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  1. I absolutely hate the MLS and how "soccer" is played over here, but the truth, unfortunately, is that pretty much every MLS team would beat Norwich quite easily.
  2. I guess it is because I don''t live there and don''t get to see all of the games, but I still don''t understand why, which our obvious lack of strikers, hucks couldn''t have been used up front. It seems that everyone says his weakness was coming back to defend, so why not keep him around up front now that Ched is back at Man City?
  3. [quote user="canarygeorge"] It''s getting close to the mid-day deadline for todays signing ! Glenn said he''s got 1st refusal on an Arsenal player who is very young. My guess is it would be 1 of these 3, 17 year olds. Gavin Hoyte, defender, no games so far. Henri Lansbury, midfielder,1 sub. app. L./Cup. Nacer Barazite,Dutch midfielder, 2 sub apps, L./cup.        [/quote] I read somewhere once that Lansbury use to train with us as a youngster before Arsenal snapped him up, I wouldn''t be surprised if it was him.
  4. Sunny was a starter for the Spain U20 world cup team this year and has started three times and made two substitute apperances for Valencia this season. It would be nice, but I seriously doubt he is coming here.
  5. I can''t make the trip from Florida unfortunately...but when I lived in England I traveled from RAF Lakenheath if that helps
  6. I don''t know much about Peter Cullum or the Turner''s, but I understand that it would be difficult for them to buy out Delia''s shares because so much of their money is wrapped up in their businesses. I was wondering if it was possible for them to do some kind of Norwich City promotion, such as every Norwich fan who signs up for Cullum''s insurance getting 5% of their bill donated to the club. Didn''t know if anything like this was possible. Also, we seem to have a lot of dead weight in our playing squad and the wages are slowing is down. This is one of the main reasons we need a new manager - to get rid of the highly paid underperforming players that have been pulling is down. Duffy will most likely keep the same lineup in tact, thus keeping us in the rut we are in. Since the board are going to offer no assistance, there are things a manager can do to raise some funds for himself.
  7. Martin and Renton up front for me. Nothing else has been working so far, give the young guys a chance. Maybe Renton can add a spark to the team that has been sorely missing.
  8.                      MarshallOtsemobor Doherty   Murray  DruryCroft        Russell       Jarvis      Lappin            Dublin          HuckerbySubs: Gilks, Chadwick, Spillane, Cureton, Brellier
  9. It actually says a lot more about you, that you weren''t even willing to do something nice for your dad. Truly a class act.
  10. Why do we never play Dion and Huckerby up front? Those are our best two forwards.
  11. Does anyone think Dave the Striker and Chris Brown would be a good combo up front?
  12. I am not sure, but it appears to be the combination of two Ajax coaches names, Henk ten cate and Ruud Krol. Doubt it is a real player.
  13. From what I remember we paid for Jussi to come over here and then he was stolen from us by Bolton.
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