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  1. [quote user="Camuldonum"]  I''ve got her phone numbers. Should I put them on Ebay?[:D] What should be my starting bid? [;)]  [/quote] I''m a bit skint at the moment, but I''ve got some cookery books if you''re interested in them Cam, by some woman called... hang on...[:$]
  2. Exactly why is it Doncaster''s fault? It''s the manager''s job to choose the players he wants.
  3. Not funny. Unlike...Little Johnny comes home from school with his report and reluctantly hands it to his mum. She reads it, shakes her head and turns to him and says "D for Maths! I know you can do better than this Johnny, so I expect to see a big improvement next time."At the end of next term Johnny sneaks into the house and tries to run upstairs with his report, but his mum catches him. "Hand it over" she says, which he does. She turns straight to Maths and her face darkens. "D again! This isn''t good enough Johnny. If it doesn''t improve, we''re going to have to move you to the Catholic school."Next term Johnny doesn''t come home on the last day till ten o''clock. When he finally does, his mum reads his report and says "That''s it, you''re transferring to the Catholic school."End of the first term of the new year, and Johnny comes back from Catholic school with his first report. He hands it proudly to his mum who is delighted to see not a D, a C or a B but a straight A for Maths. "That''s fantastic Johnny, I knew you had it in you. Well done. What made the difference?"Johnny looks at his mum and says "When I walked in on the first day and saw they''d nailed a guy to a huge wooden plus sign, I knew they weren''t pissing about with Maths."
  4. Bly, are you seriously trying to say that because both Delia and the Newcastle shareholders had a majority shareholding that Delia will make tens if not a hundred million from owning the club? May I refer you to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical?
  5. B*llocks! You can learn to command the penalty  area. You can''t learn to make great saves. He has excellent foundations to be our keeper for years to come- another hero, dare I say it. As grantroeder... says, everyone sees and remembers your mistakes if you''re a keeper. He''s only 23 - he could be playing for another 15 years or more - how about a bit of support for one of the team members with real promise?Scotland''s no. 1!
  6. [quote user="chichcanary"]My mate''s cousin''s girlfriend works at Chelsea''s training ground and she said the word is Chelsea are going for the dream team.   Peter Grant as manager Rioch as number 2 Roeder as head of fan interaction / media management Remember you heard it here first [/quote]No way! I saw Jim Duffy in Lidl on the Kings Road.
  7. Is that a 15 point penalty when it happens? I guess they need to decide whether they want to get relegated this season, or try and stay up then go down next? Neither are very attractive.
  8. I''m sure I remember a story that the Doc was first or second fastest in the squad over 100 metres a season or so ago. Was I dreaming or does anyone else remember this?
  9. I watched it on the Championship this morning and thought we were hard done by on both, but then I would say that. I think Doc DID get the ball before the man but I suppose Lazza''s point is fair that he knew he was taking the player out whatever. However the Drury foul was a clear body charge - not sure why since I don''t think he would have been that dangerous if he had won the ball. but a clear penalty nonetheless.
  10. Not tried it myself but have you seen Wine? http://www.winehq.org/
  11. This is hex-actly what we needed! Hex-cellent etc etc... [:$]
  12. Wasn''t there talk that GR was in line for a Director of Football type role at Arsenal just before he joined us? I think with the benefit of hindsight this probably is the ideal role for him - able to spot talent and bring it on, but NOT responsible for tactics and motivation of the first team. Also I think his view of tactics (yes, I think he had tactics, just the wrong ones) was more suited to the Premiership than the Championship.
  13. [quote user="John"]Croft, Doherty and Clingan. And Russell will if he put''s in the same kind of performance tomorrow as he did against Wolves (baring the one big mistake), and Hoolahan clearly has enough talent to become a fans favourite as well....However i don''t think we''ll be seeing any of the players revered in the same kind of light as Huckerby anytime soon, he was a true loyal, passionate and talented legend......[/quote]Have to agree it''s one of Doc, Crofty or Clingan, although now Houston mentions him, possibly Marshall too.On balance the Doc in the end, partly because he''s one the longest serving team members now, but also because it wasn''t so long ago he was getting lots of stick. There''s always the comedy potential in the wrestling too - the sending off against Burnley was a classic - what was he thinking??? [:O]
  14. "The sole reason given so far for his demise is objectionable personality." - ... well that and the terrible results!
  15. [quote user="JTG"][quote user="lincoln canary"] idiot [/quote]Idiot.[/quote]Idiot!
  16. And a spell checker can''t pick up illiterate mistakes like saying "a accurate" instead of "an accurate"! [:$]
  17. [quote user="Smudgers Armpit"]You know the old swear filters.  Can''t consistently wrong spelling be auto corrected?definately is easily corrected to definitely etc etcA few of those and the message board won''t look as though it is full of mongers[:P][/quote]It could be argued that this is actually quite a accurate picture! One less monger since Smudger went though.
  18. Just got in - can''t believe I spent the last two hours in an evening class instead of going to Wolves!   Has Smudger appeared on this thread BTW? [:D]
  19. If you have to hate someone, hate Thatcher for what she did to industry in this country and millions of people''s lives... or hate Blair for going to war in Iraq... or hate the BNP for the vile filth they spout... or hate child abusers...but hating someone for the football team they support? Time to get a sense of proportion!
  20. Reading between the lines, two managers have now not wanted to play him, so looks like a bit of an attitude problem. Gunn clearly puts a lot of store in dressing room spirit so maybe he didn''t want somone divisive spoiling things.
  21. If you read the article it sounds very vague:http://www.stmirren-mad.co.uk/news/loadnews.asp?cid=TMNW&id=430609
  22. I could never make my mind up about Omozusi. He had some great games and some poor ones. Gunn obviously didn''t rate him: "Elliot has not featured in any of my three squads in recent weeks. The opportunity has come for him to go back to Fulham and we wish him well in his future career."
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