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  1. Cricket, more cricket, a dash more cricket on top of that and if I want something different, I''ll probably have a game of cricket.    Tides me over nicely until the football :)   And Chris Woakes - promising quick bowler plays for Warwickshire
  2. Montrose Vs Livingston - Away win for me please. Best of luck IH and heres as always looking forward to a city win and of course, a PUPs win
  3. York Vs Grays - HOME Win for me please     Best of luck to you Mac and heres looking forward as ever to both a PUPs win and a City win too (although would happily take a point)
  4. Stevenage Vs Forest Green - Home win      Good luck and heres looking forward as always to a City win and a PUPs win :)
  5. Arsenal to beat Wolves for me please     Good luck Mr Chops and here''s as always looking forward to both a City and PUPs win ;)
  6. Rochdale Vs Grimsby for me please. Home win for the mighty dale and their romp to the League 2 title     Good luck Yankee - and as always heres hoping for both a City and PUPs win!!!!
  7. Scottish Division 3 which has proved to be a rich hunting ground for me. Leaders Livingston to be too strong at home for Stranraer -          Livingstone Vs Stranraer - Home win     Best of luck Til1010 and heres hoping as always for a City win and of course, a PUPs win!
  8. Short sweet and simple once again - Scottish 3rd Division and its gotta be Livingston to beat Elgin for me    Best of luck blahblahblah and heres hoping for both a city and PUPS win as always!!
  9. Short and sweet for me this week - our very own Norwich to put Yeovil to the sword and continue our glorious quest to League 1 glory    Heres looking forward to a city win and of course, a PUPs win too - best of luck Obiwan - I''m sure Im not the first to say  -may the force be with you and your picks!!
  10. If you offered me a win against Yeovil and 3 draws against the rest, I''d be more than happy with that I reckon
  11. Aaaaaagggggh, another called off game in Scotland due to the weather - typical!!!           Over to my  reserve pick - York to beat Eastbourne Borough please Nutty              Best of luck NYC - they look a decent pick to me!!                 
  12. Short and sweet this week - Scottish 3rd Division     Livingston Vs Montrose - Home win    (Reserve pick if this one rained off  - York Vs Eastbourne Boro Home win)      Best of luck NYC and here''s hoping for a city win and of course, a PUPs win too :)
  13. Nutty,           Forget the prediction League, think we should change it to predicting which games are gonna be postponed at late notice as some of us seem to do that with regular monotony :) Anyhoo, as Kettering Vs Grays has been called off, can I please change my nap to Rochdale Vs Dagenham - Home Win        Cheers
  14. Unoriginal I know but Kettering Home Win against Grays for me please    Best of luck Pete and heres hoping for both a City win and PUPs win as always
  15. Change of tack for me this week - Im moving away from League 2 and broadening my horizons. This week, my all encompassing gaze takes me to Scotland and Division 3 - where the leaders should be far too strong for lower table opposition......so      Livingston Vs Annan Athletic..................   Home Win     Good luck P_Boro Canary and heres lookng forward as always to a City and a PUPs win
  16. Hi Nutty,              Have just seen my pick of a Rotherham home win has gone the way of a number of others thanks to the weather - as I''m keen not to lose another one of my picks due to the great British weather, I really hope Im not too late to change my nap to .......           Norwich Vs Hartlepool ......................... Home Win                  Many thanks
  17. Tough one this week - feel picking the mighty Dale might be pushing my luck somewhat and I''d like my good run to continue and I''m not gonna tip city as would hate to feel guilty if this great run comes to an end...................... so staying in League 2 my nap for this Saturday is ...        Rotherham Vs  Macclesfield .................................. Home Win    Best of luck CITD and heres as always looking for a City win as well as a PUP win!!!
  18. Gotta stick with what I know - surely another win for the mighty Dale as they continue their glorious march to League 2 winners. Tempted to go for city - top of the league by 5 and a home game to boot...................but Im gonna stick with            Cheltenham Vs Rochdale - Away win       Best of luck to all and heres looking forward to a City and a PUP win
  19. A veritable plethora of football to pick from considering the relative famine of the last couple of weeks due to weather and breaks in European football. I was nearly tempted by the African Nations but after the Mali 4 Angola 4 result have decided to stick somewhat closer to home. Its gotta be the tried and tested for me as League 2 leaders Rochdale take on plumb mid table Port Vale. The mighty Dale will surely be continuing on their run to glory and notch up another stunning victory so.........................         Rochdale Vs Port Vale - Home win    Best of luck (Norwich) with your selection and heres hoping for a City win and another storming performance from the PUPS!
  20. Might not be 6 domestic games to pick from alas so for the 1st time in my all too brief Pick history is too pick City       Norwich Vs Exeter - Home Win    Best of luck to all and heres looking forward to a City and PUP win
  21. Some tough FA Cup fixtures to pick from - don''t like the look of many of them I must admit. So instead, its gonna a first pick for City        Wycombe Vs Norwich   - Away Win  Good luck Sid and heres looking forward as always to a PUP success and a city win
  22. Hmmm, Christmas cheer seems to be causing an impairment as Im struggling for inspiration this week. Am reluctant to go the mighty Rochdale again, as 3 picks in a row seems far too risky. Also, gonna avoid picking one of the big 4 premier teams - far too boring. Instead, Im gonna plump for -      MK Dons Vs Stockport      - Home Win      Good luck to all PUPS and a very Merry Christmas to you all
  23. Really hope its not too late but as my original nap has been postponed, could I possibly change it to the only game left standing in League 2 - Rochdale to beat Shrewsbury         Cheers
  24. Hello one and all - my nap for this week sees me swing to the Blue Square Premier where i am confident that Stevenage, 2nd in the table will have too much for plucky Barrow, wallowing in lower mid table mediocrity at home  Thus - Stevenage Vs Barrow - Home win   Alas, I won''t be able to make the meet as Im in a far flung part of the country but to all who are going, I hope you all have an excellent time and to all PUPs, can I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year         And two City wins over the festive period please Santa
  25.  So pleased I''ve finally got involved in this - wish id been in from the start of the season now :)        For my pick this week, as tempted as I was to go for Norwich I''m wandering into League 2 and napping my second team -               the mighty Rochdale to continue their march to the title (or something like that)  away to struggling Lincoln                       Lincoln Vs Rochdale  - Away win     Best of luck Hughesy - heres hoping for a city win and another PUP triumph as well
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