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  1.  Bangor to win for me please       Hope you that little more luck this week Fellas than me
  2.  Cheers one and all. Slightly gutted would be an understatement but nether the less an incredible amount of enjoyment and tension.   Best of luck who gets to have a go next week and here''s hoping for a little more luck and some more wins for us over the rest of the season             Cheers       
  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4. Damn right I am :) Never been more nervous over an obscure fixture in the Dutch League..........
  5. Whoop, whoop, callo, callay, oh frabjous day. 5 right so far - here''s looking forward to tomorrow!   Have a good night one and all
  6. Ok, good evening one all . After much calculating, ruminating, cogitating and other weird and wonderous activities ending with ''ing'', I think I''m finally there with my 6 naps. Before I unveil them, allowing you all to either shower me praise/shower me with scorn (delete as applicable), there''s just a couple of things I''d like to say.     Firstly, thanks to Nutty for the top draw organisation that keeps this running so smoothly and of course to Arrdee, who Im sure would be only too proud to see how this thread and the cameraderie/banter/fun/Shysters in house league has developed.   Secondly, an apology. Having looked from afar at all the pickers so far and often pondered quite vociferously why so and so have been selected, I can now fully understand the variety of issues that arises. Do you go for 6 longish odds and hope to rake in a whopping amount, go for 6 supposed ''bankers'' and work on the ''little and more often'' approach or a mix of the two. I''ve duly considered all of these and in the end, to my own disappointment, have taken the seemingly more conservative, dull and some would argue boring route. Whatever the opinion, I''ve had a great deal of fun and I hope this thread continues to provide the same amount of enjoyment for as wide a range of people for a long time to come.    Lastly, to all you Pickers, I can honestly say that each and every one of your naps has been duly considered and know that much of my half term off work has been spent looking at the various form of teams from a host of European Leagues from the major to downright obscure. Thanks for all your selections -  I hope I don''t let all you down :)     So, without further wafflage, here are my 6 naps  Arsenal to beat West Ham (Delia/Shack/GMF/Sports Desk Pete et al) Hadjuk Split to beat Hrvatski Dragovoljac   (Scooby/Trent/Canary Cherub et al) This will also be my choice please  Hertha Berlin to beat Ingolstad  (Hissing Sid)   Luton to beat Bath  ( Muddy/GingerPele et al )    Roda to beat Willem ll Tilburg (Yankee/Nutty et al)    Annan to beat Preston Athletic (Graham H et al)    So that''s the 6. Notable mentions to Shrewsbury, Turiff United, Cliftonville, Basel, Albion and Rangers but alas, it can only be 6       Here''s as always looking forward to both a City win and of course, even more than usual, a PUPs win              Cheers one and all, I''ve had a blast
  7.  Thanks Nutty for that warm welcome - was much appreciated. I especially enjoyed the focus on my last seasons form as this year I find myself firmly near the top of Shyster''s 3rd Division - a long way from the relative glory of the top league.       However, despite being more nervous  I am confident that with the PUPs behind me, all being well we can add another successful week to our and long and notable list of successes. I look forward to reading all of your naps and can assure you that each one will be duly considered, weighed, measured and noted. As the name suggests, I''m partial to the odd statistic or two so if you''d like to add some reasoning of a numerical nature behind your pick, then all the better.     I''ll be looking to post my picks on Friday evening, so until then, pick away and onwards to glory, success and a sausage roll. Well, maybe not the glory and success        CheersP.S) Continuing on from last week, getting to 70 nappers would be great too!            
  8. Luton home win for me please     Best of luck to all and as always, here''s looking forward to both a PUPs win and of course, a City win:) 
  9. Something different for me I reckon as I''m lagging a fair way behind........lets risk it with an away win ;) This week, I''ll be mostly napping Fleetwood Town to beat Altrincham           Best of luck and as always, here''s looking forward to both a City and PUPs win!!!!
  10. Southampton to beat Tranmere for me please      Best of luck Sparkos
  11. Win for AFC Wimbledon for me please gainst Forest Green     Best of luck CC and heres looking forward to both a city and PUPs win as always               
  12.  Dull, unimaginative but Im gonna be a good little sheep and go for an Arsenal win please     Best of luck GMF and here''s as always looknig forward to both a city and PUPs win!
  13. Curse my lack of imagination and energy to scour the various leagues around the world         Chelsea to win for me please!!!           
  14. Norwich win for me please     Heres as always looking forward to both a City and Pups win - best of luck Butler
  15. Luton to beat Tamworth for me please     Good luck as always to both City and the Pups
  16. Dull, uninspring and bland selection this week, much like my efforts at cooking but its gonna have to be -          Arsenal Vs Blackpool - Home Win    Here''s looking forward to both a City and a PUPs win this weekend
  17. Luton Vs Altrincham - Home win for me     Heres as always looking forward to both a City win and of course, a PUPs win :)
  18. Absolutely fantastic to have this back once again - for me, the undoubted highlight of this board     Always a tough one to pick the first week but after much calculation, intuition and damn right guess work, I''m plumping for -           Gillingham Vs Cheltenham - Home win    Here''s as always lookng forward to both a City win on Friday and of course, a PUPs win to boot!
  19. I came late to the PUPs thread but have thoroughly enjoyed playing my small part in what one previous poster stated was the best thing on the internet ;) Thanks to all who make it so from Billy and Nutty to all the other pups and of course Ray who started it all off - I''m unable to make the meet but really hope you all have a fantastic time.      So for my last pick of the season, I shall change the habit and rather than pick with my head, pick with my heart.          With that said, it has to be Norwich Vs Carlisle - Home Win       So, for the last time this season, heres hoping for both a City and PUPs win               Cheers one and all                         Statto
  20. Notts County to beat Cheltenham for me please     Heres looking forward as always to both a city and PUPs win ;)
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