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  1. Hi All I am not a regurlar poster on this board, just a browswer but I thought of something very interesting. Not to many would disagree that over the past few years the atmosphere at Carrow Road has declined. This could be to do with the performances on the pitch. I generally believe the crowd feed off the players and vice versa. But this has also coincided with the enforced rule that we are no longer able to stand up in the game, and if we do, we are forced to sit down by the stewards. The year we were promoted, the atmosphere was incredible week in week out.(I know the football and results were great)But that year I do not remember being asked to sit down too many times, and if I was it would be after 20 mins after standing, and you would sit down for about 30 seconds before we all stood up and declared our hatred of the scum. But since we went up, we get no way near as much leniancy in standing up. As soon as an attack is over we are asked to sit down. I believe that standing up absorbs you into the game, and means that every kick means that much more. Sitting down means for viewing is interrupted, ruins the flow and stops me personally from getting into the game. Plus when you stand up, it''s alot easier to get singing. Like I said, thats not to say poor performances havent helped the atmosphere, but I believe standing up just helps that little bit more. The one game this year, Ipswich, I did not sit down for 90 mins and nor did anyone around me, and we all know how good the stadium was that day! I''m not saying go back to terracing. just a bit of leniency from the club and stewards, and understanding that the game does continue between each Norwich attack. Maybe I''m talking drivel, but I would bet anything that this would improve the atmosphere! Thoughts please.
  2. That Peter Cullum gentleman...... Some useful info - he takes delia out to dinner a couple of times a year to keep her  sweet. -He is a Norwich Fan -Is looking to invest in the club -When he sells his company towergate and something he will actually be worth an estimated £2-3 billion pounds, as his company is worth around £700mil to £800mil and it will go for three times the price.   But.... This will not happen for two to three years. He is not ready to retire yet. And he would have to sell some of his company off to finance any deal. Yet he did sell some of it off in June/July this year questioning his future involvement, paticurlay as Patrick Snowball took over the major running of the company. GIve it three years he will take over, but for now this will have to wait.
  3. Furthe rmore theres this on wikipedia. look were he is born and the stats I provided in the last post...   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Cullum
  4. I found his name. Its peter Cullum.   The link isnt for any takeover talk but its about him.   http://www.insurancetimes.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=363129   Unfortunateley it says he will stay for two years more.
  5. I''m new to the board but I would like to raise a few points. Yes I agree that the current board should be moved aside after A) in my eyes underacheiving and B) taking a club with a £6million debt but with lots of assets around the ground to a mediocre championship club with three times the amount opf debt and only playing assets. They have quite royally screwed up. But the question is who can take over? A Norwich fan with lots of money?.... Well i''m not to sure of his name, but there is a gentleman in the insurance industry who has made the rich list. He is a more of a mogul than anything, (one of his companies is towergate insurance) but overall his insurance company is worth £750million. And he is looking to float his shars in the company within the next year or so, and could end up with a couple of billion! This is no word of a lie, I think his name is cullum or callum or something. If someone could find out for us that would be great. I know some people may dismiss this as rubbish, but seriously this man is rich norwich fan, and the word is he does want to take over Norwich (he takes Delia out once a year to keep her sweet). And seeing Patrick Snowball has left Norwich union to take over at Towergate Insurance, he is expected to the run the company so the company can be sold. Unforunately this may take up to a year and half, so no instant result, but this is legitimate. If he can sell the future may be bright!
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