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  1. Last season we had several games where Roeder seemed to read the riot act at half time and we came out revitalised for the second half. Time to revive that tradition!
  2. I''m in Derby too but listening to Radio Norfolk on Canaries World. They''re concerned each time there''s a corner  because of the lack of height but don''t seem to think we''re that bad defensively.
  3. [quote user="Polar"]Anyone else having problems with canaries world? i keep getting system errors.[/quote]Worked first time - for once!
  4. [quote user="Mello Yello"][quote user="Nuff Said"][quote user="Gazza"] Thanks Carl, but what a financial mess we truly are!. What the hell are other board members putting in like Foulger and Mumbles etc?!?! (I know delia plugged the shortfall!, before someone says it!).     [/quote]How much are you putting in Gazza?[/quote] What''s your contribution? Off to the game travelling from the East Midlands today, are we?.....With season ticket clenched between your ample buttocks? You''ve got 2 hours 50 minutes.....Better get on your bike. [/quote]I forgot, because I haven''t always lived in Norwich and been to every game home and away since I was five I''m not worthy to be a supporter. Henceforth I will never pay any attention to the club ever again. The point I was making (possibly badly) is that it is not the job of the board to fund the club. Any supporter is welcome to donate to the club, the board is intended to manage the PLC - two different things.And thank you for your interest in the size of my buttocks.[:D]
  5. [quote user="Gazza"]Thanks Carl, but what a financial mess we truly are!. What the hell are other board members putting in like Foulger and Mumbles etc?!?! (I know delia plugged the shortfall!, before someone says it!).     [/quote]How much are you putting in Gazza?
  6. [quote user="NCFC_Thain"]For once Wiz actaully has a point, its fucking unbelieveable that the board can''t afford even a 1 month loan deal! [/quote]I keep reading this, but how do we KNOW that the club (not the board - there is a difference) can''t afford to fund the loan? If you were the club and Carl Moore came to you and said "the money I was paying towards Huckerby''s wages is still available if you have something concrete you''d like to spend it on", would you say "no thanks, we''ll spend our own cash" or welcome it with open arms? Seems a completely sensible thing to do to me.Oh, and Wiz, I''ve enjoyed your posts on here since I first joined, but this is just stupid.[:(]
  7. FFS, talk about seeing the glass as half empty!1. Did anyone complain about Carl Moore funding Huck''s wages and that it showed we must be skint?2. If we are skint, then the club has spent every single penny on getting in the best players we can afford. Would those who are complaining prefer that the accounts showed we had loads of money in the bank unspent?3. What has been the main criticism of the team on the pitch (apart from Fozzy perhaps)? Our inability to score. The club find a way to try and fix this and what do people do? Find the negative in it!Yes, things could be better, we could be bidding for Ronaldo but in the circumstances this is a POSITIVE event.Yours Percy
  8. [quote user="Oli"]are we really 19m in debt? how can this happen, I don''t understand, can someone who knows how this works explain it to me?[/quote]Most of it is "managed debt" that is, like a mortgage, and a lot of the rest is director''s loans, which only require pay back in the event of certain events like promotion or transfer of ownership.
  9. And it''s P-A-T-T-I-S-O-N, not PattiNson, or Patterson. He used to be sh*te, but now he''s alright!
  10. [quote user="king canary"]I am amazed at the high opinions some have of Chadwick after about only 10 or 15 games in 2 seasons. Impressively developed memories....[/quote] The short memory is yours mate. Before Chadwick was injured last season he was without doubt ahead of Croft in the pecking order. I can only hope Glenn is doing this to get him match fit again.
  11. [quote user="thecanaryfan"] I didnt even think Grounds was playing? Wasnt it Stefanovic and Omozuzi at centre back with Drury and Semmy left and right? I did have a few beers before the game. lol  [/quote]I have to admit it took me a while to realise that Grounds wasn''t Drury! I was impressed - I thought he did well, certainly a lot better than the moaners on here when we signed him have any right to expect.
