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  1. The Leeds player got his ban for his “post match comments”. Yes he did swear, and when the interviewer pointed it out, his response was “I don''t care, this was a robbery from the referee” So not only did he swear, he showed no remorse and he also implied that the referee was biased - which is punishable in it’s own right. Compare that to Klose, who did swear, but immediately apologised before the interviewer realised what was said.
  2. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/13-strikers-whove-been-too-good-championship-failed-premier-league Is it just me that feels we have more than our fair share of strikers on that list. I hope Rhodes is more of a Earnshaw for us than a Bamford
  3. [quote user="Ben"]I wonder if this will be the season that we see parts of poorman road closed off ?According to those farmhands who can count there were times last season when poorman road was only around one third full. Even their ''cup final'' when we grace their hovel doesn''t sell out.Perhaps they could raise some much needed cash by selling off the thousands and thousands of unused blue seats and bring in straw bales when it looks like they may have more than 15,000 or so.I''m sure many of their fans would feel far more at home that way.[/quote] Just saw an article about policing at games, that had a link to the data used. Ipswich Championship attendances ranged from 13,031 (Hull) to 24,928 (Norwich). The only attendance that Norwich had that was lower than their top crowd was the Burton game, with 24,841. Their second highest was 20,024 against Villa. Norwich was average attendance of 25,959 (96% of capacity) while Ipswich was 16,271 (53.7% of capacity)
  4. If he goes to Liverpool, do you think Norwich would go for Ings in part exchange (13 games in 3 years there) or Solanke on loan (4 starts and 15 sub appearances)?
  5. It is just me that thinks it looks like someone trying to stab themselves. Then again, if I had to live in Leeds...
  6. I am currently in the Amsterdam, where he was assistant at Ajax, and before he was sacked, a few people said that they couldn''t believe that he was given the manager job. They thought although he was a great player, and good technical coach, they did not think he has the right personality to motivate players or manage. None are surprised he has been sacked.
  7. Sky reporting that Bony is now having medical at Swansea
  8. Sky reporting "We understand Derby want Norwich striker Cameron Jerome"
  9. Am I the only one that scrolled to the bottom looking for the tl;dr summary?
  10. I can only go on what I saw from Naismith during the Sunderland game. I don''t think he worked very hard, and by the time it got to an hour into the game, he stopped running, and if the pass wasn''t to his feet he would complain. Whether it was that he was tired or lack of confidence and gave up, I don''t know. My guess is that I was not the only one who noticed it, as he was then subbed. I wonder if it is because at teams like Everton the quality of passing is better and more accurate, and he has found it difficult to adjust to passes that are a yard or two to the side of where he expects it.
  11. You also have to wonder how sustainable is it relying on Chinese investment in football...look what is happening to their game: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/07/25/thirteen-chinese-super-league-clubs-face-expulsion-unpaid-debts/ Admittedly, some of the clubs are disputing the claims, but you have to wonder if the clubs that are owned by foreign investors are not getting into the PL - which they all can''t what will happen to the investment. Will they stop paying, will they start taking their money out. Just look at Blackburn with the Venkys: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/football-league/blackburn-rovers-relegate-venkys-out-kentaro-jerome-anderson-a7724601.html
  12. Norwich MP: "Of course it matters when the song came out, hey, let''s start singing Britpop about pigeons and impotence and from decades ago at our new manager. Also, were those songs not conceived in the era of the song?" Like: "We love you Paul McVeigh" from 2000-2010, original song was 1968 "Morrocan all over the world" for Safri, 2004-2007, with the original song from 1977 or "On the first day of Christmas" for Huckerby, 2003-2008, with the original song from 1780 None of these were conceived in the same era - unless about 223 years is considered the same era, yet they were all popular. Nothing wrong with the age of the song, as long as people are prepared to sing it and create some atmosphere.
