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  1. Thanks to everybody who has joined recently. It has been a fantastic response.

    Please make sure you log in regulary to keep up to date with all the latest info, as it''s all kicking off this week, with the start of season 2.   

    We have enough Managers, but i can recommend 2 simular Leagues that are looking for more Managers, they are...

    Norwich City Fans   league ID is 78846

    And  WorldWide Pro FA  league ID is 81201 


  2. [quote user="AndyJR"]Yippy!  Thanks for accepting me Canary George!!  Love this bit:

    Demography: United Kingdom: 95%
    Australia: 3%
    United States: 3%



    LOL. Today has been fantastic, and we have doubled our League from 20 teams this season, to 40 for next season. Thanks to everybody who joined. I am going to close at 40 teams.

    If you want get involved, there is another very good League called Norwich City Fans. They need some more Managers. the League ID for that League is 78846 

  3. [quote user="Canary Chris"]What exactly is it?[/quote]

    Well Chris, xperteleven is a free to play, Football Management game, with more than 326,000 members from all over the world. There are thousands of leagues, and each Member can be the Manager of up to 6 Teams at a time. I currently Manage 5 Teams, including City Clickers in the Norwich City mad League, of which i am the League Admin. The Leagues are friendly and fun, with Forums and Press Releases for which the managers can earn extra Sponsorship money.

    Loads of City fans already playing, and if you want to join, you, and anybody will be welcome. If  anybody joins now, they will given a Team, so that they can prepare for the New Season which starts next week.

  4. After a very successful first season, which ends this weekend. The League is looking to expand for the 2nd season.

    In the 1st season, we had 20 teams in 2 Divisions of 10 teams. For the 2nd season, we have 25 teams so far, and are looking for 7 more new Managers, to take the League to 4 divisions of  8 teams.

    In the 1st season, apart from 1 League game per week, we also had 2 different Cup competitions, The Norwich City mad Cup, and the Quickie mad Cup. We are currently running a Poll to vote for 2 League games per week, and no Cup competitions, or keep the same format as this season.

    There loads of Pink''un posters already Managing teams, and look forward to welcoming more of you. And don''t have to be mad, even.


    To join, go to. www.xperteleven.com    Give a user name & password. Then, in the menu on the left of screen, click on Search, and enter the League ID which is 143828 and you''re in. It''s easy.


  5. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="canarygeorge"]

    [quote user="cityangel"]Thought the odds would be a lot more than that??[/quote]

    Best available Odds, CA, are 40/1 to finish top. 11/1 to get promoted, and don''t even want think about relegation, but best Odds are 6/1. 



    Where can I get 40/1 to finish top please?


    Add to bet basketQPR6611/211/2613/211/2611/211/29/211/26666633/513/2
    Add to bet basketBirmingham611/267766613/267611/266615/2761/10
    Add to bet basketReading8988889915/2898796842/581/10
    Add to bet basketCrystal Palace1011101112121111121014101011912111323/2
    Add to bet basketWolves11121212141214101212912151014121429/214
    Add to bet basketSheff Utd14111114101212111211161112111212111527/2
    Add to bet basketDerby141014161412141411141014141416121231/216
    Add to bet basketWatford14161416161416121414161416121416162229/2
    Add to bet basketIpswich16181616161612181816161616182014121719
    Add to bet basketCharlton161614141616161216142014141218141437/219
    Add to bet basketBristol City20201620201420142516201616141225253333/2
    Add to bet basketCardiff20282025202020222520252020221820202522
    Add to bet basketNorwich33333340333333404033333333404033333743
    Add to bet basketSouthampton33333333403333333333333340333333334140
    Add to bet basketSwansea40283333333325333333283333333340334334
    Add to bet basketNottm Forest25282533253325253325332540252525254326
    Add to bet basketCoventry33333340332533333333333333333340254749
    Add to bet basketSheff Weds40403350334033404033333350402540504751
    Add to bet basketPreston33283340404033403333403350402528334940
    Add to bet basketPlymouth4040405040405033404050405033334040

    40/1 to finish top. With Ladbrokes,Paddy Power, Boylesports and BlueSuare. Good luck, Gal.

  6. [quote user="we8wba"]

    mine would be villa

    my reasons are

    • as mentioned on post on all about football villa have recently taken out sponsership with acorns hospice where all money goes to that charity

    • they buy british youngsters

    • they play attacking football

    • there season tickets are £230 - which is excellent for any club let alone established prem side whos now in europe and on the up

    • their manager is nice genuine bloke, who doesnt think he is better or above the law in the game by moaning or groaning  weekly

    i personally which more clubs were like aston villa. and i wish them all the best next season


    Blimey we8, only 3 three spelling misteaks, did you have your spell chequer on ?

  7. [quote user="Gorleston Jim"]

    [quote user="1st Wizard"]October 1957........[/quote]

    I beat you by about two weeks Wiz !

    City 0-2 Southend Sept 4th 1957, Southend''s wingers ran rings around us so we later bought them both.

    They were of course Errol Crossan and Bill Punton.



    I was a Southend supporter then, Jim. So i would have probably been pleased at that time. We moved to Yarmouth in 1962, and i''ve supported City ever since. I always smile when i remember Billy Punton, every time he kicked the ball, he''d fall over. Good player for us though.


  8. [quote user="Gorleston Jim"]

    [quote user="canarygeorge"]I''m going to the Gorleston game. I might even get a run-out for City, (If the ref. allows me to play with the help of my walking stick) [/quote]

    Me too George, so we are sure of at least a crowd of two then.




    Yeah Jim, we''ll have to make a lot of noise to create an atmosphere. LOL.

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