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  1. [quote user="Nuff Said"]When was the last time we won by three clear goals? Wolves?[/quote]   I''ll rephrase that:   When was the last time we won by four clear goals? [:D]
  2. Who will be the first person to say only 16 points off the playoffs? Oooops [:$]
  3. And we can''t recall him under the terms of the loan.
  4. Yeah, c''mon Pete! I realise you can''t tell us what you know, but you could say that you know something - if you know what I mean! [8-)]
  5. I would have said Crofty or Clingan, but as of the last couple of weeks, it has to be the Doc! He''s been even getting praise from opposition supporters in recent games.There''s only one Ginger Pele... [8]
  6. [quote user="Potless Percy "]Captain Mainwaring   [/quote]I''m surprised Lappinitup hasn''t suggested Private Fraser. We''re all doomed....
  7. Sorry mate, but I don''t think I agree. Hucks is a legend, but he''s getting on for  year older than when he left. The best job he could probably do for us is as an impact player from the bench. Which is fine, but how much would it cost us, when we are desperate for fresh blood?
  8. As ever, people on here have very short memories - and are very gullible. Next time perhaps you need to put ***WIND UP*** at the start of the thread Silver Fox!Our performances improved no end when Fozzy came back from injury last season. I''m not saying he''s the best midfielder in the Championship, or even at the club, but a little bit of respect for one of OUR players would be nice.
  9. So if we''re only at the interview stage, who has decided to recall Jamie from Barnsley hmmm? There must be someone lined up already (please!).
  10. [quote user="ncfcstar"]I don''t believe you, especially that your a trainee barrister with spelling like that.[/quote]Beat me to it! If you''re a trainee barrister I''m a trainee football manager!
  11. [quote user="Binky"][quote user="one 4 the future"]I know the Roeder reign has ended with a bit of a sour taste,but i for one would like to say thanks to the man for our survival last season.At times this campaign he has made my skin crawl with his arrogance & arroused my anger with some of his decision making i.e team selection & certain departures,O.k this season hasn''t followed the script but he has paid the ultimate price.Managing Norwich City has never been an easy job and with the current board still running the show that''s not about to change for whoever fills his shoes.Please don''t use this thread to abuse the man as it''s time to move on if you still feel it''s necessary then please feel free to start a ''lets finish him off thread'' or something.  [/quote]Fair comment - and as we all know management is made up of lots of disciplines, qualities and - luck - good or bad. Roeder brought Ched Evans in - well spotted Glenn and well done for that. But do we owe survival then more to Roeder or to Evans? Put it this way, suppose Ched had got injured just when we needed him...[/quote]Are you serious saying that Ched kept us up single handed? While it''s easy to have a pop at Glenn, he did some things right, and for that I say thanks too.
  12. [quote user="renegade tootsie"]Posted a thread to say that there are lights on at CR and lots of activity as they drove past....[/quote]Are you saying that you''ve seen this, or just that it''s the sort of thing that people post at this time (which seems to be happening quite regularly)?
  13. How many other old threads do you have tucked away ready to resuscitate in case you''re proved right?
  14. [quote user="wolfie"]Good news, let hope we`ve gat  a plan B. Credit is due to Roeder for what he did last season but as for the rest of his tenure his behaviour and decision making have been  appauling, and made our club a joke. Where do  we go  from here, had he lined up any  strikers for loan deals and if so will they still be interested. Who will manage the team on Saturday, please dont tell me Ricky  Martin! [/quote]Why not Ricky Martin? He''s doing a decent job where he is!
  15. Can''t see Ferguson coming here, he''s got money behind him at Peterborough and is getting a good reputation, so he''ll be looking at somone in or close to the Prem. Boothroyd and Malky for me.
  16. Dion had to be persuaded to play his final season with us, as he and his family are settled in Stratford on Avon. Managing Norwich City has got to be a lot less secure than punditry for Sky. He''s not going to up sticks and move....although he did say before he retired that if he was offered something he would have to think about it very hard... Don''t think he''s got his coaching badges though has he?
  17. So apart from Lrrr, that''s a pretty unanimious:NO!!!!!
  18. [quote user="Camuldonum"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Peter Grant - Ist team coach at West Brom. From Prem to Chumpionship back to Prem. He seems to be a ''survivor''. Spotted him in their match at Villa on TV today. Thought Mowbray looked beaten and ready to quit - but then first impressions can be misleading as Delia is ought to have learnt by now - at least in her choices of manager. OTBC   [/quote] First impressions aren''t always misleading.  I think you are a Troll and I''m going to stick by that. [/quote]I know whose posts I want to read and whose opinion I respect, Colchester supporter or not. Well said Cam [;)]
  19. It won''t be on the tele, not with Liverpool v. Everton and Derby v. Forest.
  20. [quote user="city-till-i-die"]lita-£500k/£750k martin taylor-£600/£700k iversson-£700k/£800k and 1 other CB      £3 mil would do it....but not going to happen :-( [/quote]Roeder has said a couple of times that Lita has made his plans clear to him, and reading between the lines, he doesn''t want a transfer now, he sees more potential in being a free agent at the end of the season. It doesn''t sound like he wants to join us permanently, so the best we could hope for would be a loan for the rest of the season.Can''t see Taylor joining us now - is he still playing for Birmingham?Iversson is crocked isn''t he? Still, could see him as a straight swap for Chadwick.
  21. As has been said before, I believe we can''t recall Martin or Spillane, that''s the way season long loans work.
  22. All the best Luke. He was performing better than Crofty when he played last season, but some people couldn''t see further back than a couple of months...
  23. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Bring Back Nielson"]looks like poor old earnies on his way again then......[/quote] funny i thought Davies signed Earnie for Derby and Paul Jewell sold him... but then what do i know? jas :) [/quote]I think the management brought him in over Davies'' head, hence the lack of appearances. I reckon there''s a good chance of someone snapping him up for a reduced fee, although probably not until the summer.
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