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  1. Hi all im after a ticket for the game I''ve only just managed to get the weekend of work so if anyone knows of a spare going could you please email me at robmason136@gmail.com.
  2. For some reason my mother has decided to rip my ticket up and bin it, I''ve managed to retrieve what''s left of it. Does anybody know how i go about getting a replacement?
  3. ive got 1 adult ticket spare, email me at robmason136@gmail.com if intrested.
  4. Just come across this, 2nd bid rejected apparently. http://twitter.com/#!/Fourth_Official
  5. 2.5 is far to much but we will see if anyone can get him playing well its lambert.
  6. dont rate him at all injury prone and his goalscoring record is poor.
  7. theres a few being sold on ebay, just bought 1 myself.
  8. My vote was for Martin but Holt fully deserves the award. Now lets wrap up a fantastic season with a win today. OTBC
  9. Hi does anyone know were i can buy this seasons programmes from??
  10. Dont get to many games and ive already book my hotel. Will i be able to get tickets on general sale??
  11. Hi im thinking about making the trip down soon and just wanted to know if anyone knows any cheap hotels.??
  12. he was shit today. i reckon wilbraham should start against reading didnt look to bad when he came on
  13. Hi does anybody know if we can buy tickets on the gate??
  14. Dont know if anybody has ever noticed this but lambert has the best win% ratio out of all the managers in the clubs history. I think it goes to show just how good he is.
  15. yes indeed great result wish i had gone now
  16. i think thats how much shrewsbury paid notts forest for him.
  17. He just broke the australian league record for going 876 minutes without conceding a goal.
  18. The non league paper today reported that we have shown an intrest in him. He currently plays for kendal town and being form kendal ive seen him play a few times and he looks like a promising player. He can play upfront or in midfield and is only 21 so could be worth a gamble.
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