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  1. Well that will probably be Wayne Hoolahan then, keeping in line with the original poster. At least 2 of the letters in the christian name are the same.
  2. If you can''t get to the game, or the Beam Back, it IS being Streamed, in the usual place. i know it''s not the same, but it''s better than nothing.
  3. The Butler wrote: Thanks Ricardo, first thing match day I look for is your report. I can remember big Ron and his goals. Was far more of an out and out center forward than Holt is. By the way, under your recomendation tried a pint of Peroni (draught) at a pub out in the sticks. Won''t be the last one either Yes - but I seem to recall the season after we had sold him to Southampton (who were in Div 1, the top flight) we had an evening League Cup game against them at Carrow Rd . In a one sided match, Davies picked the ball up deep in his own half, galloped down to the River End and scored. Yes i remember Ron & Ted Mac. I was working up in Scotland at the time Ted Mac was sold. That night, i was in a nightclub in Dundee, and Jack Charlton was also in the nightclub after watching a game there. I asked Jack how on earth Norwich could sell Ted for a piddling £50,000. His reply was that Macs workrate was non-exsistant. I just laughed and said with the amount of goals he scores we could allow him to be "lazy"
  4. I saw it live too. Dean Windass is funny without trying to be, too, bless him.
  5. Excellent, thanks. A great atmosphere, well done the team and the fans.
  6. Looks like Man Ure v Wet Sham is the only game being streamed tonight.
  7. Born Canvey Island, Essex, and lived there for first 15 years. Supported Southend from 1956 til we moved to Yarmouth in 1962. I''m going back to Canvey Island this week, for the first time, and will be at Roots Hall next Saturday cheering Southend on against our rivals Swindon.
  8. Whitbread''s a left footer i believe. I wouldn''t fancy Doc at RB either.
  9. Yeah, he didn''t seem to make allowances for the atrocious pitch conditions, and didn''t half swear at him when that bloke kicked Rusty in the guts, then booked both of them and then awarded colchester the free kick!
  10. Yes, and with Norwich leading 3 or 4 nil, he looked sick as a parrot, until the bloke next to him said he was on camera, then he raised a sickly smile. I think Gunny wanted Norwich to be beaten again. He''s a bitter man, who won''t accept the fact that he wasn''t good enough as a manager.
  11. [quote user="Sam-NCFC"]Who was that player with the silky feet at the end, shot just wide? That was impressive.[/quote] That was Oli Johnson! Oli Oli Oli, oy oy oy!
  12. Brilliant! 10 minutes talking to Rotherham players and staff about how they haven''t had a game since 12th Dec., and 70 seconds of Norwich highlights.
  13. ffs get off the clubs back! I know it''s annoying to go all that way for nothing, but....... The Ref abandoned the game, for safety reasons. If Wallsall had more money, they could have done more to ensure the game went ahead. Wallsall have no money, and used methods that were Dickensian. It wasn''t Citys fault the game was called off, and they don''t have to refund anybody!
  14. [quote user="suffolk_punch"]tosser ?[/quote] I think we all know who the tosser is in this thread.
  15. 5-1 to Norwich. Mind you, when i took my seast for the 1st game of the season, i thought we''d win 5-1.
  16. Seems like an excellent signing, but could be a commentators nightmare, with Chris Martin, Darel Russell & Russell Martin all playing! lol.
  17. City to win 5-1. Mind you, i thought we would beat Col U 5-1 too! 1-0 upwards, and i''ll be happy.
  18. Good one Ken. I think it sets a new record!
  19. Gizmo (Bob Franklin) still running on that Gunny should get all the credit for our success. Let go Gizmo/Bob!
  20. Bob the Binner? lol. What a happy sod he was!
  21. [quote user="kick it off"]Havent been around much since January, as i have been here, there and everywhere, and generally busy. Finally have moved to uni and now have a regular internet connection and time to use this fine messageboard, so will be restoring myself to regular poster status!On a side note, anyone going to the gillingham game from Derby with a space in the car? Or any other city fans in the area/at the uni generally?How was everyones summers etc? i feel so out of tocuh with the forum its untrue! [/quote] Welcome back Tom.
  22. Over 24 year olds midfielder & forward. My guess is, Maric for the forward. Can''t think who the midfielder might be though.
  23. Lappin with the captains armband. Nice reward. I bet he''s sticking an imaginary finger in the air, and saying Swivel Roeder.
  24. [quote user="JTG"][quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"]Eh?[/quote]A different Andy Marshall surely. Serious?[/quote] No, the very same one. LOL.
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