  13. An absolute classic from Ricky... https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/ex-norwich-flop-ricky-van-wolfswinkel-misses-open-goal-three-yards (Although the name of the link does give it away)
  14. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="dhickl"]https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jun/01/premier-league-finances-club-by-club I few interesting things here, but one that stands out is the highest paid directors at each club - only the likes of Woodard at Man U, Levy at Spurs, Arsenal and Villa are paid more than McNally was. The Highest paid Director at Chelsea was on £220k, and McNally was 10 times that!! I know that was probably due to clearing the debt and getting the club promoted, but still, can he negotiate my salary for me please.[/quote]You have included £1.35m for loss of office in the McNally figure. His salary for the 11 months to him leaving was £743,000. As to Chelsea, it is not clear that they have a chief executive as such, which would be the equivalent of McNally. There are only three directors, one of whom seems to have only sort-of taken over from the CEO who left in 2014. She may be getting the £220,000. It may also be that because Chelsea as a club is owned by another company (Fordstam) someone in Fordstam is getting paid as CEO but so doesn''t show up in the Chelsea accounts.[/quote] Good point, I didn''t realise the payoff was that much, still on a good salary though. Fair play to him - I don''t begrudge anyone their salary, as they negotiated it. I''m also surprised at some of the revenues from tickets - I would expect Norwich to be similar to teams like Leicester and Palace, as it is similar size stadium and crowds, but for a team like Sunderland that has 40,000+ gates to only have a ticket income less than Norwich.
  15. Now I know why I don''t use this board very much. This wasn''t a swipe at the club, I just wanted to post a new article (less than 3 hours old) that I thought was interesting and discuss it with others - note, I deliberately made my comment neutral and didn''t criticise or praise anyone. In fact, you will struggle to find a post from me criticising the club. However, immediately after I post it doesn''t fit with what someone wants , rather than being constructive and having a conversation about it, they start moaning.
  16. [quote user="norfolkngood"]i very much doubt the highest paid director at chelsea working for one of the richest men in the world gets 220k !!![/quote] It depends on where they are from, if they are living overseas, they can be employed as a director, then also have a ''consulting company'' that provides advice, and get paid that way without having the tax bill - and this would be general expense not directors remuneraton. However, if they are UK based that becomes a lot more difficult for tax avoidance schemes.
  17. Yes, lets only talk about what you want to talk about. The fact is, an article was published today that mentions Norwich. I was posting a link to it, and pointing out what I thought was interesting in it. So DDD, for future reference can you give me a list of approved subjects that can be mentioned on here? ...or if you don''t like it, just ignore it, don''t complain and go to the next post, and leave it to people who are interested in discussing the article.
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jun/01/premier-league-finances-club-by-club I few interesting things here, but one that stands out is the highest paid directors at each club - only the likes of Woodard at Man U, Levy at Spurs, Arsenal and Villa are paid more than McNally was. The Highest paid Director at Chelsea was on £220k, and McNally was 10 times that!! I know that was probably due to clearing the debt and getting the club promoted, but still, can he negotiate my salary for me please.
  19. [quote user="Van wink"]Tyre fitter[/quote] Give it a couple of years and you''ll be up front for City
  20. Looking at the changes this season: In / Out Sunderland / Newcastle Middlesbrough / Brighton Hull / Huddersfield Sheffield United / Blackburn Bolton / Wigan Millwall / Rotherham I would say, other than Sunderland/Newcastle, in each case the championship team that is coming in is stronger than the one leaving. Add to that, some teams that have had financial backing, such as QPR, Wolves, Derby, possibly Leeds with the new owner. Do you think that this is the strongest Championship for a few years?
  21. According to a study by Liverpool University, it is! http://www.football.london/west-ham-united-fc/news/west-ham-valued-less-newcastle-13009964 I guess he used data from Norwich being in the Premier League, but I guess being almost debt free and owning their own ground makes a big difference. (Very surprised at some of the names below us...Everton?)
  22. FenwayFrank, I think the point is that Oliviera is not proven in this league, and his goal scoring rate is not great. Ulloa is experienced in the English game and has scored 23 goals in 50 appearances in the Championship.
  23. There is also the problem of broadcasting a game at 3pm on a Saturday. It would be possible for games at other times, but I guess it is down to whether the allocation has been sold.
  24. I think the education system needs improving down there. "There (they''re) praising themselves over the fact there (they''re)..." "One was a 2m signing from Liverpool and the over (other)..." "One of there (their) stongest teams..." And don''t get me started on the use of punctuation!
  25. Would we have a choice to keep him? There were a number of reports, after we signed him, stating that he had a relegation release clause... http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2016/03/25/am-naismith-relegation-release-clause-revealed/
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