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  1. Don’t believe so, unless someone can find a reference otherwise. Although the research that said you are immune after catching it for at least 5 months is very recent so this might change.
  2. Just thought I’d add the two most recent posts on Todd’s website Instagram story. Lakey, hopefully I include enough of one of your posts for you to feel I’m not selectively quoting you here: ”Social media has in it the best and the worst about life - it is a reflection of people of all sorts. The problem is it is instantly accessible to both good and bad and often it seems the bad becomes the prevalent too easily - you only have to look on you tube comments to see the amount of abuse and ugliness there in responses to all sorts of things. I would say to any younger person - get your priorities right, get your heads out of your phones and look outwards, not inwards. Social media presents largely false imagery and polarised arguments and attitudes - and footballers (as this is what this forum is about) should focus more on their profession than their image. Imo of course! ”
  3. What the headline omits is the 15 promotions and 15 relegations between now and 2050.
  4. TBF, this sort of thing has always happened, although this thread is a particularly awful example of the pantomime “I’m right”, “No, I’m right” argument. And having said that, I’m going to join in. Cantwell is clearly one of those marmite players who generates strong opinions, and for those of us on the positive end of the spectrum it looks a lot like the negative views have been influenced by the social media, topless photos, long hair, gloves and Alice band stuff, even if his detractors claim it’s all about the football. “Constructive” criticism for him when other young players get a free pass just encourages that view. Right, I’ve said my bit, I’m going to try and stay away from this thread now to avoid further windups.
  5. Is no-one else gagging to know who is the (official, or is it ***official***?) least-popular person on the forum? Or are you saying that the loser of Til and Bill is least popular, leaving the other one as second-least-popular? I'm boring myself now...zzz
  6. On what planet do we have a right to know? I could understand an argument that shareholders might have some right to be told about internal management of the club, although it's not a very strong one IMHO. But supporters have very few "rights" to anything.
  7. He probably had 3 when this thread started. Perhaps you can both agree to disagree?
  8. Equally, there are many worse jobs out there than getting paid to play computer games.
  9. Attitudes like yours don’t help either. Try changing Scouse in your post to Irish, Jewish or Indian. There are d1ckheads everywhere.
  10. Apparently the Leeds coach driver has been fined by the police for making a pointless journey.
  11. TB entirely F, which I do try, Computacenter must be one of the 3 biggest business laptop suppliers in the UK. It obviously should have been a competitive tender, but it’s not on the scale of giving a ferry contract to a firm with no ferries, or some of the PPE suppliers outrages.
  12. Apparently the score against Crawley demonstrates what a good player Bamford is.
  13. Should have been 4-0 then. Crawley 6, probably 7 now, shots on target. Leeds 1.
  14. I turned the tv on to watch a film but this is hilarious. I think I’ll get myself some popcorn for the last 20 minutes .
  15. ... oh go on then ... Binner.
  16. I just posted this on the match thread but seems more appropriate here.
  17. I think we should develop Barden carefully. We’ve had so many young keepers in the past who we got excited about but how many actually lived up to the hype? Jed Steer has probably done the best but he is only second choice at Villa now (is he injured now?). Then there’s Angus Gunn, Declan Rudd, Remi Matthews and Joe Lewis who all eventually settled at Championship level at best, but were raved about before they actually played at first team level. A promising start for sure, but let’s not put too much pressure too early on him.
  18. TBF, second half has been basically a training match.
  19. I was going to post something less funny but similar about how reality five or at best three were likely if Snoddy hadn’t taken the ball from RVW.
  20. Am I wrong to be excited at the prospect of Onel playing again? He's not the complete player, but at his best he is great to watch and can be a game changer. I think it's possible he could be what we need to go up a level, and maybe start to pull away from the pack.
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