  12. [quote user="Camuldonum"]I still think all of you should write personally to The Manager. The address is: Glenn Roeder The Manager Norwich City PLC Carrow Road Norwich Norfolk NR1 1JE That way you could post your messages and any replies you receive. [/quote]The words "time" "of" and "waste" spring to mind. Don''t think GR is the sort of person who''s going to change his team selection based on a few fans letters. Or am I missing sarcasm here?
  13. [quote user="Delias Well Behaved Devonshire Dirtbox"][quote user="Nuff Said"]Have to agree with you, but perhaps this week isn''t the best example because there was definitely a limited number of highlights from yesterday![/quote] It could have at least shown how the penalty was conceeded! [/quote]Well, I guess so, but we all thought it was a ridiculuous decision at the time. I might have to admit it was a pen if I see it again - Roeder thought it was.
  14. [quote user="Dean Coneys Arse"][quote user="FilletTheFishWife ."] [quote user="Ginger Pele"]i may check in to see if anyone realises that fzz isnt crap.[/quote]   you might have a long wait! [/quote] Like forever.  Fotheringham is sh*te, always has been, always will. Au revoir, so long, adieu, p*ss off [/quote]To be fair (although this is probably the wrong forum to look for fairness) I thought we owed him last season. We played better when he was in the team and he''s one of the positive influences that altogether helped us to stay up. Having said that, I think now we''ve got Sammy Clingan, he''s not in the top five midfield spots. Croft, Hoolahan, Clingan, Russell and Matty Patty give us more than Fozzy does, and I''d like to see Chadwick given a go again. Plus one day hopefully Bell will recover and get a run out. So, he''s worth his place in the squad, but automatic first team choice? Not any more.
  15. My biggest disappointment was Sibierski - I don''t think I saw him win a single aerial ball, and god knows there were plenty of them! I''m sure he was just having one game off the pace and he''s going to be very valuable for us this season, but this wasn''t his game.
  16. To the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland - "Whoaaa Matty Patty, he''s used to be sh*te, but now he''s alright...". Even made my 12 year old daughter laugh!
  17. Have to agree with you, but perhaps this week isn''t the best example because there was definitely a limited number of highlights from yesterday!
  18. It''s the first time I''ve seen Sibierski play and I was really disappointed. Given that 90% of kicks from goal went to him, the fact he seemed to be beaten in the air every time meant we waste a huge amount of ball. He did some OK stuff in the middle of the pitch but didn''t deliver asa target man at all.
  19. Not as out of puff as Cureton. I like the bloke but he just seemed slow to run, slow to react and rarely in the right place.
  20. But Wiz, surely the most exciting and encouraging thing is that you''ve got your hexes working again! [;)]
  21. [quote user="Karl Pilkington"]I''m sure we all overhear some funny statements from people at Carrow road and a lot of the time I wonder how much attention do a lot of people pay to signings and what is going on at the club. Here are a couple of examples.. 1 - I overheard a conversation at half time of the QPR match slagging off Grounds because they had no idea who he was, what position he played, or where he came from. 2 - I also regularly hear Fotheringham called Fotherington. When people say things like this you can''t take their opinion on the team seriously.[/quote]What made me laugh was the guy commentating on the highlights on Virgin Media who seemed to be calling Pattison Pattinson.
  22. The same point about the lack of presence on the right was made on the radio yesterday - but they said it was because we weren''t giving Croft and Semmy the ball, when they had it in the first half the two combined really well. I''d like to see Glenn stick with the combination for a couple of games and see if it works.
  23. And maybe Omozusi in the centre and Otsembor at right back is the way to go in the future?
  24. I don''t think many people hate Crofty, but there''s a lot of disappointment that he hasn''t been able to lift his game just a little to score the odd goal and improve the accuracy of his crosses. I''ve always liked him - even with his faults he makes the opposition panic. Last season he was better than the year before, so maybe this season will be even better?
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