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  1. Just now, xymox said:

    If loans can be recalled does that mean we could lose Skipp?  He is impressing here and would probably now get in the Spurs squad based on how he’s been performing for us

    If we had McCallum at left back, or if Xavi has recovered, Sorenson could then move to his ‘proper’ position. From what we’ve seen, he should do a decent job there and it would allow him and the rest of the team to become familiar with him in that role before (some chicken counting going on here) we get thrown back into the Premier League fire again. So no bad thing IMHO. The alternative is to spend a season playing with Skipp and then be forced to swap him out if/when we go up - along with several other changes/upgrades.

  2. 1 hour ago, wcorkcanary said:

    Might have been part of the deal that got him here. Not declared on contract but a nod  and a wink.  

    Then we have the Pinkun classic situation, Xavi starts  ,does well.......so why the hell did we buy McCallum ...to sit on the bench?


    Xavi is 24 and established, Sam is 20 and had never played at a higher level than League 1. Seems a reasonable way of hedging our bets to me.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Nuff Said said:

    Anyone else have Pillows and Prayers, the Cherry Red compilation promo album? (This was on it). I must have played it to death.

    I listened to this a lot as a sensitive 17 year old in a long overcoat:


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  4. On 20/11/2020 at 17:51, Mr Angry said:

    John Peel favourite.


    Anyone else have Pillows and Prayers, the Cherry Red compilation promo album? (This was on it). I must have played it to death.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man said:

    That would make life more difficult and controversial for everyone. Not only would the referee have to judge whether an offence is a foul, he'd have to assess the angle the player was running at. 

    You're right though that there are too many penalties being given. I still have no idea who at IFAB looked at the game two years ago and decided more penalties needed to be given for handball. The rule needs to be reverted so that only intentional handballs are given, or at the very least where a player didn't take reasonable care to avoid contact between arm and ball, such as jumping for at a set piece with the arm up or leaning towards the ball when it's struck from a distance.

    There was an article about this in The Athletic yesterday which said even match officials don't like the new rules. Which begs the question how did it get agreed, but that's a different topic. They suggest reverting back to a simple approach - if it's arm to ball, handball; if it's ball to arm, it's not handball, or as Roy Hogdson says, if it's accidental, it's not handball. Works for me.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Gordon Bennett said:

    Does anybody know definitively the situation with our loanees  ie can any of them be recalled at any point before the end of the season? 

    Webber apparently was at Coventry on Friday, presumably to watch McCallum, so maybe we can recall him in January?

  7. 23 hours ago, hogesar said:

    IFollow has been perfect every game so far, and its a revenue stream for the club. The forum mods should be closing these threads down, in all honesty.

    Me too. Not being very organised, I leave things to the last minute, or even beyond that, but every time it couldn’t have been any quicker or smoother. I use Firefox and leave close to my exchange, could there be a sensitivity to latency?

    I can understand that it’s not going to be a smooth experience for everyone but now we are past the initial period where you could expect teething problems, I would expect their support to step up if you’re having problems.

  8. 23 minutes ago, TeemuVanBasten said:

    Completely different level of football.

    If you want to compare the two players then watch Hanley in the first month of last season! 

    Stupid comparison. 

    Hanley has been my man of the match, but its blatantly obvious that if we were to be promoted we'd need to invest in that area of the pitch. 

    I disagree. Look at our last season in the Championship. Ben Godfrey obviously has many skills but basic defending is not top of the list. 

    (See how I did that without calling anyone names?)

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