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  1. This has "going to end badly" written all over it.
  2. I seem to remember Russ saying Farke didn't need a senior pro confusing messages about a new way of playing and he understood why there was no longer a role for him on that basis. I don't remember anything about confessing to this, but i could have forgotten it, or just missed it in the first place?
  3. Stone has one empty corner of the ground that the wind seems to whistle in through. Plus it's a pretty bleak place to start with.
  4. That would depend whether he’s as good at scamming the gullible as his idol Nigel.
  5. Unfortunately Des forgot about goalkeeping and Ray the entertainment. And before anyone accuses me of poor taste, I’m sure that wouldn’t have stopped Des when presented with an open goal like that. Or was that Ray?
  6. If you’re dead?
  7. This has to be the most famous one? Here’s hoping we get to see a repeat of the Patel photo soon, followed by Johnson.
  8. Hang on mate, if anyone is jumping to assumptions, it’s you. I didn’t say I support positive discrimination for football managers. As it happens, I do, but what I said was that under-representation, in this case of football managers, is why people advocate for positive discrimination. I didn’t assume you come from a position of privilege. The quote at the end of my post (which was copied and pasted from another website which is why it looks like that) says *when* you come from a position of privilege, not “you come from a position of privilege“. And to me at least “you” is used here in the general sense, as in “when one comes from a position of privilege”. I think it’s a very valid point to make, but it’s a quote so I wasn’t going to rewrite it just in case you misunderstood what it says. My point is that good intentions are not enough, which we’re violently agreeing about. If you want an argument about using black as shorthand for BAME, you’ll have to find someone else. There are bigger battles to spend my energy on.
  9. Given the number of BAME players in the professional game, I would expect far more than 6.5% in management roles. A key question is why don’t more do the training to become qualified? Things are changing, but they are changing very slowly. We can wait for the situation to evolve naturally, or we can tip the balance in the favour of those who previous had things stacked against them - which in the longer term is actually only levelling things out. I personally believe that at minimum we should ensure BAME candidates should be considered fairly given that they still have any number of additional hurdles presented, whether visible or not. “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”
  10. Stuart Maconie has just played this on 6 Music: Got me going on a Saturday morning.
  11. Isn’t RTB the “nazis were socialists” guy? Nuff said.
  12. You could be on to something there. As long as we can pick it up and move it at half time.
  13. Agreed, not so much a can of worms, more an oil drum.
  14. You can if you want, although I can think of a better description in your case. You seem to be looking for equity in how we address different races. The problem is that we are not starting from an equal position. You've probably not grown up in a country where there is recent history of people of your race openly being refused consideration for jobs, housing or using services. You and your family have probably never been abused in public for the colour of your skin, let alone attacked. You've probably never not got a job you were well qualified for without a reason, or had your application quietly shelved because you have a 'funny' name. You've probably never had graffiti on your door, or faeces or fireworks through your letter box because of the colour of your skin. You've probably never had a teacher give up on you because "your kind aren't academic". If you're white and have grown up in the UK, you and your loved ones will not have not experienced this sort of continual prejudice and unspoken animosity as a constant throughout your lives (maybe with the exception of Travellers). Imagine living with this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 months of every year. It wouldn't be surprising if you felt you wouldn't be ambitious and try to enter spaces where you're not expected to be, that it was too hard, the likely opposition and rejection weren't worth the prize. We *all* have unconscious biases, black or white, male or female, young or old... We think and behave based on our experience, and our experience is of living in the country I describe above. We see few black football managers, or policemen, or politicians, and absorb the impression that these are roles that black people don't do. The same often applies to women, disabled people and others. Without a *conscious* effort to understand and counter bias, it will not change.
  15. At the end of the day, how many black managers are there in the premier and football leagues in England? How many at the FA in influential positions? Nuff said. Which BTW is why people advocate for positive discrimination, if you wait for everyone’s good intentions to change this, it will take a *very* long time.
  16. Didn’t we put something similar in Paul Lambert’s contract? It seems to be working quite well at the moment.
  17. As I remember it, they were training with the under 23 squad but I don’t recall that they’d been told they could move on. We’d already shifted several players who I assume were expensive (e.g. David Marshall and Sammy “it could have been you” Clingan) so that may be 2+2=5. I do remember it fairly well as I was heartbroken to see the Doc treated like that.
  18. On a slightly different note, I have no words for this (other than to say I keep thinking it must be a wind-up, but it really appears not): Apparently his "doctorate" comes from a university in Florida, unregulated by the American education system, and awarded after "at least" 126 hours of study.
  19. “Media going overboard”? One day’s headlines when Covid-19 has been in the press since January and will be for years to come. You said “1.3 million people have died from COVID but black or coloured make the headlines “ - the implication being that there’s more noise about Greg Clarke than Covid. That is just not true. It’s like IWT saying “There is no more heinous a crime in modern society than using the incorrect term to describe either individuals or groups of people “ which again is obviously rubbish. But if enough people repeat rubbish often enough, it starts to become accepted, whether it’s straight bananas, Winterval or 5G causing Covid. if you can’t support your argument with a decent, factual case, don’t complain when it gets dismissed or even ridiculed.
  20. Again, making stuff up. Are you trying to say that there are more headlines about Greg Clarke than COVID?
  21. A different debate, but that doesn't necessarily make it ok for others to use it. See the "n word" for one example.
  22. Snap Corkio. It did make me think of this, possibly Ron Manager's finest moment.
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