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  1. I’ve fallen for the swear filter too. I’d better not change my username to **** said.
  2. I’m not sure I want to cooperate with anyone who likes Fairytale of New York (I have a problem with the Pogues and I just don’t get the fuss about Kirsty MacColl either), but this is *the* best Christmas song ever: It’s such a cool delivery, and captures that semi-comatose, slightly drunk relaxed vibe for me perfectly.
  3. I’m not a U2 fan, but I have always liked this cover, it lets the song work without (for me) Bono’s histrionic delivery:
  4. Anyway before TGS distracted me, I came on here to post this. The whole album is great but I absolutely love this in particular:
  5. Sh*ttyflute! I love Sh*tyyflute! I literally sent this to a friend yesterday:
  6. I’m not sure I would miss much if I blocked JK. Much of what he says isn’t wrong, but the tone and delivery is unnecessarily aggressive.
  7. I realise the US election result will have made you sad, on top of Brexit being a sh*tshow, but lighten up.
  8. That’s a great picture, I’ve not seen that before. Is there a matching one of Farke on a horse? (I just realised how long it is since I’ve heard that song )
  9. It’s almost like he’s a decent shot stopper, but doesn’t have the all-round game of Krul. A decent backup championship keeper in other words. If only someone had suggested that when Krul first got injured. But no, he was the worst keeper in the league and the fact he was playing was an indictment of Webber’s short-sightedness.
  10. Cracking game, cracking result! Let’s just hope there are no injuries post match (other than Todd needing eye surgery obvs).
  11. I doubt he performed a self-diagnosis immediately after feeling a finger in the eye, he just reacted as 99% of other footballers would. But an Alice band trumps that I guess.
  12. Hopefully those changes for Blackburn will help us. They weren’t doing much wrong before.
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