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  1. He has signed this afternoon on loan for them, has he turned us down to go there??
  2. i cant see it, i just wish it was never mentioned, all it has done is got our hopes up!!! but please let me be wrong
  3. A 4-4-2 formation, I personally think this is the best way to go. I''ve been told by a inside source this is what it will be, Marshall Semmy Shack Doc, Drury, Croft, Rusty, Fozzy, Lappin, Cureton Big Dave   This has to be enough to win by at least two!!!
  4. I like to see you guys are as positive as ever! Yes last night was poor going forward but all in all I feel we played well second have without creating anything. I feel we need to give the guys more of a chance than just a few games, this was the first time we''ve come up against a half decent team, and the score line didn''t embrasses us, I do agree first half our defence was all over the place tho. Some times I feel our fans are not just satified. When Grant comes out and says he wants another stricker everyone says,,,no we don''t but now after yesterday people say we do. Yes a centre half is needed (maybe two!) but I really don''t think ranting a raving is going to get us anywhere. It hasnt for the past few years, so how about just once! we just get behind the 11 who are out there at the time and fingers crossed Grant works his magic over the next 11 days.  
  5. Why has this happened so much this year, As soon as we sign someone, someone else goes or vise versa,   Safri was not at the team photo shoots today. Makes you wonder where he was? Something has got to come out soon to say so. My bet is he wont even be here for tomorrows game. I''d say he''s having a medical somewhere, may Charlton after they missed out on Russel??
  6. I''d be well up for that, sounds like a plan if poss!
  7. i so hope your right on both, it would be funny if Sharp now stayed at Scunny and they went back down, only scoring 3 goals all season. (but I can''t see it, deep down I''d still love him to sign for us)   And the Cureton link, that would be great, but its not on any site anywhere!!
  8. As Tom mentions, I think you''ll find I stated the fact the Jarvis may be used as part of the Sharp deal back on June 10th, so for one I really think its time for him to move on, He has never impressed me even in the reserves, with the likes of Martin and Rentoncoming in, I think Jarvis can say good bye to his Norwich Career.
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