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  1. [quote user="Calle"]I have about 40-50 cm of snow here and currently -10c...Although the sun is shining and it´s a perfect winterday here in the middle of Sweden[/quote]I bet all your trains are running and the roads are open though!
  2. [quote user="Hoolahoop"]To be honest with you the roads aren''t great. I''ve just talked myself out of going to ASDA as it doesn''t look very safe. Richmond park itself is closed to vehicles but there were cars on the road outside it - albeit driving extremely slowly. I wouldn''t like to say either way whether you should drive to it or not, especially if you''re taking the nippers. [/quote]Surely ASDA is the place to be on transfer deadline day? You probably can''t move in there for Brazilian superstars who''ve nipped in for a pint of milk befoer going to discuss terms with Gunnie.
  3. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]It is rather interesting that we are being linked with players that Gunny has clearly put forward in the past but who we haven''t gone with for one reason or another - Killen was a possibility in the past, there''s bids for Iversen and now Gow.[/quote]I got the impression, possibly from something his agent said, that either Gow asked for too much money, or Roeder didn''t like his attitude. I guess he''s had to lower his sights a little.I''m sure we did bid for Iversen and were told there was no way Rosenborg would sell in the middle of their season, despite a verbal agreeement that he could go back to the UK if an offer came in. So not that surprising that we''re back in now.
  4. It''s used for rugby (league I think) every other week, so not a surpirse that it''s a bit cut up.
  5. Does anyone defintely know when his contract is up?
  6. [quote user="colneycanary"][quote user="TheCanaryFan"] [quote user="Delia S. Tickers"]colneycanary, is the question too hard for you?[/quote] It appears that Colney cant grasp simple coversation tactis. He is either a simpleton or mentally challenged. Im guessing its the first. [/quote]I''ve only reported what i''ve read in a paper today. How the newspaper finds out  the transfer fee is beyond me. But when the club won''t tell the supporters how much, i can''t see why a newspaper would just guess a transfer fee when the deal is already done and dusted and history now.[/quote]Fair enough CC, but why the coyness over which paper you read it in? Or is it one of those papers that stretch the definition of "read" like the Sport? [:)]
  7. [quote user="Quick_J 2472"]is it me or could hoolahan be the next paul mcveigh ? [:P][/quote]I think he has a way to go before he''s that good!
  8. Have to agree with much of what you say ...and Smith... although I didn''t like Keepmoat much. Very little atmosphere, couldn''t really see much of the action at the other end, catering was crap (sold out of veggie pies and pizza), pitch was obviously struggling with the combination of rugby and football. It was really odd on leaving to see what looked like a lot of Donnie supporters walking off up a hill into the dark moors...No. 1 last night was our support - fantastic!I''m undecided about Cort, he looks like he could be good but isn''t quite there yet, but can we afford to keep playing him until he does warm up? I have to say despite Rusty''s knock and what Gunny said about him keeping their playmaker out of the game (in which case why wasn''t he a problem in the second half?) I think he was anonymous so I would start with Cort against Wolves. Wes was skillful but needs to think more creatively, Croft was energetic as ever, Fozzy was good and terrible in equal measure, Marshall kept us in it again but I thought Doc was a rock. Player of the season again?I thought the first half we were shocking and Donnie weren''t much better. If it was me I would do a straight Lupoli for Cureton swap for Wolves - Arturo didn''t do much although there were a couple of flashes of skill but I can''t help thinking he would have done better with the chance Jamie fluffed (sorry Wiz).
  9. I''d love to agree with you mate, but why would someone with the potential and experience of Tiny (or Ched, Leroy...) join us right now when there are clubs much higher up the league where they could go?
  10. [quote user="Barclay_Boy"][quote user="Delia S. Tickers"]We''re too good to go down.[/quote] congratulations, you have won the pink''un "stupidist post of the day" probably your only achievement, ever [/quote]Quite an achievement, there''s a lot of competition! [:D]
  11. [quote user="colneycanary"]Making the same mistakes as Roeder, selling our best players, getting in crap loan players and playing players out of their normal positions! After losing tonight, we''ll be in the bottom 3 come 4.50 tomorrow. I''m not being pesimistic, i''m just being realistic and fed up with our board! [/quote]I think this post could be stickied as it''s so typical of the attitude of many on this board. CC, you''re moaning about something BEFORE it happens.We DIDN''T lose, we won''t be in the bottom three. If you are going to complain, how about choosing something real, not predictions about the future, rumour or speculation?
