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  1. Nicked from the Wrath Oohhh Jonny Howson''s magic, he wears a magic hat He came from Leeds United, he didn''t fancy that Now he plays for Norwich, he wears the famous eight We know he''ll play for England, he''s so f**king great. http://www.wrathofthebarclay.co.uk/interactive/board/mobile-message.php?pid=2697524
  2. It wasn''t a quote in reference to a move to Norwich either. It was said at least three months ago http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2306186/Ajax-Belgium-defender-Toby-Alderweireld-gives-green-light-Liverpool-move.html He may have changed his opinion.
  3. I rate both Ryan and Elliott Bennett but they wouldn''t make my 1st Eleven on paper. It shows how far we''ve come and the depth of the squad we have. Good times if you ask me; when we have that calibre of player in the squad and not necessarily in the 1st eleven.
  4. Sorry to write players off Haddock but it''s all about opinions and IMO the players I have listed are not at the level of others in our squad. In your opinion they might be and that''s what is great about football. Ultimately it''s not my opinion or your opinion that counts but on a message board we are allowed to discuss our opinions. In my opinion A.N other is a great player who will improve our squad immensely ;-)
  5. Agreed PurpleCanary and I would still like to see us strengthen, particularly in defence. We let in a lot of goals last season and I know there is an argument for this being the result of our attacking philosophy but I''d still like to see us improve. I would say a left back is a given with the lack of numbers in this area assuming Whittaker was brought in for competition at right back. Even Whittaker may yet be out for longer than expected - we''ve had very little information on his injury.
  6. Good teams JP and I liked Martin at Centre back but no Turner? I think Hughton has brought him in to add some experience to the defence.
  7. I like your team CA and it would be similar to mine if I opted for a 4-4-2. I just think with the amount of midfielders we have we are most likely to be lining up in a 4-5-1 this season. We have so many options this season and hopefully still have time to add a little bit more quality at the back.
  8. So, with the squad coming together nicely ahead of our first game, I''ve been giving my 1st and 2nd string preference some thoughts and who I would play and who I would leave out. My preferences are below. Feel free to add your own. 1st Team: Ruddy Martin A.N Other Turner A.N Other Howson A.N. Other Snodgrass Pilkington Hoolahan Holt 2nd Eleven: Rudd Whittaker Ayala R.Bennett Tierney Fox Johnson E.Bennett Surman Butterfield Vaughan Reserve: Morison Jackson Loan: Steer K. Smith Adeyemi Surplus: Barnett Ward Crofts Lappin Martin I think we have a very strong squad with good quality competition in virtually every position. As you can see from my line ups IMO I would still like to see us sign a left-back, a centre half and a defensive midfielder with the capability to push for a start in the 1st eleven. I would be happy to see any of the 22 in the 1st eleven this season and think they would all do a great job. IMO we have 5 players who are surplus to requireents and I would look to move on. I like all 5 players and they have been great for us but I believe the progress that has been made with the squad has left these players behind a bit.
  9. [quote user="Felixfan"]Can Theo. get back from Oz. in time?[/quote] I very much doubt it, he couldn''t even make the bus to Gillingham...what chance has he got with an international flight half way around the world?
  10. Cheers Bethnal, would love if this was us but I think it must be Bolton.
  11. My mate doesn''t know the destination for sure but he thinks it is Bolton as part of the Cahil deal. He is not a ''source'' just rumours he is hearing down that way.
  12. Have heard from an Arsenal supporting mate that he has been sold, anyone else able to confirm?
  13. Sorry, should have used the thread below ***THREAD CLOSED***
  14. Grif, I agree with swjf50 on Wilbraham. He''d fall into the surplus category, just not sure he would offer enough in the Prem. I think this may be the case for Lappin too but as a poster has stated above, he stays for his flexibility down the left side and central if needed.
  15. It''s Cody isn''t it!!! Bl00dy Cody after all the threads on here... For the record, I''d see if he wants an extension to his contract and then loan him to a club further up the footballing ladder League 1 or Championship if any clubs are interested. If he doesn''t want to sign we sell him. Simples...
  16. And also...how many times does PL totally surprise us? Do we ever know what he is planning. What he tells the press and what he does are usually two very different things...
  17. Not so sure Merv, I guess the DC is a given but I think PL has admitted he''s having difficulty getting this one. The Lansbury rumour could be an old one but I suspect the way things are developing for him at Arsenal (left out of their tour, no squad number and rumoured to be used as a make-weight in Arsenal''s Cahill bid) may persuade Lambert to move. I also think we would be a little naive going into a Premiership season with only one keeper with first team experience. Admittedly we could use the Emergency Loan system if we need to.
  18. You''re joking...hang on,give me a minute. I bet it''s a key one too lol
  19. OK then, what do we think? I am genuinely encouraged by our squad - whether I am overly optimistic only time will tell: GK: Ruddy **Another** DEFENCE: Drury Tierney Martin **Another** Barnett De Laet Whitbread Ward MIDFIELD: Surman Pilkington Bennett Crofts Fox B. Johnson Hoolahan **Another/Lansbury??** Lappin ATTACK: Holt Morrison Vaughan Jackson Martin YOUNGSTERS (outside of the 25): Rudd Francomb K. Smith Adeyemi Dawkin SURPLUS (IMO): Hughes S. Smith O. Johnson Tudor Jones McNamee I have left 3 spaces for additional players, I know the maths suggests we only have one space remaining, but Lambert has confirmed we are looking at a further defender. The rumours suggest we have bid for Lansbury (remember Lambert is "always looking" to improve the squad) and I still feel we need some serious competition for Ruddy and we all know about the 2nd/3rd round of Forster rumours.
  20. Pilkington isn''t in full contact training and won''t be for a few weeks. He may figure in some latter friendlies but doubt he will make the start of the season. Hoolahan off of Holt with Bennett pushing on certainly won''t be defensive.
  21. Is that a criticism of not putting the non match fit Pilkington straight in the starting line up or not playing three strikers away from home?
  22. Ruddy Martin Barnett De Laet Ilunga Bennett Crofts Fox Surman Hoolahan Holt
  23. I don''t like this thread...praise from an ITFC fan? Really? What do I do now? Do I abuse him or do I thank him for his comments and wish him all the best in the Championship? I''m just going to leave.
  24. I think you might be right about Pacheco CanaryJames. He would give us that competition that Hoolahan may need to keep him on his toes. Albeit I understand both Bennett and Pilkington can be played centrally as well as on the wing.
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