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  1. Hard to see any way out of that other than Grealish being a massive cheat.
  2. The references to Charlton are because they were once the model we aspired to: https://theguardian.newspapers.com/image/?clipping_id=54053196&fcfToken=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJmcmVlLXZpZXctaWQiOjI1ODg1NDI1OSwiaWF0IjoxNjA2NzI3NDI0LCJleHAiOjE2MDY4MTM4MjR9.D3BXzeBdPooiTW4I-Fb7B6B5epHQvv3H3h_VflWSkek
  3. Yes, obvious when you put it like that! Thanks.
  4. I’m no financial engineer, but if one part of his business loses £10 million and another makes £50 million and gets taxed at 20%, doesn’t one offset the other?
  5. They might owe him £100 million, but is that what ownership has actually cost him? Isn’t some of that paper losses, which have in turn allowed him to save tax on profits elsewhere? And if the alternative is sell up and lose, say, £10 million, or carry on losing £2 million every year, the decision might look different.
  6. The point, as Parma has said, is that the short-term gain, of a ‘better’ striker than we otherwise have available for a couple of games, isn’t worth the long-term pain, of a shift in the balance of power between the coaching team and the players. I’m not entirely sure what (some of) the players would do if they felt more empowered, but I’m fairly sure playing Drmic for two or three games isn’t going to guarantee two or three wins that would be losses otherwise.
  7. Can I officially say the official thread has got boring now? We seem to be largely arguing about arguing as the relevant points either side of the argument were made several pages ago. In my OPINION.
  8. I don’t get this “we played the youth in the past and they were good, so we should do it again” argument at all. Farke picked Lewis, Aarons and the rest because they were the best options at the time. If he doesn’t play U23s now, it’s because there are other, better options.
  9. Either your stream is ahead of mine, or you’re psychic!
  10. The ref is wearing a particularly fetching shade of light blue.
  11. SHOOOOTTTTTT!!!! I think we’ll be seeing this a few times at the end of this season. I wasn’t one of his biggest fans a few years, but there’s no denying he has become a club legend. Let’s hope we can fill Carrow Road for his testimonial. 🥲
  12. Quite funny. “Mbokani left” - oh no! When did that happen?
  13. But Farke would never play him immediately. He clearly thinks it’s important for new players to acclimatise. By the time Sinani was up to speed, we’d have many of the injured players back.
  14. You have to say if this team played the team we put out tomorrow (and everyone was fit), your money would be on the injured/suspended team.
  15. This! In the last few minutes of the game, with a draw close, surely they would have been all over the ref if they thought there was any merit in their case.
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