across 100 offices. Yet despite his love of the thrill of the chase, Mr Cullum says that, unlike Warren Buffett, he has no intention of sticking around for ever and probably will set his departure date in the next couple of years. After leaving Towergate, he will concentrate on his charitable trust, which is run by his two daughters and focuses on children''s charities Last year he paid half of his £9.2million bonus into the trust. A deal with Candover could mean another boost. Mr Cullum says: “I will give away hundreds of millions because my children do not need it. Philanthropy to me is real and I want to use my wealth to make a difference". Now if you have the capacity to be analytical try making some deductions from this evidence without emotions getting in the way. OTBC [/quote]OK Bly, here goes an honest attempt (and this is something that can apply to Delia too). PC is clearly a man of deep moral convictions and wants to improve the lives of those less fortunate than himself. So if he sees the value of philanthropy, he may find himself thinking "Hmmm... I have twenty million going spare. Now, I could invest it in a middle ranking Championship team, who might then become if lucky a middle ranking Premiership team. The ride would be enjoyable, and it would make tens if not hundreds of thousands of people happy - but then history shows that they could end up exactly where they are now and I''d be down £20 million. Or, I could use it to better the lives of people struggling with poverty, disability or other difficulties and make a real difference to many people who otherwise are probably condemned to a miserable existence."Better hope he''s not too much a philanthropist eh?[/quote] So you think that he must give away all he doesn''t need to charity? Couldn''t he keep around 100m or so of what he doesn''t really need to pursue an exciting hobby full of the thrill of the chase and deal making after retiring? And now there''s another ''difficult'' woman to contend with. Fascinating. I''m sure that it would give almost any Norfolk lad a big thrill to be in a position to give the city he grew up in and played for as a boy the opportunity to become a consistent outperformer again. We must be careful of inducing an Animal Farm situation which some yellow journalists are attempting in support of the Holy one. You know: Rich man bad, poor woman good. Note his timeframe. He will need to get his hobby in place and up and running (just like the charity) so he doesn''t suffer withdrawal symptoms on retirement. Good planning, I''d say. And Nuffy  - sarcasm will never win you this argument, only cheap popularity from the usual suspects. (See macd, I''ve responded. Your turn now.)  OTBC [/quote]Ooooh, get her!Because you either have difficulty recognising it Bly, or deliberately misrepresent people''s views when they''re not convenient perhaps, that was sarcastic. My original response was not. I was trying to pose a genuine point for discussion - when they are far more "worthy" - no pun intended - causes to donate your money to, how justiiable is it to pour millions into a football club?
  8. [quote user="Hoolahoop"]Hang on one second....   I''m passing on information a reliable friend has told me. Not for one second would I come on here and make some cack up that I thought would get people''s hopes up, because nothing annoys me more. [/quote]I think it annoys the majority of people on here. Unfortunately we''ve had so many kn*bheads on here recently with inside information that turns out to be nothing of the sort, that any report of a rumour is treated with scepticism. You think your mate is reliable, we''ve (probably) never met him. Given you''re a frequent poster on here, I''d be prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt for a couple of days to see if anything happens but the fact that Paulo seems to have very good evidence that what you report is not true, and there''s corroboration from T that what you say is unlikely, means that this looks like another Asda moment.Unless posters of "friend of a friend" rumours are prepared to back them with some sort of evidence they should either not post them, or be ready for the inevitable accusations of posting b*llocks.
  9. [quote user="Nuff Said"]QPR should go fourth if they beat Derby, not sure that will be an easy game.[/quote]Errr.. except they''re not playing Derby. ooops
  10. QPR should go fourth if they beat Derby, not sure that will be an easy game.
  11. Not sure which I want more, another goal or to keep the clean sheet.
  12. The main issue with Thorne wasn''t his goal scoring ability, it was that he was constantly injured, and some of the injuries sounded a bit tenuous. I''m sure I remember a cold and a sore neck.
  13. Starting watching this but it''s in advance of the live streaming on the official site which is just confusing.
  14. [quote user="ncfc_chris"][quote user="Nuff Said"][quote user="Carrow Roeder"]Stead scores for the scum! Boooooo, looks like the new loan strikers in East Anglia are hitting the ground running anyway[/quote]Puts them one place above us but equal goal difference. Come on![/quote] how does it work? because if scores don''t change we will have identical records including goals for and goals against [/quote]Isn''t it alphabetical order? Time to change our name to AaaaNorwich City!
  15. [quote user="Carrow Roeder"]Stead scores for the scum! Boooooo, looks like the new loan strikers in East Anglia are hitting the ground running anyway[/quote]Puts them one place above us but equal goal difference. Come on!
  16. While we''re on the subject  of Canaries World it says they''ve had 2 shots on target and we''ve had one??? Does hitting the crossbar count as off target?
  17. [quote user="Carrow Roeder"]Another positive... Ipswich are 0-0 at the break meaning we are currently above them in the table! :)[/quote]If it stays like this we''re 15th, they''re 19th.
  18. [quote user="Paulo"]I can cofirm its bull because I work there.  Hows that for you? [/quote]Well, that''s hardly more reliable than somone''s grannies bingo partner''s cleaner''s mate is it? [:)]
  19. [quote user="Canary Boy"]CanariesWorld only works wit the Internet Explorer doesn''t it?[/quote]That certainly used to be the case but I''ve just tried it and it works fine- seems to start up quicker too.
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