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  1. [quote user="The Bucketman"]As usual, awesome posts there Cam I cannot believe Im going to say this because I know its a stupid idea.. But perhaps Gordon saw Cole, who was rumoured to be around yesterday, and mistook him for Ameobi...?   Please dont hurt me [/quote]Or Dion with a wig?
  2. But if we buy a decent striker will Martin ever get a chance? Looks like a prime case for a season out somewhere remote to me.
  3. Perhaps ask yourself why people feel the need to post these "nothing" threads? Possibly because although they have no concrete news they feel the need to counter the constant negativity and pessimism from some of the posters on this board, and demonstrate that some of us are feeling optimistic.
  4. [quote user="C.T"]Surely G.R wouldnt blow all of our budget on one player? Come on people I''m trying to be positive!![/quote]How very dare you! Me sir, positive sir, no sir!Find another board immediately.
  5. This still worries me:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJG3boMpY_MWhere''s Camuldonum when you need him? It would be very interesting to get his opinion on whether the Mail (spit) would only print this if they''d had some genuine info, or whether they''re just recycling the endless speculation on various message boards.And I don''t think the binners ever said they''d made an offer did they? It looked with hindsight like his agent was stirring things.
  6. [quote user="england1966"]gk - marshall rb - semmy lb - bertrand cb - gorkes cb - taylor rm - croft cm - fothers cm - clingan lm - hoolian for - ameobi for - cole   [/quote]No  (thank you). Complete speculation, but from everything I''ve heard Gorks and Taylor aren''t coming. And I''ve got a lot of time for Croft, unlike some, but I think we''ll be seeing more of Chadwick.
  7. ...this is a good question so I''ve started a poll:http://www.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1271956/ShowPost.aspxDemocracy in action
  8. [quote user="djc"]I''m a road designer. i like roads. Roundabouts are the best, cos they are round. and about. in a roundabout kinda way. [/quote]djc - when did people start calling roundabouts "islands"? I noticed it a few years ago - is it a Midlands thing? To me they''ll always be roundabouts.
  9. [quote user="canaries in Bed"]No one reads it. Its too much work to look at it.[/quote]I''m surprised you''ve got the strength to hit the keys on your keyboard!
  10. [quote user="Fellas"]Trouble is with these bargians is often they are bargains for a reason. Whether that be on the pitch or off it or both. Sometimes you pick up a gem but in our recent history how often has that been? And tbh they don''t stay long even if they do well...  I''ve seen us pick up too many bargains over the seasons that have either been a waste of money or just sold on at a profit to fund the boards love affair with infastructure.[/quote]"We''re doomed, doomed I tell yee!" FFS!
  11. Can I just say I don''t know anyone at the club? Feels like I''m the only one sometimes...And to make matters worse I never saw anyone in Asda either.
  12. [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="The Saturday Boy"]Working with children, specifically ones with behaviour problems aged 6-16 [/quote] .....then perhaps you can tell them not to keep posting on here?  [/quote]ROFL! Post of the year so far!!!And I design and help sell high-end computer storage systems, from Aberdeen to Exeter.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. "Some players like Hughes, just don''t fit in at a certain club. " - any club surely?
  14. Have to say I think they made a mistake getting rid of him so quickly. He did keep them up.
  15. [quote user="NCFC_Thain"][quote user="Nuff Said"]If he''s good enough to get into a Prem side, surely he''s worth more than £150k???[/quote]Players are less expenisve from Ireland. Kevin Doyle went for 80k and I believe that Livingston bought Wes Hollahan for 50k.He might come here if he is promised first team football rather than slogging it in the ressies.[/quote]I''m no expert but I don''t think that''s how free market capitalism works! If it was a commonly accepted fact that you paid less for equivalent players from Ireland then everyone would be snapping them up, the Irish would realise, and prices would increase. £50K for a Scottish First Division player is fair enough, £150K for a Premiership first team player doesn''t seem right. In which case his comments about playing at Anfield etc are optimistic at best, so maybe you''re right and he realises that WBA=reserve team football, Norwich=first team. Fingers crossed!
