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  1. Only just got in and got Canary World working and was about to post why no subs? Surely Lupoli and/or Cort is worth a shout? [*-)]
  2. [quote user="leedscanary"]Phoned ticket office this morning, they had just received an extra allocation of 400 tickets on top of the 1000 they had already sold. Looking forward to game, it''ll be my first for a while. Leeds Canary [/quote]Me too!! (got tickets this monring) On the Ball City!!!
  3. Yes, the recorded announcement said it''s buy backs only when I rang for Donnie tickets this morning. They were sold out too but more had come in at one so we''re going on Friday! COME ON!!! 
  4. Leave Wiz alone! He''s one of the best posters on this board! Or one of the worst... [*-)]
  5. He''s a good striker, no doubt, but is he what we need? I''d be looking for someone bigger and stronger for Cureton and Lupoli to play off. Carl Cort would have fitted the bill a couple of years ago!
  6. I''m in, and my daughter. Hoping for her second win after Forest away! [<:o)]
  7. I didn''t have a problem with the original article by Mr D. I''m sure if you were in the building with the Roeders it would have been extremely uncomfortable.However, misrepresenting the plot of the Great Escape is unforgiveable! [:@]
  8. Yes, well done. This is the first City site I come to when looking for news.
  9. [quote user="Rupethebear"]Why do the board give such long contracts to managers when most clubs sack them in 2 years anyway, hardly an incentive cos they know if it goes pear shape they get paid off![/quote]Because they won''t come and work for us without it! It''s like release clauses for players.
  10. Yes. Face it Lincoln, whoever they picked wouldn''t have had more positive votes than this.
  11. Hucks said himself he''s not going to come back
  12. I take it back, you are an Oracle Wiz (and Pete, what happened?). [:O]
  13. [quote user="lincoln canary"]Please sombody wake me up and tell me this is a horrible nightmare, were absoulutley screwed! this was a perfect oppurtunity for the board to state their ambition and show us fans they care about the club and what do they do? employ the cheapest option with no experiance of managment. why does this inept board never learn from their mistakes? i refuse to support this decesion and hand my notice in as a norwich supporter untill the current board is removed. i respect gunn and think he is a top bloke but he is not a manager. there is no room for sympathy in football if you want to be successfull, and our board obviously dont want success. Poor old gunn respected and liked, a statesman of this club will be ousted and slated when this all goes wrong this news has put a complete new low into supporting norwich. Any renewed optimism has been savagely ripped away once again by delia and co [/quote]See ya!
  14. Maybe it''s not the best most of us hoped for, but let''s not prejudge things. Get behind them and give them the support the club deserves.
  15. Don''t forgot though that Croft is out of contract at the end of the season. I suspect someone with more money than us will tempt him away
  16. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Evil Monkey"]I don''t think I agree with the comments about Boothroyd, to be honest... he''s probably no more of a hoofball merchant than Worthy was and, in both ours and Watford''s promotion seasons, they seemed to get the balance right.  He''s just that little bit younger and fresher than many of the other candidates so I''d back him fully if he came in.[/quote]And his relative youth is a real bonus because he''s looking to make a long career in the game and to prove he can deliver as a manager - and that his achievements at Watford were not a fluke.  Plus he''s ambitious. All good.[/quote]And he''s managed/coached here before and understands the Norwich way of playing.[/quote]Hmmmm... a lot of this sounds like Peter Grant too.The only clear fact right now is that there is no obvious choice, just as there wasn''t last time, or the time before that. Football is an art, not a science, and whoever we pick it will be a gamble. You can be sure that in a year''s time the board will get the blame if it''s a gamble that fails - hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  17. I agree, I''ve always had a sneaking admiration for him, even if his habit of grabbing opposition players is incredibly frustrating. Why does he do it?No-one has mentioned on this thread yet that in the last few games he''s started to play up front a bit too when needed, and scored! There''s only one Ginger Pele!
  18. The shot of Glen has disappeared from the starting sequence too. It''s like he never existed...
  19. [quote user="we are rubbish"]I can''t believe people can be moaning about a lad who has scored.I don''t seem to remember lita setting the world on fire with his all round ability and he is mean''t to be worth £2 million+.Jamie is our own player he will still be here next year and if he doe''s nothing all game yet still scores i won''t give a monkey''s about his all round play.Lets get real anyone who can find anything to moan about yesterday should hold their heads in shame.After the last 3 or 4 home games yesterday was the biggest step forward we have made in 3 years.It shows we have players at the club that we actually own who are good enough to get us out of roeders mess and maybe give us a mid table finish.[/quote]Fair point, but Jamie is 34, Leroy is 24; Leroy has delivered playing in the Premiership and so on, hence the difference in value.
  20. [quote user="nu_matik"] sorry, i missed where the slagging off was... if you are referring to peopel slagging off fozzy''s mathematics, he was simply wrong. do enlighten me[/quote]   For a start, it''s people, not peopel [;)]
  21. [quote user="kaiman"] [quote user="Romantic"]Kaiman - what does this mean to you? Sounds like you took an unlikely punt? If so congrats my man. A nice day all round![/quote] haha cheers mate, took a few different bets, dunno why, just seemed like a betting day, made a fair bit! only thing didn''t pay off was russell hat trick, but at 100-1 ud b silly not to take it! got burguled earlier on in the week, so this is a nice change and cheered me up a fair bit! [:D] [/quote]   Good on you, well done!
  22. I refer you to my earlier answer your honour: http://www.pinkun.com/cs/forums/4/1541740/ShowPost.aspx#1541740  [;)]  
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