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  1. Since most of the seats are season tickets, shouldn''t you divide the total season ticket revenue by the number of games to get a more accurate total? I suspect this will be significantly less.
  2. He was one of the few (if not the only) of our players that there were rumours about someone else buying over the summer.
  3. Because our biggest weakness seems to be mental. We''re nervous, we collapse when somone is sent off, we seem to start away games expecting to lose...
  4. [quote user="TCF"][quote user="Carrow Roeder"]Nervous times at Carrow Road, I''m still baffled as to why Cureton came on... WHERE IS LUPOLI?[/quote] Roeder doesnt like him so he never plays. Roeder is a dick. [/quote]Roder has said quite clearly that how players behave in training affects his thinking about who might break back into the team. The implication as I saw it was that Lupoli wasn''t trying. So in the circumstances, Roeder is completely in his rights not to pick him
  5. [quote user="Snakepit boys"]Well done Russell you child just cost us 2 Points maybe 3. Dock him a weeks wages, it should be written in there contract![/quote]Have to agree. Second time he''s done it as well.
  6. Glenn should show ourplayers a recording of Wales against South Africa Rugby Union that''s on BBC 1 now. Passion, excellent tean play and utter commitment.
  7. You''ll never improve on this:  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cDuW3joTBq8Classic
  8. Luton would be good. Spillane and Martin with a point to prove but a game we should win.
  9. [quote user="Marty"][quote user="Zachariah Lovespoon"] [quote user="Marty"]the one with the big pair of jugs is quite nice, can''t remember who it is mind![/quote]   Is it Delia''s Devonshire Dirtbox? [/quote] No, bigger jugs in a bra I think. [/quote]Norfolkbroadslim?
  10. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I used to be Jamie Cureton but I kept aiming at the keyboard and ended up typing on the floor.[/quote]ROFL, if a little harsh!I''m Nuff Said and so''s my wife!
  11. Something else that has been said before - and ignored - was that it seems from what various people have said that at the time Cullum made his offer there was a succession plan already in place with the Turners. People who are several times more richer than Delia and had given/loaned the club £2 million - £2 million more than Cullum. Something far more concrete than an offer to out £20 million in the transfer pot and gain control of the club without spending any money on the shares or the loans.
  12. Just back from the match and no time for a full post-mortem but I have to say Hoolahan was awful tonight, and Sibierski wasn''t much better. Send him back and use the money for Iversen as a permanent. Bell made a real difference when he came on and Patty wasn''t bad either. Croft was worth his place but disappointed in the number of times Dejan hoofed it upfield.
  13. So in SUMmary, you think he COUNTed for SUMthing? Let''s hope the number of decent performances multiplies and the fans aren''t divided about him.     Sorry, couldn''t resist it! [:$] I''ll get my coat.
  14. Isn''t Bell more comfortable on the right? So if you''re going to put him on, unless Crofty is playing a blinder he''s going to be the one coming off.
  15. [quote user="Salopian"]Yes - strike rates may not always be the best indicator of a striker''s ability. We now seem to be developing a midfield which can deliver chances, and I fancy him to take them. He is very good in the air, and I think that he could produce plenty of chances for whoever plays with him up front. [/quote] Funny how people weren''t using the "a striker can be good without scoring" argument when we had Chris Brown!
  16. Glen Roeder''s to do list: 1. Extend Lita''s loan period 2. Extend Lita''s loan period 3. Extend Lita''s loan period P.S. Well done Hull, and Colchester
  17. Match stats: Goal Attempts 13  :  5 Goal Attempts On Target 7  :  1 On Target Crosses 28  :  15 Crosses Corners 4  :  5 Corners Offside 3  :  5 Offside Fouls 18  :  13 Fouls Free kicks 19  :  21 Free kicks  Yellow cards 5  :  2 Yellow cards   Red cards -  :  - Red cards  % Possession 51  :  49 Possession %
  18. [quote user="Nostradamus"][quote user="Nuff Said"] Lita adds a few more thousands to his transfer fee - 2-1!!! doncaster must think they''ve been robbed [/quote] Why? 16 decent shots to thier 5? [/quote] If it was you and you were one nil up after 82 minutes desperate for a win, wouldn''t you feel robbed?
  19. 17th in the table and four points off the play-offs. Who would like to predict the Derby score?
  20. Lita adds a few more thousands to his transfer fee - 2-1!!! doncaster must think they''ve been robbed
  21. Well, we are consistently inconsistent. How can we beat Wolves and now be losing to Doncaster? The only thing we are good at is giving away penalties.[:(]
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