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  1. [quote user="Pissed as a Mattress"]I would like to ask him if he has ever had sexual intercourse with another man after that goal celebration I saw from him on Sunday.[/quote]And if he had, would it be a problem? Isn''t homophobia unacceptable in these enlightened days? [:)]
  2. [quote user="Fonejacker"]Shoot me down if this is out of the realms of all possibility, but how about putting on a second striker when 2-1 down 10 minutes away from home, before the final whistle????[/quote]Agreed. Russell off, Lupoli on.
  3. [quote user="CT "][quote user="Mr Brownstone"]I heard the bus driver forgot to stop at Asda and pick him up.[/quote][:D][/quote]Funniest post of the night! [:D]
  4. 1) He has had serious injury problems in recent years but has been seeing the same specialist who worked with Michael Owen among others, so maybe he can find his old form2) He won''t be expensive3) Glenn has watched him in training for a couple of weeks (surely he must have been to Asda during this time?)4) Lita can''t play against Reading and none of the alternatives we have have exactly set the pitch on fire5) Most importantly, he''s a legend on this mesage board!Add it all up and it''s got to be worth a gamble surely?Welcome to Norwich Mr Cort. Some of us are rooting for you!
  5. East Midlands (there''s a clue to the left), in Draycott near Long Eaton. It''s a good place to be for away games - 9 Championship teams within an hour or so''s drive.
  6. Clingan played a blinder but I would have given it to Crofty:1) for the goal2) for the 1-0 hand gestures to the crowdA legend!
  7. I think the key phrase in the article on the Sky site is "big earner" - I can think of better places to spend the money if we had any, and we don''t!
  8. Are we sure he wasn''t talking about Lita signing for another month?
  9. Ooops - I meant this one:http://footymad.sportbox.tv/photos/imagepopup.php?direction=p&sport_id=1&team_id=8&image_time=15:16:37&image_date=2008-12-07Too much [B][:$]
  10. This one is an absolute classic. Croft giving it to the I***** fans
  11. Unfortunately injuries - and this season red cards - are going to mean that inevitably there will have to be changes. So should Glen give squad players occasional games so they are better prepared?
  12. [quote user="Count Chopula"][quote user="Polo the fresh and minty snack"]YES WE BEAT IPSWICH!!   but like we said after all of our other wins that season it would be worth much(appart from bragging rights) if we don''t get a result vs watford and reading!!  [/quote] Why is it that the people who say "let''s not get carried away" after we win one game  are the same people who say "board out Roeder out loan players out sack everyone and burn the ground down" after we lose one game? [/quote]Good question. Anyone like to answer it?
  13. [quote user="Mr. Bump"][quote user="Nuff Said"]One of the Sky commentators did say something about his camp celebrations.Don''t think he will thank them for that![/quote] Erm do you not know who Darren Eadie is? [/quote]Yes, I just have a cr*p memory!
  14. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="Count Chopula"][quote user="GJP"] Consistency is key. It has to start with the manager, consistent team selections. We got a great result today and a great performance to go with it, stick to that team for the next game. And the game after. And the game after that. Very pleased for Lee Croft, hopefully that''ll shut up some of his critics at last. [/quote]You see, your two paragraphs there kind of contradict each other.Consistency is key, and Croft is simply not consistent. [/quote] Sorry but I disagree. I don''t think Crofty suffers from inconsistency anywhere near as much as people would like to believe. Quality player and he showed it again today.  [/quote] I think people are criticising Crofty based on his history rather than his play this season. As someone has said in another thread, whenever I''ve been to a match with a neutral, he''s one of the few players they would want for their team. He has improved significantly since Roeder came in and I think you shouldn''t underestimate the value of his determination and passion on the rest of the team either. He always gives 100% and has earnt his place in the team.
  15. Nice one!Have you got a bigger one you could email me? It would make nice desktop wallpaper. Cheers
  16. Isn''t he still on 199 career goals? I think that is a massive mental problem for him. It''s *possible*  that once he gets one he will find form again.Yours Percy
  17. One of the Sky commentators did say something about his camp celebrations.Don''t think he will thank them for that!
  18. Is it stupid to dream? He seems happy to play with us at the moment, but is that just because it''s a good shop window?
  19. Fozzy is worth having in the squad. I think we can spend whatever Sibierski costs better elsewhere.
  20. Oh dear, Ipswich in the bottom half of the table. Shame. [;)]
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