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  1. That challenge on Kenny looked like another penalty.
  2. McLean on, Emi off. I would have subbed Marco, he's been sloppy for the last 5 minutes.
  3. What's the gobby Boro fan called? Can't wait to see him after this if it stays the same.
  4. Agreed, he seems to be blowing for pretty much every possible foul.
  5. Yeah, well at least we'd be represented highly in a table of pointless trolling on a forum.
  6. It's interesting that no-one has said "Farke won't make any changes till the 89th minute though". Whether or not that was actually true in the past, it definitely isn't accurate this season.
  7. Are you having a go at pensioners now? Because they are by far the main users of the NHS, and are a drain on the country's resources in other ways too. It can't be immigrants you refer to, as it is demonstrably clear that on average every new immigrant contributes more to the UK economy than the average British citizen.
  8. I have to say I think RTB is just playing bait the libs and I have fallen for it like most of the posters on this thread. The “n4zis were socialists” is exhibit A for the prosecution case, but once I decided he’s just trolling us, it just looks more and more obvious. Jools isn’t much better but at least he appears to be a genuine example of his own lunatic fringe.
  9. Do they ****. Try walking down the High Street in Mansfield or Hartlepool and ask what Kier Starmer's previous jobs were, what DPP stands for or who the current Director of Public Prosecutions is. The only reason anyone would know the answer would be if you and your kind start spreading more distortion on social media. Your claim to understand what the British public think would be laughable if your sort hadn't delivered a critical blow to the economy and fabric of this country by supporting Tory austerity and Brexit.
  10. Iggy Pop has played Parquet Courts a few times on 6 Music, I like what I've heard. His show is well worth a listen, I don't think I've ever heard a wider spectrum of music in one show, plus he obviously loves what he plays. He will occasionally join in or whoop along with stuff, which might normally be irritating but works just because he so obviously is enjoying the music.
  11. Somewhat mitigated by in practice having the third lowest goals against count in the division - it's as if the club looked at the options available and decided what we have is sufficient, and were right.
  12. I've got lots of ties with North Wales, so I wish them the best of luck. It's just that I'm not sure that being a decent bloke is near the top of a list of desirable qualifications to run a football club. * Waits for someone to ask what Delia and Michael's qualifications are* - many years in business and local contacts for one, plus getting on for 20 years experience owning a football club.
  13. Last one before I never get out of this YouTube rabbit hole. Hold your breath!
  14. And this! https://youtu.be/wCDIYvFmgW8
  15. I'm surprised we haven't seen anyone post these yet:
  16. So, why was that a question you felt you had to ask?
  17. I'm on a roll now. Not a music video as such, but nostalgia for those of you of a certain vintage.
  18. I used to listen to a podcast that played a, well, eclectic section of music, called Project Moonbase. They posted a link to this once and it's a treat for the eyes and ears. I have *no* idea what's going on, but I couldnt resist buying a CD called Bombay Disco because of it. Bottoms up!
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