  16. If he''s good enough to get into a Prem side, surely he''s worth more than £150k???
  17. Pieman said: I bet we end up with some random midfielder from Forest no-one''s ever heard of ;) on Monday. Lucky guess?
  18. [quote user="Dr. Bunsen"][quote user="ipswichrscum"][quote user="Dr. Bunsen"] so who thinks they are both norwich players and its just a matter of time  before they are announced?? i for one do. definately hoolihan just all the rumours and that bullard man and good news gordon i think he is defo a NCFC player and its just the livi thing holding it up. but not so sure about bell. any views on this?? [/quote]   oi bunsen were not allowed to sign hoolihan. read the thing about fifa [/quote] yeah maybe not yet, understand it how everybody else has u bint!!!! :) fifa are now sorting it out so he can still be sold. we''ll just have to wait for the confirmation that blackpool and livi hava agreed a fee with conpensation and all that sh*t. we might of already bought him but as i said above it just cant be confirmed yet until fifa sort this all out. so dont "OI" me boy!!!!! :) [/quote](Dons curly perm and moustache) Calm down, calm down! Does anyone else think we perhaps ought to be looking elsewhere tham midfield? We''ve got half a defence and we can''t score anything like enough goals!
  19. [quote user="Branston Pickle"][quote user="Pieman"] [quote user="Pieman"]I bet we end up with some random midfielder from Forest no-one''s ever heard of ;)[/quote]   I can''t believe no-one picked up on this..... [/quote] I can - it seems they are all too busy arguing with each other/this Gordon fellow about whether his posts are facts or rumours...but it does seem to have been a good call on your part, yesterday morning well before the news broke.  Any more news?  I''m interested at least! [/quote]No offence Gordon, you''re far more accurate than most of the fantasy flying around on this board, but this Pieman chappie looks like the one with the real inside track. Give us another Mr Pieman sir?
  20. [quote user="Mello Yello"][quote user="LQ"]Thanks Nuff! I don''t recognise that name from the offy site?I''m all for decent grade nutters - the more the merrier[;)][/quote] Ah......the offy site......A distant mammary......It was really for the breast, that I departed from tit.....Still, I had my knockers..... Staying long LQ? [/quote]No further questions your honour.
  21. [quote user="no1 donny fan"]couple of geeks[/quote]I don''t want to speak out of turn but anyone called "No1 Donny Fan" who accuses someone else of being a geek clearly has no sense of irony!
  22. [quote user="LQ"]Wizzy and I have met on the official forum, yes.I don''t think he likes me very much - but he could have changed his mind...?[/quote]Welcome aboard! I have to say I tried this and the official site and I think you get a better grade of nutter on here.
  23. [quote user="Mello Yello"][quote user="Shazzakidd"][quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="Shazzakidd"]One of the Italians were running around in their underwear [:P][/quote]I''ve actually seen that before, when I went to Turin on a stag weekend and went to see Juve play... was the last home game of the season and during the lap of honour at the end Buffon decided the crowd didn''t just want his shirt, they wanted his shorts too... [+o(][/quote]Not a nice sight?[/quote] Yeah, pasta their sell-by date.....probably. [/quote]ENOUGH ALREADY!LQ - I just hope you''ve not come here looking for a positive atmosphere. Have you met the Wiz?
  24. No-one else (in this thread at least) has commented on the fact that he''s chosen us over Forest. I know Forest have been in League One for a few years, but they have a reasonable ground and decent support AND given what they''ve paid for Earnie, they appear to have money to put towards a push for promotion. Looks to me like Roeder did a good job of selling the club and his vision of the future. If we get Hoolahan as well - and he must have had several suitors - I think we owe Glen (another) vote of thanks.
  25. [quote user="LQ"][quote user="Mello Yello"]Yeah, but the Italians dye their roots....... [/quote]Not if they don''t need to - some things never change eh Mello? A bit like your ''jokes''...[/quote]Not LQ from the official board surely? What''s lured you to the dark side?
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