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  1. Hi one and all,                      Ive been a long time follower of the free-bet and have decided its time to get off the sidelines and stick my 10 pennorth in - I know the season is well under way and hope that even at this late stage its not too late to become part of an institution!! I know I''m too late to sway Grahams picks (Look a good selection to me!) but if its alright to join at this late stage - can I please go for -              Hereford Vs Notts County - Away win      Heres hoping to a City win and a return to glory (and money for the academy) for the pickers 
  2.  Say what you want about the bloke and I know plenty of you have on this forum but in that 5 second burst of camp uber glee at Croftys magic strike, Roeder appeared more human and strangely likeable for me than at almost anytime in his reign at Carrow Road. I wouldnt say I''m completely warming to the bloke - defrosting more like it but get a win at Watford on Wednesday and avoid a defeat to Reading and ask me again :)
  3. I tell you Smudger, I don''t go to games either - pray do tell me how you manage to form such forthright opinions on players you never actually see play - would love to know!
  4. I believe the key statement made this transfer window by Mr Roeder went something along the lines of "I could sign any number of average players for this club without a problem". The problem it would seem would therefore not be the alleged lack of funds by yourself and others; more likely that in this crazy one month window the prices asked for the players wanted are ridiculous and Glenn is biding his time not getting drawn into paying over inflated prices for average players - a la some managers at other clubs.      A couple of other points if i may. Firstly, apart from Leicester and QPR, its not like the whole of the Championship is out there buying hordes of players and were sitting on our thumbs getting beaten to players left, right and centre - and dont quote me Martin Taylor; lets see how that pans out by the 31st. Secondly, I can only imagine the howls of derision and scorn from some posters on the board over whoever we sign. It seems to me that sometimes Glenn and the board are in a no win situation. If we havent signed anybody - we''re broke. If we do sign players then theyre immediately not good enough and a sign of a lack of ambition. If we try and play it slightly clever a la Taylor, then the board come in for a hammering. For me its been a positive window - deadwood cleared out, some players in, some irons in the fire. Lets continue this conversation on the 1st February shall we - not spout portents of doom about our financial status just cos we''ve had a quiet week on the transfer front!  P.S) Remind me how much Ipswich have spent of this fabled £12 million?
  5.  As much of a legend as Hucks is and without being detrimental to the input hes made for the club over the last few seasons, does anyone think that considering his long standing hip problem, attitude issues and apparent lack of desire to play much football beyond this season that if we got a decent lump sum for him now that this wouldnt be a positive move?
  6. Can''t help feel I speak for many on this board both regular posters and lurkers when I say I look forward to passing you and a handful of others on Carrow bridge during your pointless no-test. The three best things about these last 2 wins - Firstly, obviously the 6 points and the way the team has pulled together and started to perform. Secondly, the way a couple of positve results has pulled this forum together. Some people do forget that we''re all supporters and that tag does rely on actually supporting the team - not hoping that we lose and having a go at all of us who are actually doing something positive to try and get our team out of the mire - mainly getting behind Glenn Roeder and singing as loudly as we can during the 90 minutes. Thirdly, and this has to be my favourite of the 3 - any sort of positive result against Stoke on Saturday and believe me, I''d happily settle for a point will make you and your handful of protesters comes December even more ridiculous, Yes mistakes have been made, yes ideally things would have been different but surely you see how ridiculed you''re going to be. I don''t expect you to cancel it - after all , you''re as deeply entrenched in your views about the board as some as some of us are who you wittily label sheep are who support the club, the team and yes, on occasions the board. Anyway, as you huddle together for warmth on that Saturday singing your "Anti-Delia" songs, please do keep an eye out for me -I''ll be easy to spot. I''ll be one of 24,000+ cheering on my team whilst roaring with laughter at the no-test!
  7. Its a no from me.............and to be honest there isn''t a type size big enough for me to express how much of a no it is. Supporters actually support.............and theres been a real lack of em on this board in the last couple of days. If that makes me a sheep, then I have one word for the negative crowd - BAAAA    Stats
  8. Sorry Wiz but you have to be the most pointlessly repetitive and tedious poster on this board. Any chance of hearing something positive from you....... or changing what is the dullest record on this forum?
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