  12. Just goes to show how different the view people have about the same thing can be. I thought Matty gave us stability and a bit of intelligence, like Clingan does. Yes Wes is skillful,but he''s lightweight and tends to just keep going if he does get past his man . Given that Doncaster seemed to have three men on him a lot of the time, he should have been looking to move the play to whoever was in space if he did get free but he doesn''t look up the way Sammy (and Fozzy sometimes) does.Have to say though that most of the midfield seemed to think that Crofty is 12 feet tall last night, there were several shocking passes to him straight into the stand.
  13. Agreed most were probably there to have a look at a coupe of rivals,Clough especially, but Boothroyd is interesting. Wonder if Gunnie knew?
  14. Mick McCarthy, Nigel Clough, Alan Irvine, Brian Laws, Lee Clark, Aidy Boothroyd and Alex McLeish according tothe Pink''un match report. They must have been looking at last minute potential buys and, to be honest, there can''t be that many candidates. Although I think Bryan probably did the right thing letting Bell go, I will not be happy if we sell again. I''d take a massive fee for someone if we had time to reinvest it, but it''s too late for that.
  15. To be fair no-one knows, but there was a credible rumour that the Turners were being lined up, and the evidence publically available supports the theory. Even if they weren''t going to buy, another £1.5 million IS more investment. Spin works both ways.
  16. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="Arturo Whittlupoli"] [quote user="SPat"]Some might say the constant assertion without proof, that the club lie to us is spin spin and more spin. If indeed someone can prove they''ve lied I''ll willingly apologise. I guess the Dean Ashton isn''t injured line was supicious in the extreme, but given his history he probably was! [/quote] And Dickson etuhu had a tooth ache, and they''d sell the club for a tenner, no one wants to invest.....how long you got mate? [/quote] Don''t forget the ''''lots of lovely fresh investment''''  Delia Smith RNS [:)] [/quote]Was it or was it not the case that when Delia said this it appears that the Turners were lined up to buy the club? In which case she was correct.
  17. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="Cartoon Head"][quote user="CT "]Considering Forest fans labelled Clingan as use-less I think we can take the above opinion with a little pinch of salt.[/quote] most of the fans i know in Nottingham rated him pretty highly [/quote]Ditto, they were quite sour that he left![/quote]Agreed - I was told we''d pinched their best player. Still surprised they let him go.
  18. Didn''t know about this - looking forward to it even more!Shall we sing a song for you? YES!
  19. Of course, it''s possible that it was Coventry who insisted on it being undisclosed.
  20. [quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="Destort"] Wow, thanks for the passion and commitment David, we wait for months for you to get fit and you didn''t want to be here, even under a new manager?! Good on Gunn for getting rid of those not wanting to be here. Interested to see the fee however. [/quote]   Hardly fair to have a pop at the player. He''s been played out of position then left on the bench despite having twice as many assists in his few appearances as Crofty has managed all season. Of more concern is yet another manager lying to the fans about not selling players.Plus ca change plus c''est la meme chose, it would appear. [/quote]Lying is possibly a little bit harsh, non? I don''t need to sell is not the same as I won''t sell. If he sees a swap of an injured player who''s heart isn''t in it for someone he thinks can add to the team why wouldn''t he go for it? Better than doing nothing surely?
  21. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Thought it was just all talk. I suppose it makes sense really tho. As good a deliverer of the ball as he is, i still prefer Croft, and think Croft has more potential. Let''s hope we got a cool £1m or so for him, allowing us to go out and gfet Wayne Brown on a Nominal fee, that Leijer bloke and the mighty Ched for £1.2m.[/quote]Dream on!!!
  22. http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1538211,00.htmlThe only positive could be that we think we''ll keep Crofty?
  23. [quote user="urdie_Canary"]Jammie Cureton is waste[/quote]Jammie Cureton??? Did he have some sort of breakfast-related accident?
  24. He may not be the best left sided player at the moment, but I will always remember that fantastic last gasp free kick against Luton, and him clearing off the line when we drew 2-2 with the binners last season. I''d like to see him given another go.
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